Video: The Latest Tech From the Leogang DH World Cup - Blowing Hot and Cold

Jun 8, 2022
by Henry Quinney  

After a short break, the World Cup series returns with the Leogang World Cup. Each year, the event seems to get better and better, and coincidentally wetter and wetter. What was once hailed as merely berms and bike park is now a course that features a wet and rutted woods section to hopefully ensure there's something for everyone on course. It was scorching hot today, but with rain on the horizon, it could be a challenging event.

We're here to give you updates on the prototypes, a new downhill bike from an unknown brand plus tyres from Pirelli.

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 pictures not video FFS
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 Bring back the Stills
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 Give us a break - I can barely stand in front of a camera let alone operate one.

Imagine if we gave you videos and pictures, like we have at every round this season, then still getting all wierd and angry in the comments to get sweet sweet upvotes? The mind boggles. Give the photographers time - they're working flat out.
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 @henryquinney: they're paying a lot for their premium pinkbike membership
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flag ace9 (Jun 8, 2022 at 15:04) (Below Threshold)
 @henryquinney: imagine getting worked up over a comment by some bloke with a bloody dumb head (hows my UK speak?). i guess it's your work, but you should be de-sensitized by now dont you think
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 @threesixtykickflip: Isn't that what the pause button is for?
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 How long til the hoards of "TEXT-ONLY!" arrive here? "Paint a picture with words! No Electronic media! Carve it in stone or paint it on a cave wall!!!"
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 @henryquinney: I want it now mate. It only takes them 30 seconds to edit a photo. Come one.

All the media crew are getting paid millions of cents for these photos. They need to earn their keep.

Any chance we could get the results before the race?
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flag whitebullit (Jun 8, 2022 at 17:52) (Below Threshold)
 i get so disappointed everytime, i dont watch any of these videos but i used to love the pictures and writeups, maybe vitalmtb has the goods.
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 @henryquinney: pay no mind, sir. Pure garbage.
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 @henryquinney: tell me your not getting paid enough by outside without telling me your getting paid enough by outside
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 Personally I find Henry to be one of the most engaging people in MTB via video which is changing my perception around video vs. photo. So thanks Henry!
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 So our World Cup photographers are ALSO on assignment for action shots, as well as for brands, so they don't get to tech coverage quite as fast as Henry, our dedicated tech editor. I whine about it all the time, but honestly they're absolutely pinned and do a great job.

We could have Henry do photos and words instead, but since the photogs do cover a lot of tech and I want to have video coverage too, I make the call to have him focus on video. Also, he's synced up with the video crew since he's doing Pinkbike Racing.

As literally always, tech photo coverage is coming shortly. Smile
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 @brianpark: yeah im not trying to sound salty or ungrateful, just saying, like many others have, i prefer the traditional write up style with pictures, even if it does take longer to produce.
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 Oh I know, if I moan on the internet about things I'm not happy about, maybe someone will echo my opinion and I'll feel validated! Loves a Donald Trump impersonator.
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 @henryquinney: hehe nice reply. you are one diplomatic dude.

Be careful with the Microphone though, before people start asking for a weekly ASMR column.
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 @brianpark: This video is a really nice, concise format for showing and talking about the new tech. As a pics & words fan myself, I feel this actually works best in video form because of Henry's ability to provide context and link items together.
Please ignore this ill-mannered Scotsman's demands. He's a bellend.
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 @henryquinney: appreciate the coverage and insights, and podcasts and Pinkbike Racing etc etc etc
People are quick to sook but slow to praise .
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 The pinkbike circlejerk is cringe. Go outside and ride your bike
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 That video was actually pretty funny, Henry's a great presenter! Enjoyed the sarcastic little dig at rubbish event security.
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 Great job @henryquinney I enjoy your humour
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 Great video. Concise and engaging, and some fun little cheeky bits. Thanks!
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 Those intense alloy frames are so nice.
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 I appreciate the video, thanks guys. Henry that mic is way too aggressive, looks like your holding a cat. I can’t even focus on the bike gear my eyes keep moving back to the mic.
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 That shimano mannequin thicc boi
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 Henry is my favorite.
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 "Favorite" what?
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 @racerRANDY: Adjective.
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 Forbidden wins the best paint award.
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 Henry on top form here. Almost need to watch it a second time just to see if I missed any jokes.
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 Well I’m going off to Leogang to get a new rig from the world cup pits!
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 This is a great video. Good work Henry and team. I've seen first hand how hard you guys are working to run the team and produce content. Keep it up.
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 Love the videos and the articles with photos, all the content is great, that security segment was pretty funny haha
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 No time to watch can someone mail me a hard copy?
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 Some new Sram Codes coming in...
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 Was that mic cable getting longer and longer?
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 Surely that intense canoe gets filled up with mud and if you go the the BIXS website you can play guess which bike they modified for DH…’s pretty easy.
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 Speculation has ruined this nation.
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 If you would have told me that Henry was in the video, I wouldn't have complained. I'm sorry
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 Is there a new carbon Nukeproof DH bike?
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 Well there was at the last round.
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 Suntour has this coil shock in the making!
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 Uh oh…
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 love it
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 Where's the article??
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 Legend has it that angry Pinkbike comments help the photographers upload their images faster. Smile
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 @brianpark: Good to know. Thanks for letting us know Wink
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 @brianpark: that means there are nothing but helpful elves here! YAAAAAAY
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flag Seldomseen83 (Jun 8, 2022 at 15:23) (Below Threshold)
 @brianpark: just skip the video nonsense and give pics with article please-
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 Video, photo, text or podcast I’m lapping it all up and hoping Outside don’t f*ck it up
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 @brianpark: Plenty of time for photographing new mountain bike pants though...?
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 @brianpark: I watch and appreciate a lot of the videos you're putting out, but I enjoy the articles with photos more on a whole. I hope as PinkBike continues on, it sticks to text and photography primarily and doesn't go full video. Also really enjoying the podcast.
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 @brianpark: that could be a great "paywall" idea.... download speed depends on comment volume... Big Grin
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 I LoSt mY fLiP FlOp
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