Video: The Making of 'Realm' with Brandon Semenuk

Oct 5, 2021
by Sarah Moore  

Go behind the scenes as Brandon Semenuk and his team create the unique features showcased in 'Realm' and Brandon rides them for the first time. Incredible to see how much work actually went into making the three and a half minute video.


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 LOVE this insight behind the build and the crew! Wyper you lil beauty!!!
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 This was just like a good f*cking documentary man. Honestly that made my night and it’s always nice to hear Brandon’s insight. Swear to god he’s the most misunderstood person in mountain biking, don’t think he has a mean bone in his body and just have a lot of admiration to the dedication he puts into making the most out of his life, whatever that is.

Think this film is special because it sheds light on what slope style could be and I think it’s a direction a lot of people ask for. Lot of competition riding is hard to relate to, but somehow this, despite not owning an excavator and not being able to do a downside whip to bar, feels somehow relatable. That go dig in the woods and make and try fun shit. That’s a mountain biking facet we all feel some part of.
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 Awesome to watch! I wonder what happens to all these amazing builds? Does it get left to be ridden by the locals or is it torn down?
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 Nature slowly takes the space back...
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 @ridestuff: Have build a similar area, features not quite as big, but do not have skills to ride any bigger & nature takes it back really quite quick, if not ridden, almost have to build features steeper & wait for nature to flatten it out
But without a digger would take years or many people to build something that good!
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 @ridestuff: seems like such a waste
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 Intern! Reminds me of the ol’ life behind bars days, such a great series.
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 The original edit was good, but I enjoyed this more. Great work.
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 Truly amazing skills by everyone involved in the creation. Just makes me hope that someday someone will build some park or pump track close to me that the public can ride. How much does it cost to create this film?
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 Yea, curious who foots the bill and what the grand total l$ !?
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 A few of the more aesthetic parts were my favorite including the stain on the plywood to bring the grain out and then mostly the filling in of all the negative space with that almost mulch looking/duff soil that really made the features all stand out in an amazing way. Excellent job!
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 Now can we get a Making of The Making of Realm?
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 Coming out as a podcast soon.
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 Wow...amazing to see how much talent, creativity and unbelievably hard work that went into making that...thank you as that was a real joy to watch
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 I liked this video way more than the actual edit (which was awesome).
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 Still waiting for footy of Dawson ripping this shit
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 Never disappoints!
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 Flight attendants, prepare for landing. Cross check and all-call.
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 Brings me back to my mountain biker dilemma: enjoying a sport that brings me close to nature, yet destroying this nature with this sport I love
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 *using our skills to improve and beautify it.
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 @ogAviJohnson: I guess it depends on if they left it up for others to see and ride, or just tore it all down
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 Two thumbs up everytime !
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 How can he sit down with bowls that big?
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 Unreal. Justin you the man!
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 Wow this was so good!
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 so good
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 What song is playing 4 minutes in?
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 I think slow Mos in bike movies should be banned for anything else but people actually on bikes doing stuff
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 pls leave thinking to others
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