Video: The Mental and Physical Battles of World Cup Racing - Fast Life Season 3 Episode 3

Feb 17, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesBike set-up, physical preparation and strategy will all be important as Kate Courtney, Loïc Bruni and Finn Iles continue their quests for the overall UCI title in Vallnord, Andorra. Red Bull


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 Waki is now officially RedBull Keyboard Athlete
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 They should definitely give him a Redbull painted keyboard!
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 @nsteele: paint would wear off too fast...
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 @DHhack: that’s funny!
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Hahahha, that is going on a T-shirt: Official Keyboard Athlete. Or Factory Keyboard Athlete. I already got Antidote and Crankbros on board, kind of One Up (kind of since I don’t know if they know how much I endorse them) - I have to write a letter to a few other companies. Öhlins... yes, Loic please be my reference person for application to Öhlins! I don’t mind Red Bull either... in fact it’s the only soda I drink. Best kick for the sugar content #dontdrinkwater
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 @WAKIdesigns: FKA pronounced fukka? That would be awesome!!
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 Wiki made the video with a possitive comment!
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 That's like Trump getting that Nobel prize he's been harangue-atanging about Smile .

Sorry Waki - deliberate exaggeration. Always appreciate (not necessarily agree mind you) your perspective!
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flag mfronk (Feb 17, 2020 at 16:24) (Below Threshold)
 Didn't watch it as the first one was over dramatized. All the comments below are about some web troll and little to say about the video. This either speaks the to the quality of the video or the overwhelming persistence of the troll. Judging from the first video's narration of this series, I am guessing the latter. Nothing wrong with a squeaky wheel getting some grease once in a while. Grease on troll, grease on!
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 Does WAKI even know yet? Isn’t it time for PB to interview him? I’m not a fan most of the time, but still.
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 I tagged him back in the article for episode 1, but he didn't reply. (RedBull dropped the whole season at the beginning of the month and Pinkbike is just milking the episodic release, as they get rolled out to YouTube.)
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 Way to go Waki! You’re famous now
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 Can't get the racing season here fast enough!
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 Go on Waki lad , all that hard work has paid off entertaining everyone ????
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 I’m not sure if I’d say entertaining. More like an annoying mosquito constantly buzzing around.
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 WIKIdesigns where you at?
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 Wasn’t supposed to be question marks , bloody iPad , Waki come and show me how to use it
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 @WAKIdesigns : where you at man? your famous! your fans are demanding a speech!
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 Good to see Delorean's are still considered cool 30 yrs later (0:39)
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 Man, watching this makes me wish they were coming back to Snowshoe.
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 LOL love the mansplaining
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 Waki is a Shakira song?
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 Why does it say WIKIdesigns instead of WAKI?
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 'Copyright' or something like that maybe? But everyone here knows who they are referring to Smile

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