Video: The Privateer Heads to Finale Ligure

Nov 9, 2018
by Pinkbike Originals  

After a great race in Whistler, Adam is eager test his skills abroad and heads off to Finale Ligure for the season finale.

Many thanks to all the below sponsors for supporting Adam Price and this series:

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 Well mister Adam, It's been a pleasure to take a little part of your progression and to have had the chance to meet you !!!
You had a great season man, and all the things that you learned will keep clicking and coming together in the future years.
let's go for a ride soon mate without Chris filming us so we can get completely out of control hahahahaha !!!!! Smile
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 Thanks, a lot Yoann, Riding with you was a massive highlight for me this year. Your advice throughout the year made a huge difference. haha, I'm keen to get completely out of control soon. Cheers, Yoann. You are a legend!
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 @adamprice: What you may not realize is that you are now also a bit of a legend to all the dudes like me stuck behind desks wondering if it's possible. Just watching the series we could all see how much you progressed. Congrats!
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 @adamprice: Next training is jumping the train gap on an eBike :-) !
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 Watching the clip of you and Adam at the cafe where you are having a chuckle about the injury is beautiful. It's a good reminder for all of us to step back and get perspective.
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 Adam > Randy
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 Legend an inspiration!
I’ve been in that hospital as well except it was my left hand!
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 Season 1: average quick guy becomes fit and fast Season 2: fit and fast guy becomes ABSOLUTELY JACKED AND PINNED

Proud of you Adam!!! You worked so friggin hard this year and have come such a long way! Excited to see where you take it next year!
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 What a bummer but know that we are all proud of you! Please kick some arse next year mate!
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 Season 2 plz!!!
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 With someone new please. Adam is great but I'd like to see a woman have a go.
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 @jclnv: Or... call me crazy but how about bothish???
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 I want to submit myself to the series "Troll".

Next summer: Full on race drama, humiliation, pain, regrets and behind the comments - sad existence or pure joy of life. Jerry or Randy. Find out...

MTBR: Thriller of the century!
VitalMTB: What a bag of sht, congrats Pinkbike
EMBN: we could have given him an E-bike. At least he would have made it to the top
@Bicyclepubes: Go home Pinkbike you are drunk
TEAM-ROBOT: Kill yourself

Do you dare to face the troll? Could it be... that it can ride... faster than you...
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 Team Robot youre scaring me
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 @WAKIdesigns: You forgot 'yoga pants'.
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 @Deuce-DeuceAndAHalf: yoga pants and 2 avocados
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 "Jerry or Randy" is my favourite way to gauge riding ability from now on
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 @WAKIdesigns: Whatever it takes to fill those pants...
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 @Deuce-DeuceAndAHalf: I have just injected my scrotum with a pound of Synthol.
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 @WAKIdesigns: Only on side?
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 @WAKIdesigns: And right there is the opening scene for the credits of The Troll. I hope you got it on video... It'd suck something awful having to that again!
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 @nhp890: we know than Jerry in Polish is Janusz. But how ia Randy in Polish? Romek? Stefan? Chyba nie Aro hahha
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 @WAKIdesigns: Sławek, if anything
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 @nhp890: Sławoj if anything Smile
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 Idea for next year.
Hold a "contest" of sorts where we the viewers donate money. The privateer's sponsors/Pinkbike offer up nice prizes for said donation, however all the money donated goes toward funding the rider's season.
Think of it like a crowdfunded sponsorship with the benefit of possibly winning prizes.
We the fans help sponsor in a way, the sponsors get good publicity, and the rider has an easier time paying for the season.
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 This right here cheif
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 i smell a merch deal
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 Thank you Adam . It was great to watch and I learned a lot from your experiences . Hope you have a nice winter training . Good luck next season . Look forward to seeing you at the races . Thank you PinkBike and all the Sponsors for a great series . Hope to have it back next year .
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 Thank you Adam and Pinkbike for this great series! I look forward to what you do with it next. Speaking of which, where do we sign up to be next year's privateer, where Adam shows us the ropes?
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 Nice job Adam! I think it would be very hard to open yourself and your skills up to the world to be judged. You did it in a very mature and humble way. You were very deserving of this opportunity and your sponsors should be proud and happy for what they got in return for their sponsorship. Good luck next year.
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 Hahaha, "Awesome Excel Tricks to Impress Your Boss"
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 Pinkbike: You've got a video series winner here that appeals to all us wannabes.

And you've got a rider who is willing to make the huge sacrifices (physical, mental, time, cost, intrusion into his life, etc.) to compete at the level many of us would only dream of.

Kudos to all......keep it heckuva(n) inspirational, educational, and motivational season.
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 On the one hand, it was such a disappointment, I really wanted (again) to see Adam's progression. On the other hand, there isn't a better way to finish the season, it just proves how hard it to be on this level and how cruel racing could be.
Absolutely waiting for the next season!
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 Did the same thing in Chile this year... Crashed at the top of stage one and dislocated my thumb plus other things. Then I ended up volunteering for the weekend driving media shuttles! Sucks to travel all that way and not get to race. Hopefully you still made the most of the trip anyways!
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 yeah this guy has the right demeanor for a series like this. I think they should get him out of that shitty day job and on a bike full time! I want to see more. Oh and make these damn episodes longer too!
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 This is an excellent series and Adam is the perfect guy for it - I saw Adam in a restaurant in Squamish and was straight up star struck - great guy. Tried a couple fo trails in the area and compared my time to Adam - he is unreal fast - beyond comprehension for a regular guy.
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 This series has been awesome. One more episode... Maybe focus on community reciprocity. Have Adam head to a school to talk about training and what he learnt, or have him featured in a trail-building segment. Would round out the series nicely.
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 Bummer of a way to end the season, but sh*t happens.

Come on Pinkbike, I'd love to see a season 2!
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 Well, Adam is courageous and admirable to do that, and he does it well, until he crashed with nothing serious fortunately for him. Also, something he misses, in my opinion, is that little extra thing in his character and, by extension, in his way to ride and to consider riding. Digging his eventual grain of madness could help him for next times I think, with total interdiction of hurting himself, of course Smile
Well done anyway.
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 Adam, hope you're healing up well, you're an inspiration. I did a OTB this Northern Summer just past, low speed but badly sprained my right wrist. Took a little while to get good.
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 Just an observation, not a criticism. The rider is standing tall on the pedals in numerous instances and almost going OTB or setting himself up for that on a routine basis. Seems almost like the bike frame might be a size or two too small, but it could just be an unconcious habit. Right from the beginning of the vid it’s there to see and in that particular fall that’s what happened.

Nobody has the arm/shoulder strength to prevent their body mass from pivoting forward when the shoulders are up high above the handle bars. Down low and back accomplishes two things; lightening the front wheel load and the body mass transferring into the bars to then force the front wheel over/through the obstacle. Perhaps consider squat position strength and endurance training over the winter and maybe a longer reach frame size. You got me thinking hard about it now too.
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 True, but that's just the static side. Staying high gives you some dynamic advantages, such as a better lever to lift your front over obstacles.
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 @sebkelle: on a groomed bike park perhaps, but not when you’re bombing gnar full on imo.
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 Damn, what an anticlimax ! Unlucky Adam, upwards and onwards .
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 Of course, go to pinkbike to upload photos for the last episode of my series and who beat me to the front-page, but the OTHER privateer Adam... Cheers man! Well done.
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 Wicked series guys, great to see the transition through the episodes. It makes me want to go out and race, and that is the best thing a biking series/movie can do! Thanks for the time and effort!
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 Adam, don't give up and keep working towards your goal, it will come. One day you will master Excel 2016!
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 It's been fun to watch your progress this year. Keep an eye out for a slightly used, rarely crashed Scott Ransom on Pinkbike Buy-and-sell.
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 Most privateer moment, using a few pounds of duct tape on the bike box to *fingers crossed* hold together for one more flight.

Great to watch your season @adamprice Cany wait to see what/who/where season 2 takes us!
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 Loved watching this series. So refreshing seeing a totally normal guy trying to push the limit rather than the usual overexcited funny haired Insta yeahbwoy type. Please make another series showing more training, sports psychology, Adam, Yoann and Todd ????
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 We'd like a monthly episode on winter and off season build up. Getting ripped and shredded for the upcoming sufferfest. Also any trips to warm riding locals.
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 Awesome Excel tricks to ignore your Boss? Do tell!
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 Excel tricks to impress your boss....perfect ending
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 "Excel 2016"
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 Awesome series. But are you sure you have no volume spacers in that fork?!
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 Brutal crash. Glad nothing was broken!
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 Privateer's got his mannys DIALLED!
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 I broke my hand a year ago and it did not look anywhere near as puffy or black as Adam's. Dude, I hope your recovery is going well.
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 More more more Pinkbike, best series yet. Sure it would be easy to get plenty of good sponsors for next season with all the positive feed back this series has gained too.
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 This can't be the end of Adam ?
There's got to be more next year ?
Why doesn't pinkbike sponsor him for next year's EWS ?
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 Awesome series! My favourite moment is when Adam talks Harry Potter with Sam Hill in Episode 9. Congrats Adam! Hope the healing is going well.
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 I really like this series. I want more of this.
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 Send Adam to Derby in 2019, it will be sick!
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 The way Adam was talking at the hospital almost seems he was relieved and not disappointed his weekend was done, he really did come across like a school kid justifying being too sick to go to school. Throughout the series, I recall a few comments he has made that reveal what I took to be quite a pessimistic attitude and a lack of self-confidence. Some work on building mental strength and confidence through the off season would surely benefit. I'm sure that's just my perception of it though, I don't want to take anything away from Adam, he has achieved a lot throughout the season and should be very proud of what he has achieved. I wish him nothing but success in the future and hopefully Series 2 is already approved, as this is the best content on PB currently.
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 I don't want to come across as rude but it seems pretty obvious that you have never raced at this level. You have to go so fast it passes the point where it's fun and just becomes really scary. Just think of going to a new trail center, having a quick walk down their gnarliest trails with people everywhere so you struggle to see lines. Then you go and do one practice run on your trail bike and then you ride faster than you ever have before. You'd be forgiven for feeling a touch relieved
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 @hasteTHEday: You're right, racing can take the fun out of riding for sure, especially if you have to push yourself like Adam has for this series. I think people underestimate the anxiety and pressure of racing on a person's mindset. For me the take away was that, no matter how good you are, the incremental improvements are always small and need to be done over a long length of time.
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 Top part of Rocche Bianche I guess - tough section but one of the moust beutifull parts in Finale
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 Season 2 with Adam please!
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 Obviously Adam is going to race a full EWS season next year?
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 Seriously, who is Randy...?

Oh yea, ADAM, you da man!!! Thanks for having us along for the ride...
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 Thanks for such a great season! Good luck out there Adam.
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 They should do a series of Pros versus Joes. That would be interesting.
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 Great series, hope pinkbike does it again next year.
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 I'll keep it simple..Best of luck Adam..kick some arse..
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 Pravateer - means racer without any sponsor?
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 really enjoyed this, keep up the good work
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 Adam should do a hot lap!
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 Vote Nicky D for Privateer 2019
  • 2 2
 This is a praxis pro rider that cannot go unnoticed everyone plz upvote
#nooffseason #nickyDaddy
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 Until next time, mate!
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 Great series!
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