Video: The Real Place to Party on Ibiza! - Chasing Trail Ep. 25

Dec 20, 2018
by SCOTT Sports  

When picturing Ibiza, images of 24hr clubbing with big name DJ’s, hedonistic cave raves and fragile days spent on the beach come to mind, right? Then a tip comes in about a wicked network of single-track on the Balearic island and the mind wanders elsewhere. This wandering led to Lorraine Blancher and Monet Adams meeting up in mid-April with photographer Simon Ricklin and Filmer Gaëtan Rey to search out the islands real party spots – the trails.

See the FULL STORY here.

Andrew Neethling heads to Zermatt in the previous "Chasing Trail" episode. Check it out below!

Photos: Simon Ricklin
Video: Shaperideshoot



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 Last time I was in Ibiza I asked a party goer if he'd ever ridden an ebike. He thought I was talking about a whole nother thing
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 Niceee... I am going to head there soon so couldn´t be more on time this... You girls rip!
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 If you haven´t yet check out (not affiliated). Ash has been building and maintaining a lot of the trails there, you can be shure to get best riding experience under his guiding. Been there twice. The riding on the island is really nice.
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 @markus-a: Good to know! Thx
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 I want to go to Ibiza, dump cocaine down my nose all night, rave like a mother fucker, and ride and send all day long the next day.
  • + 2
 Nice. If I went there to ride for a week, I'd end up riding on day 1, going for a few beers and....
  • + 1
 Seek out some music and then...
  • + 1
 Nice video, some great riding along with some painful looking pedaling but........ IAAR Smile
  • + 3
 cool riding experience.
  • + 1
 Don’t forget the sun block
  • + 1
 Headhunters brand!
  • + 0
 When picturing Ibiza, images of a small car come to my mind.
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 Ruding on Ibiza? Pfff..
Pills, drinks, dances, girls...

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