Video: The Rise Of The Women Of Enduro

Sep 18, 2021
by Gowaan Gals  

The women's scene of racing in Enduro has become more and more competitive over the last few years. In this short film we talk to some of the pro women who are leading the charge in the EWS, and discuss why and how this competitive 'boom' has happened. Has it affected sponsorship? Are the women valued equally as the men now?

Video: Martha Gill/Gowaan Gals

bigquotesThe women's racing's got a lot more competitive, pretty much when I first started racing the time gaps between racers was massive. So maybe one little line on the track wouldn't make much of a difference, but now if you don't do one jump or drop it's a massive difference. It's fun to be a part because anyone at any time could shine on a different weekend. From a personal experience, I feel like there's definitely still a big pay divide between men and women, which completely sucks because I'm turning up to work every day doing my job, and it's not my fault that there's not the numbers in the women's racing.Bex Baraona, Ibis Factory Racing


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 i now pay just as much attention to following women's DH and EWS as i do to the men. UCI and EWS should ensure that all teams have a good mix of females and males. Surely it's goo for the development of the sport and encourages increased participation.
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 Whaaaa... is the number of comments and views of that very legit and touching video proportionally as low as their salaries?

Excellent topic which is worth being shown and discussed. Thanks a lot. Cheers!
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 Cécile was such an amazing rider and it was impressive seeing her dominate in the way she did. But everyone stepped up so much since, I'm really stoked that theres now so many riders who could take a stage win or the entire race.
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 It would be interesting to compare the times of the top women to the times of top men (in %for instance ) and to see the evolution over the years
I am not sure if racing is right because Cecile Ravanel stopped , or because all the girls improved
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 Is it part of a riders contract to not disclose their salary? Seems that if you knew what the other women were on then you’d be able to negotiate you worth a lot better.

I feel coverage is the next sticking point. Unless you’re on a pro team you never make any of the videos or photos. How do you prove your worth if it’s like you don’t exist.
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 You only make the videos in the men’s if you’re on a pro team
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 Thats the way the EWS works. Unless you pay the team tax you don't get a team mentioned on anything official nor will you feature in a lot of coverage unless you're slaying it.
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 and Katy Winton has 46k followers and gets paid nothing.....
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 It’s really cool to hear that the times are getting tighter! It really does make everyone a better riders Smile
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 I'm all for more women in DH and EWS and I think that every big factory team should have women in it. However, a career in sports is not like a career in an office. You can't argue that because you turn up and do the same hours you should be paid the same. Your pay directly relates to your market value. Gowaan girls has 7.5k subscribers Jesse Melamed has 22k subscribers. As a racer I would also argue that Jesse subtly affect more people's choice to buy bikes than Bex. I'm fed up with this argument about unequal pay.
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 So true brah, like how many followers you got and what's your salary? I have about 50 followers on on instagram (had more before I went public with my antivax opinions) and I make 55k.
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 And how do you think their market value is created? Largely by the media etc deciding what we get to see.
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 "I'm all for women in DH and Enduro, I just don't think they deserve a good quality of life whilst doing so"

There's more than enough money in cycling to pay all racers a good salary
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 I do hope, that not only more women will enter the sport. I do hope that the coverage itself will get more and better...compared to the DH Snowshoe coverage it´s very little so far...

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