Video: The Rise Sessions a DIY Setup at Salon du Vélo Montréal

Jun 22, 2020
by The Rise  

Back in March, The Rise was invited to Montreal’s Salon Du Vélo and their mission was fairly simple: Build a DIY park and ride it all weekend with the crew. They were given creative freedom to build whatever they wanted in a designated space, so they built a few ramps out of pallets and plywood and played with different setup ideas. With only a few ramps to play with, the boys wasted no time getting creative and made an awesome session out of it.

Huge thanks to Salon Du Vélo for giving us a much appreciated opportunity to ride something new during the long Canadian winter.

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 Reminds me of when I was a kid and we would make something out of all the crap we would find behind some building and session it.
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 Yeah mate, just set 'em up over there by the kegs. Fakie manual with a cassette is always hot.
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 Nice show guys. Great improvisation. You made a lot with the little you had and looked like a lot of fun in the process!
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 Not my jam but that was a sick video!
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 Yessss! The rise!!
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 Man i wish i had known the guys were sessioning at the salon Sick sesh
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 so skilled.. really is amazing...
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 Smoothest hand plant I ever did see
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 Would love to see bike checks from this crew
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 check out their site, they have descriptions of what’s unique on all (or most?) of their bikes
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 timo pritzels looking good!
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 Amazing riding!

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