Video: The Scavenger Hunt Challenge - Pinkbike Academy Episode 5

Nov 12, 2020
by Pinkbike Originals  



The remaining contestants face a rude awakening before being thrown right into the thick of it on the next challenge.


Did you miss the previous episodes from Season 1 of Pinkbike Academy? Here's the full Pinkbike Academy playlist.

What looked like the hardest part of Episode 5?

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 Not gunna lie, my heart sank when she was let go ;(
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 Where's her legal team! I demand a recount. Must have been some illegal ballots! Fake news, FAKE NEWS!!!
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 Julia Long was the only reason I was still paying attention
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flag razzle (Nov 13, 2020 at 11:31) (Below Threshold)
 Get over your crush :-0.......look like she lost this one fair and square! Even if a lot of the challenges are hokey.
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 WOW, What a surprise that the local kid Ben knew the fastest route to the bottle. Seems like a fairly biased challenge. I've raced enduro and that is nothing like race day. Give them 3 laps on a DH trail and I bet Vlad would kill it, the guy is a weapon ready to explode on the downs!
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 Has Vlad been drug tested yet??? Feel that could be next weeks challenge... pass a doping test.
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 If we’ve learned anything from “Icarus”...
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 if he's doping, he's doing a poor job of it... lol
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 #doucheben is a vibe
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 It is more of a way of life
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 Biggest miss on this show was doing weekly eliminations. Think someone else mentioned it, but they should've all been scored each week for the duration of the show and maybe they trimmed it down to the top 2 guys and top 2 girls and let them have a showdown at the end. Weekly eliminations drops contestants who would've probably been really strong candidates over trivial things.
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 To be fair though, in a lot of ways that's racing. Unfortunately one slip-up can cost you a title. But I would agree it might be more entertaining to see challenges be more drawn out, or have redemption rounds like in the photo one, because that makes for a bit more mystery over who's staying and who's going.
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What if every single day ended with a race down the mountain? That would really reveal who can hack it.
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That would be cool! I liked when they did the bonus round for the photo challenge—though I feel like Tom f*cked up, he should have used the shot of him sending it sideways over that roller
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 This has become my new guilty pleasure. I need to go ride my bike.
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 I feel you.
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 I'm enjoying it a lot too!

Idea for next time - do 6 challenges over 6/7 days and then remove the weakest 6 people.

Today's episode for example, I really don't think Julia was that bad - and she was one of the best in Ep 4? Seems like she got removed based on not a lot. Seems more fair to remove people based on being consistently one of the weaker candidates across a series of challenges. Some of the people that got removed early on really didn't have time to prove themselves.
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 admit it... you're a Pinker
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 @thinkbike: comment gold candidate right here
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 Aw, pity! I was pulling for that rider. Cry

Definitely a fast, fit, sponsorable athlete.
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flag waxed (Nov 12, 2020 at 19:25) (Below Threshold)
 what where you pulling for that rider?
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flag marstari (Nov 12, 2020 at 21:19) (Below Threshold)
 @waxed: a long and hard double!
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 @50percentsure yeah, i thought the same, she also looked mentally strong and humble

Vlad has a great personality though... it was a tough call
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 If the next challenge isn't a game of "BIKE" (or similar bike skills challenge) I'm going to be sad. I still really don't know who is smooth and stylish on a bike and who isn't.
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 Or fast. It would be a major improvement to have "stig" type character (from TopGear) set a lap time for these guy/gals to try to beat. Like get a local pro from Canada to show up for the PBA. I'm sure Melamed would be stoked on the job. Chapetta could do it for the females.
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 @fullendurbro: I’d vote ALN
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 @fullendurbro: that's such a good idea, I always loved watching the stig rip around the track and if the same concept was applied here that would make it very interesting
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 @fullendurbro: I'd love to see Yoanne slap them around a bit.
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 @4thflowkage: Oh my god I can't believe I thought of Melamed over Yoann! Dude that would be perfect. And he's worked with PB before, too.
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 For the scavenger hunt, showing the viewers a map of the objective area would have been helpful. It would give us a visual scope of the challenge. Other than that, it's all good.
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 Also the routes that everyone took (they're on the garmins afterall)
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 Yeah, would've been cool to see their progress on the maps too (since you have their GPX tracks).
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 Its a case of TLI..too little info. Last week they rode a course but didnt give the distance or climbing. Same this week. We want to know how we would stack up! Give us TMI :-)
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 Fun to watch like every episode! Why just one episode a week, it's a looooooong wait til the next one!
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 And it is a short episode.
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 Next one looks like a bloodbath.
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 Better and better. Wasn't sure I was going to like this, but I'm pretty hooked.
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 Came straight to the comments to see how angry people were with the newly posted free content that they could scroll by if they weren't interested.
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 The comments are surprisingly friendly this week (so far). I expected much more complaining. Disappointed.
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 @blizzardmk: Yes that's because all the "negative" comments are getting deleted or hidden. Happened to me...
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 @suspended-flesh: What is not true? All my comments got hidden to to other users today, but still visible from my account. I can send you print screens if you don't believe me...
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 @suspended-flesh: Or have a look yourself if you will find a single comment from the user Ep!dEm...
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 @epideme: When I look at your profile I see 6 messages from today....downvotes by PB users will bury comments in Below Threshhold but they don't get deleted by PB unless they are extra offensive.
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 @suspended-flesh: I was talking about the comments on youtube under the last episode of the PB academy.
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 @epideme: Who cares about that cess pit of humanity known as the YouTube comment section anyway Wink
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 Jason: This is meant to replicate the pros life racing. Judges: Starts banging pots at 4:30am. I dunno, probably legit.
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 Yeah man, navigating uphill (not exactly an essential enduro skill) and not being cheery enough at 4am for the judges sure is a weak criteria for letting a solid rider go.
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 @mobiller: my thoughts exactly!!
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Aren't they all solid riders? Someone's gotta go and they filmed this over just a couple weeks. For the episode format to work they gotta start chopping heads immediately.

If someone doesn't show the drive, attitude and composure (and results of course), then they're out.

But to be fair I did like the comment of scoring over a full week then eliminating the bottom half at the end of that week. Seems like the fairest way to separate the top half from the bottom and eliminate any outlier days.
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 @mobiller: navigating uphill? How about riding uphill?
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 Seems on par with Absa Cape Epic's wakeup call...
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 @WasatchEnduro: they're all competent riders, but these are supposed to be racers. Some of them are clearly standing out amongst their peers when it comes to riding and Julia was one of them. I was giving the cheese factor a pass as it's meant to be entertaining, but letting one of the best racers go because she doesn't like mornings and cold water is inexcusable. I think I'm done with the show.
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 I hate to say it but I'm hooked. Also, those Orbea bikes and Fox kits are growing on me.
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 I think that's the idea
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 All for marketing. But hey, it gave us free entertainment.
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 Lesson 1.

Never stay at @christinachappetta 's house unless you are willing to be first up.

She seemed brutally efficient at that wake up routine. hahahah!
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 I've spent my whole life trying to keep my shirt on. For that reason, I'm out.
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 The username checks out
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 This releases every week right in the middle of my AP English class... I think I made the right call
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 Academy bingeing beats actually doing Academy work.
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 Thursday is surely better now...
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 mad respect to the riders pushing through obstacles unfamiliar with their normal activities. Best of luck to Julia
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 Ben is going to win that anyway.
So I'm ready for the field test Smile
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 It's gonna have a twist at the end and Ben will turn out to be a judge and not a contestant.
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 I really wanted to like this series, but since it turned out to be nothing but an average reality show it’s impossible to like it.
The fact that we have no clue about each riders skill level shows that this is not really about Enduro mtb.

The Producers should take a look at “The privateer “ season one. That was just a masterclass of how to make a real show about Mtb.
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 This is more entertainment than anything else. I feel like most of the competition serves no purpose other than to add suspense. If they really wanted to get the best rider, they would do a week long race and eliminate the bottom riders or something along those lines, as others have suggested. Works well to relax after a big study session, though.
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 Someone pulls out a beer...
Evan Wall: "oh, shotgun!"

Proof you can take the boy out of Calgary, but...etc., etc.
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 I feel like this challenge in its own weird way was appropriate. I have zero experience with professional racing but I could see this challenge being created from the notion of flying over to another country, waking up jetlagged after a practice day, being told vague directions to where the start of your stage is after a single day of practice and being expected to navigate to the stage on time.
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 Clearly the viewing trend in this reality shi*t show is seen - first episode - 300K+ views.. now steady declining over episodes to currently 90K views.
Clear sign to PB that most PB readers are not into this long-term. Unfortunatelly i can see that more "Seasons" can be produced from the same reason that every other reality sh*t show is produced - because production is cheap and all that counts is views.

Warning to PB - as soon as you start to rely on type of viewers that come for this shi*ty content - you will fail soon - because they will go away as soon as some other reality show with more nudity is appearing.
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 Is this still fun sport?
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 Should have had them sign up for Trailforks Premium before they could get the map! The scavenger hunt would be a fun event style for local clubs to set up for their members for a different kind of race.
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 This episode was a great demonstration of “people that know the mountain will succeed”.

Shockingly, when Ben knows the runs already, he has an advantage. Amazing.
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 Not even stoned for this ep and we couldn’t follow it. Maybe that was the problem, but there was no scavenging in the hunt and nobody knew the rules and the early wakeup was annoying even to watch and the hosts seemed vindictive and salty.

still and yet: VLAD STAYS SO I STAYS
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 how is Vlad still around.. I honestly think he's still here only for the content (there always has to be a bad guy)
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 I'll let you in on a secret: he's still around because every day so far someone has been weaker than him.

* flies away *
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 @bananowy: I've ridden with the guy. He loves the content but he is also the most passionate mountain biker I've ever met I hope he stays till the end
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 @dave6797: Nice! I always thought he seemed cool and I bet he'll shine when they finally move on from the fitness challenges and on to some proper downhill riding.
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 Go Angie!
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flag suspended-flesh (Nov 12, 2020 at 10:48) (Below Threshold)
 I thought her name was Jo earlier- oops! Rooting for her too Angie, Angie When will those dark clouds all disappear Angie, Angie Where will it lead us from here With no lovin' in our souls And no money in our coats You can't say we're satisfied Angie, Angie You can't say we never tried Angie, you're beautiful But ain't it time we say goodbye Angie, I still love you Remember all those nights we cried All the dreams were held so close Seemed to all go up in smoke Let me whisper in your ear Angie, Angie
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 This show has become my guilty little pleasure as I rehab a UCL repair, can't wait for next week! But was sorry to see Julia go......
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 testing 123 have i been banned from posting
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 The next test is a drug test. Aaaaaand Vlad is out.
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 Has bens brows been eliminated yet?
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 Only the people that enjoy it. Which doesnt include me.
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 It would be boring without Vlad, just gonna say.
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 yeah, i thought the same, sad to see Julia go though :`(
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 Love the show!
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