Video: The 'Science' Behind Ion's Flat Pedal Shoes

Mar 26, 2020
by ION Surfing Trails  
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Press Release: Ion

ION’s product engineers are cheering on the latest development in flat pedal shoes.

The magic – which is a vaguely unscientific wording – lies in the Pin Tonic 2.0 composition. The revised outsole profile features positive threads in the forefoot and heel area for perfect traction while pushing or carrying your bike. The negative profile, on the other hand, offers the perfect grip and space for the pins to grip while riding.

Let’s take a closer look into what you cannot actually see but very well feel: The SUPTraction got a stickier rubber compound to avoid error sources such as slipping off your pedal. A cushiony EVA midsole absorbs vibrations and other impacts. All is topped off by a comfy insole which will increase the time spent on your bike by a huge factor. Furthermore, our engineers tweaked the toe area to a lower shape as they came to the result that a grippy sole is just one part of uncompromised power transmission.
Our engineers and lab rats are proud to present the all-new Scrub Amp – ready to launch your adventure.

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While we are observing evolution in ION’s flat pedal shoes their DNA stays truly the same. Our engineers were able to determine a well-balanced sequence of grip, durability, usability and style within it. As we learned good biking shoe is not only about grip, these flat pedal kicks were equipped with smart protection features. Strictly speaking, we are looking at protection against rocks and roots in the toe area. Additionally, the asymmetrical shaft protects ankles against harsh contact with the cranks thanks to an integrated ankle pad.

Tested by our riders and confirmed by our engineers!

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No empty promises. We stay true to our formula of building shoes. True control. It´s the shoe´s DNA.

Proband: Stevie Schneider (@stevief*ckingschneider)
Video: Directed by Fool House Media (

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 These videos where actually fun to watch
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 Aaron Gwin: Sarcasm?
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"Our engineers were not able to make them durable or stylish but fuxk that they are grippy"
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 "Our engineers were able to determine a well-balanced sequence of grip, durability, usability and style within it. "

Coz we couldn't make them quite bas grippy as FiveTen
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 I bought some a few weeks ago and they are not very good in my opinion. The midsole has very little flex, giving pretty much no feedback on the pedals. Plus they are just too big at the back end, always scuffing my chainstays. I've gone back to my Adidas skate shoes after just a handful of rides. I would like to try 5.10 bit they don't have any asymmetric cuff designs.
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 I know what you mean, still this is probably my next shoe since 5/10 just does not deliver anymore. Ever since they joined with adidas I can't get them through one season no more...
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 @SCRT: You know that Fiveten was part of adidas long before they put their three stripes on the shoe. It's something many people don't know.
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 @jaame: I'm absolutely happy with my ION Raid Amp II's, the grip is the same as with the two pairs of 5.10s that I've had before, but the sole seems to be more durable. I'm a convert.
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 @f00bar: I bought mine on the back of strong reviews like yours. It comes down to personal preference I guess, because I hate mine. The outsole is fine for grip, but the midsole doesn't seem to conform to the pedal shape at all. I get bounced around all over the place, half the time I end up on the pedals right heels are going to scuff the frame really badly.
I can't stand them.
But... I appreciate that others may love them.
They offer a lot of protextion and they are light and good looking.
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 @jaame: I had the same issue with the Afton Keegan shoes. Too stiff and muted to much of the pedal feel.
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 @skidor99: Yes, it's been darn near a decade...
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 @skidor99: Yep, owned them since 2011. The Adidas ruined 5-10 meme is backed up very little evidence, but that's never stopped anyone from spouting bollocks here or anywhere else.
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 @jaame: Well, in an indirect way, you are using shoes from 5.10
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 @f00bar: i got a pair of ion amp raid 2s a few weeks ago and they have been awesome so far! excellent grip... the only issue i had was i usually wear a size 10 in fivetens and had to return to size up the Ions to a US size 11 because the toe box is more narrow. super comfortable right out of the box and hope they hold up better than fivetens based on reviews i’ve read.
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 @jaame: They're tough to find now, as they haven't been made for a bit, but my all time fave 5.10s are the Karver, which have an asym cuff and lace covers. Search around for NOS ones, they come up from time to time, if you can get a pair in your size, you'll love them-
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 Had a pair of Kestrels that lasted one race. Some rocky hike a bike sections and I finished with the soles duct taped to the upper. Not impressed. Maybe there’s something more to a shoe than a grippy sole.
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 stevief*ckingschneider: the only thing to making me proud of austria these days!
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 That shiner! Oh my, No CGI there
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 ION, if you really are into science and numbers and such... Here’s a number for you: 14.
As in size 14. Maybe try adding that into your algorithm.
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 Your **** must be huge
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 @Pcurt27: sock?
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 Pointless Velcro ,the best
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 Threadjack: those boa-closure flat pedal shoes from Europe can actually be purchased now. Any guinea pigs? Any reviews?
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 Never understood the lack of a Boa flat pedal shoes.. Would love to try them.
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 Those things really amp up the dork.
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 Not for that price. I’d take the chance on em for 100
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 I was not so "sold" on Boa...sure, my shoes (Specialized S-Works) had then...then they wore out. PITA, had to go to this thing called the "Internet" and spend about two minutes filling out a form. Then, what a pain....the next day new Boa dials in retail packaging arrive via FedEx, left at my door. (FedEx package from HongKong that I am sure has the ScoobyDoo Flu or what ever on it).

Takes less time to order and receive FREE Boa parts than it takes me to find proper laces for dress shoes.

Oh, but the Boa flat shoe looks like something you would wear while wearing a breakfast and simply to walk.
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 @PHeller: note that I'm trying to get someone else to buy them... :-)
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 Anybody know who the actor/model/rider guy is? Is it an actual mountain biker? Is it the real Randy? Just curious if it was somebody that I’m supposed to recognize?
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 like @bohne said up there..
That's Stevie Schneider, the exfluencer...
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 check his instagram, that guy is a comedian who can ride!*ckingschneider
Edit: pinkbike censored that link... replace that * with "u" of course
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 Definitely check out this video from him
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 "Its not just about grip...."

No, it is.

Message to all shoe companies: If you make a shoe that is grippier than 5.10/Adidas or else, it will sell. A lot. Don't bother with a bullshit message like 'style, durability, off the bike traction' because it is basically worthless. You know why everyone complains that 5.10's wear out? Because they bought them.
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 I really like the retro looking colour ways.
Yes they are not a 'casual' looking shoe like a 5-10 etc in a flat colourway. But who wears their 5-10's or other brands out and about anyways.
We pick a kit for riding, within your individual taste, look at companies like TLD and Dharco (free Aussie plug) with their colourways and styles and people love those.

No longer is biking the bland and boring colours that we have bought in over only the past few decades, but its now a clash of styles and colours.

Look at Vans for some reference of Decades ago, and then at your era of Skate shoes and wear and tell me it isn't just another revolution of what was.
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 I wear Freeriders out and about. But no one consults me for fashion advice.
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 Size 47 as a maximum? What are these - children's shoes?!?
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 Expected blahblahblah and some dumb video but - that was quite funny!
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 Look like FiveTens sewn up by a colorblind quilter.
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 Fill in the blank:

If I wear out 5.10s in about 45 days on average, but am yet to find a better shoe, these shoes will last me......
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 booty-ful ad
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 I don't ride flats,but how do you keep the laces out of your chainring?All flat shoe mfg'r do this but put a velcro flap on their spd models.LAME.
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 Vans Ultrange Pro Spitfire Edition have been the best flat pedal shoe I’ve ever had for dry weather.
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 Respect for the shin scene. Looks real.
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 Love it!
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 its ION as a name or I:ON [ai-on] ?? Smile )
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 no aaron gwin/ broken crank jokes? i'm surprised.
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 They look like 8 years old shoes.
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 That was a great ad!
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 Shiners suck.
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 Unparallel are the new king on grip. 5.10 lost it's edge after 2018.
  • 1 2
 Looks like 5-10 freerider
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