Video: The Self-Funded DH Race Life

Mar 6, 2019
by Rooted MTB  
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2018 was amazing. Not for the results, but the times we had at the races with our friends. We came up with the Rooted idea right before Windrock with the help of our friends at Dirtlabs, and it turned out to be way more fun than we expected and created a ton of awesome memories. We have had a bit of a turbulent off season but we are gearing up to make another run at a race season this year. Join us for more of our adventures and we hope you enjoy!

Photo Credit Jack Berg jack berg18. Wiley leaning hard for the Whip Off judges.
When Wiley isn't killing it behind the lens himself, he's probably out tossing whips like this one during Whip Off in Whistler. Photo, Jack Berg.

Austin doing his best to imitate Wiley.
Austin doing his best Wiley impression.

Sunset leanters in Colorado sunsets do not suck.
Harrison is cool at dirt jumps, as shown here.

Austin hitting the Caineville Wall Ride
Moto is a staple of Harrison and Austins off season. Not always nice to the knees, but still necessary. Austin in Caineville, Utah.

Harrison sucking someones grips off.
Harrison braving the cold and going fast in Erie, CO.

Thanks for watching. See you at Windrock.

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 Me and my Partner in crime will be racing all the WC DH , European cups and Crankworx agian this Season, all funded by are hardwork in the winter . priveteer life is the best life, along with van life
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 Good luck to you two! I'll watch for RUSTYBOI77 on the leaderboard.
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 @MarcusBrody: Thanks man
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flag greenbikegram (Mar 6, 2019 at 7:27) (Below Threshold)
 Are sure its nit funded by your trust funds
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 hell ya good luck!
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 @greenbikegram: haha i wish, my parents have less money than me
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 @greenbikegram: hah. exactly. I'd love to see some of these guys expense budgets. It's a young man living with mom and dad's (or grandparents) sport for sure.

When most people say they "worked all winter" to save up for it, we all realize it's because food, shelter, gas & clothes are typically covered by "the fam".

I'm always jealous of the guys that make almost nothing in this sport (this is NOT directed at the 3 guys in the vid) and yet are in their mid-20's traveling the world on $10k bikes with lots of extra parts & wheels and funds to cover shipping all that stuff all over the country & world, riding 6 days a week and posting videos of all their bikes & motos and boatloads of other toys. I find myself reading their posts & dismissing their "work" knowing all the real world stuff is "mom".

It's nothing on them...just our own insecurities staring back at us. Big Grin
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 @bizutch: for sure there is no way some riders could afford racing without the support of there Family , im 41 and still race the european cups and support my girlfriend who is 32 at the wc we work all winter 100 per cent in a ski service in Lenzerheide switzerland so we can fund the summer Season, trust me the struggle is real but hey were doing what we love, living the Dream
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 @RUSTYBOI77: good luck this year guys! Say hi if you see us around!
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 @rootedmtb: for sure, swing by are big yellow bus if you ever need anything, hope the recovery go’s we’ll both me and Alex are still in recovery from two massive injuries from last year she came short on the whip off at Innsbruck and snapped her arm I then destroyed my arm the next weekend in les get but hey it’s all part of the game keep on trucking and good luck to you guys, keep it pinned ????
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 @bizutch: Completely agree, there are a lot of riders which are only there where they are because of mummy and daddy. But then there are also quite a few of them who work their arses off - run back to the desk after the races to earn a few quids to afford chasing their dreams. Going for a night out or just to the cinema - no money for that. Every single penny goes into our passion.
Running to the gym everyday after 9 hours of working in a seasonal job (means maybe one day off a week if you're lucky) - well you probably won't see that on the polished world of (a-)social media.

Not everything is as plain and polished like on pinkbike and instagram. But it is great to belong to that group of rides who are there where they are, not because of mummy and daddy's wallet - but because of our very own effort and sacrifice. We might not make it on Pinkbike front page - because we don't know the right people or don't fit into the image they like to show, nor do we qualify at every world cup, but we're there where we are because our only passion is bikes. And that's what it is all about - riding our bikes as much as possible.
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 @RUSTYBOI77: and I have been lucky to meet you both Portugal, both you and Alex are amazing riders, lovely people and indeed living the dream. It really does make me want to sell up and pop the bed and bike in the back of the van.
Keep keeping it real,
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 That moto pic though...
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 pretty sure thats an ebike
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 There's a story of quite a few. It happened several times but never the less we all have it going. There isn't an issue or a disguise just fun really when you have to think about it. just for it all theres one. But lots of QT 3.14159s if i had to guess. and I did guess. I i guess im right. Of course im right. Yeah it was but i think ill look for a few and have it the same when i take them all. Yay boyz
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 you ok?
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 Pink bike needs to send these guys some t shirts.
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 Sitting here watching and eating my breakfast and minding my own business and boom! knee getting drilled out. Heal up man, been there done that and riding stronger than ever. Recovery sucks, but it's all surmountable.
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 nope. By age 40, you get to walk like a third of your leg is missing. Meniscus doesn't grow back and it only hurts more every day.

I'd gladly have skipped that National to have my meniscus in one piece. Heck...I'd settle for like 70% of it back.
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 @bizutch: shit, that sucks to hear. I hyper-extended my right kneed jumping a cliff (youth!) snowboarding and went through a similar thing. Took me a few years, but seems fully recovered nowadays.

Well, you know, there's e-bikes Wink
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 Thanks man! Encouraging to hear. I had my meniscus repaired, instead of removed or shaven off so hopefully long term it holds up.
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 @Klainmeister: Just do every single thing you can to re-grow the meniscus. There's some data saying a few things can help with lubrication of the joint. They to take longer coming back than what you hear others say they did. They're just thrashing the joint. ????
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 :43 - Is that Danny Hart tumbling down the trail? People who doubt the gnarlyness of Windrock should take a look at this clip.
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 It's kind of steep and chunky, and usually rather moist
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 That's the red clay turn with no berm. Fell on it in my race run last year...but my skill isn't the same level as D's.
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 indies should race for next to nothing! or at least get a free (tree'd) parking spot for the van!
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 Can't wait to see what you pups put together this year!
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 Ideally we put together some races you are at too pup
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 Always fun to watch you guys! Currently snowed in at Copper, all roads closed. I too only have 1 day on the bike in nearly 3 months. )=
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 I wish them all the success they deserve!
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 Harrison looks about as comfortable in front of the camera as a whore in church. At least he rides a bike well.
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 Wait I thought we were all painfully uncomfortable in front of the camera?
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 good guys.
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 You guys rule!
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 Haha thanks man!
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 Best of luck guys. See ya at Windrock.
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 2:29 - Marshall enjoying a good time. Haha
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 Sponsored by visa
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 Credit cards are pretty much like free money right?
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 Bring your woolies.

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