Video: The Stories of 3 Adaptive Riders in 'Resilient' - Race Face Creator Series

Oct 9, 2019
by Race Face  

Filmmaker: Connor Tieulie

Synopsis: Life flourishes when you can learn to push down barriers and challenges that can be thrown at you out of nowhere. Jerad Fischer, Lindsey Runkel, and Dan Soller are the living proof of how you can keep shredding and attacking life with a positive and tenacious attitude after a life-changing injury. From Colorado local dirt jumps, to Highland Mountain, to the Adaptive MTB World Champs, "Resilient" will prove that we are all capable of what we put our minds to!

Why We Chose this Film: Overcoming obstacles is a way of life for individuals dealing with life-changing injuries. Connor presents three inspiring stories of adaptive mountain bikers challenging themselves and living life with a positive and determined attitude. It's so powerful to see how bikes continue to play such a huge role in their journeys and it reminds us that the sense of freedom that we feel when riding is something that ties us together, no matter what's in front of us.

Tune in on Friday for our final film of the week - Jake Frew's Redefining Success - a search for stories of pushing back against cultural norms and finding your own version of success.


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 mtb supporting the human spirit. Got nothing but love for this and all the people that strive to be better on the trail not matter what has happened in there lives. I will drop all my excused and head to the trail directly. In fact i would even retract my comments on ebike and state that this is 100% legit use fo a motor!!
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 sweet between the dh ready bowhead from Calgary and shown sport-on from the eu and other adaptive rides it be nice if pinkbike had a adaptive section on the buysell just saying......................................
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 Congratulations to Connor Tieulie and all those involved for delivering an exceptional message.
Only thing better than hearing inspirational stories is seeing them first hand and this video opens the door to some beautiful people with an impervious desire to shred and get after it no matter what!

Thanks for the awesome inspiration, get this team a golden globe????
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 THIS IS MTB! Seriously though..... This is about as awesome as it gets. Over the last few years I've seen an influx of people with disabilities and adaptive riders on the trails. The word is out, that a person with mobility challenges can get out there and continue or find a new passion for riding bikes, in whatever form that may take. Also the MTB community as a whole has really gotten behind these riders. Not only are those with these issues stoked but those who love and support these people are stoked for them. Nothing but support and cheers when an adaptive rider comes down the trail because at the end of the day we are all there for the exact same thing. Our love of being on a bike outside. This video warmed my heart and reminded me once again why the MTB community is hands down the best community.
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 So fricken rad! Awesome work all those involved
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 "When you think you have life figured out, that's when it all changes."

What an awesome tribute to continuing to get back out there doing what you love. Great video!
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 F’ing A, what an impressive group of people. We all wonder how we could handle a situation like that, who knows, but those are three amazing people. Thanks for bringing us their story Race Face.
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 Great vid! These people are an inspiration..keep on truckin!
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 "I'm not stupid, stupid! I just sound stupid 'cause I'm from the south!" hahah amazing. Great video.
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 Adaptive is a rad aspect of the sport!
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 Three rad people right here!
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 You tough mofos - you all have my axe !
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 These people live by rule #5. If they do, we have no excuse not to.
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 nothing but respect!
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 This people very strong inside. Awesome
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 This is inspiring, epic, and hilarious at the same time hahaha
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 Vote for best video of the year. Everyone should watch it feel humbled.
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 Thanks for all the kind words everyone, love our MTB family, R.I.P. Jordie, may his character live in all of us. j-rad

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