Video: The Story of Brett Rheeder's 2022 Red Bull Rampage

Jun 6, 2023

Rider: Brett Rheeder
Words: Commencal
Film, Edit, & Photo: Cole Nelson

From dialing in a custom FRS bike in Andorra to getting the wild card invitation at Proving Grounds, Volume I showed the necessary steps to get back into the highest level of freeride competition after a 2.5-year hiatus.

VOLUME II dives into the mindset of Brett and his new perspective toward competition. Following his team through the grueling 10-day process of Red Bull Rampage, this is a statement of pushing boundaries for what’s possible in trail building and biking.


bigquotesThe Volume series helped me transform into a better person. At first I didn’t fully understand the importance of telling my story of returning to competition after 2.5 years off, but now it is clear that it was to be able to put a positive message into the world.Brett Rheeder

We thank Red Bull Media House for their collaboration on Volume II.

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 "you know what would make this edit really cool? a super dark filter so no one can see it."
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 We need more White Stripes in mtb edits
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 I don't think it's going too far out on a limb to guess Commencal has been miraculously dodging a huge lawsuit from major record labels by using whatever music they want in their company's ads or branded film stuff for the past... forever. Pretty insane professional practise in 2023. But that aside, White Stripes is rad and this video was really well done.
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 @adanac14: maybe they are paying to use the music. I have no idea how commencal operates but have been involved in some edits where I've seen riders/filmers negotiate with their sponsors to make sure the music they use is legit and respecting copyrights
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 @singletrackjamaica: I'd say that's the standard for most other brands for sure. Maybe Commencal is doing it for real too though, It's possible. But just a quick stroll down some of their past video projects to double-check I'm not misremembering, I see artists such as Black Sabbath, Nina Simone, Talib Kweli/ Kanye West, Radiohead being used pretty casually.

In fact, just checking back on the one I remembered using Radiohead, I see Youtube has removed it for violating terms of use. Anyways, maybe it's all licensed, but I bet each of these examples would cost at least $10k+ to be a part of something branded. Which, let's be honest, every single thing Commencal is posting is ultimately meant to sell a bike. No disrespect to the filmmakers, there's been a lot of cool videos along the way. More of a "uh oh" for the marketing bosses who use music artists' work as part of ad campaigns if this is actually what's going on.
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 Really interesting perspective!!! Loved it, and also Ben Howard music over rampage scene was a good moment!! Cheers Rheeder, and congrats for this mighty carreer toping
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 What a huge win. Not much left to do after that one. Race DH?
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 Brett got Rob.

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