Video: The Story of GT's Suspension Development in 'Full Travel' Ep. 5

May 28, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesChapter 5: In order to know where you are going, you have to know where you’ve been.

From the bike that started it all - the RTS, to today’s LTS lineup, GT’s full suspension development story has been a wild ride with plenty of ups and downs. Our technology has evolved over the years, but this hasn't - our passion for making bikes that are fun to ride, and sharing our stoke for two wheels! Thank you to everyone who has been involved in making GT what it is today. From the engineers to the riders, and of course, the fans!
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 Cool to hear Martin Maes talk about wanting to ride 25-30 year old bikes on old race courses. I’m a former pro downhiller and I recently did that on a 1998 Intense M1 and gnarly 98 UCI DH track, as well as a 94 Intense M1 on a 94 NORBA DH track. It’s ridiculously fun for an experienced rider. Kind of like taking a Ferrari F40 on some legendary track like Imola =)
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 GT simply IS an iconic brand, and on product level they are finally getting back to the top. The BMX/MTB heritage / their impact back then was huge and I do wish them the best for the future.
PS: Born 1980 & literally GT Fanboy in the early 90ies, even had a RTS poster (custom copy shop job, based on the 1993 cataloge image) above my bed, until I got into skateboarding and girls, so 3 years laterWink
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 I used to drool over their bike brochures. The RTS and then LTS in the ball peened finish. Then the carbon LTS!!!
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 I have owned many bikes over the years...2 of which were GT's that provided me with some very memorable rides..I always reflect back on how smooth they felt both going up and down..Pretty nice bikes from my experience..
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 I can remember when anyone from Cairns got banned from claiming any GT warranty....Thanks MudCows.
"RTS = Ready to Snap"

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 Very well done video....
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 They are, I first caught episode 4 last week and then went back and watched the first three. If you haven't watched all the others I would recommend it.
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 This series has been fantastic. Best bit of marketing I’ve seen for a company in a long time.
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 @5:45 O2bikers magazine with the old logo from the nineties, I have it downstairs! I think it was taken at some Grundig DH world cup in Cap d'Ail or Cap d'Agde
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 I found the original video of the Downhill in 1993 in Cap d'Ail:

The destroyed Tioga rear wheel :-)
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 I absolutely love my 2019 GT's da bomb!
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 I've owned two GTs in my time, both rigid. D'oh!
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 Where is Nico the ET?
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 love it
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 Goose trumpet.

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