Video: The Top 3 Runs from the Crankworx Rotorua Slopestyle

Mar 9, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesRiders came out swinging! Emil Johansson emerged, your new champion. The official recap of the Maxxis Tires - USA Slopestyle in Memory of McGazza is here.Crankwrox


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 Fedko's run. > Rogatkin's.
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 Smoother yes....difficulty no...
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 @scott-townes: agreed only cuz he threw in the tuck no-hander, which seemed very out of place
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 @SirWonky: Ummm, plus a twister that the vid didn't show. Huh?

Just b/c Rogatkin has Twisters "on lock" (per Cam McC) doesn't mean you can blow them off. Only *one* other rider has pulled it off in comp... & their name ain't Rheeder, nor even Semenuk.
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 @taijidave: Diego Cavazasi and Dawid Godziek have both landed a twister in a comp, still a nails rarely performed truck for the majority though
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 @taijidave: where does it say: I blew off the twister.....? I said the tuck no-hander was out of place in the run. Which is basically one of the easiest tricks - in case you didn’t know that Rolleyes
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 Agreed, a tuck no hander and a suicide no hander in a run that scores 93 makes no sense. Feels like he was scored more on his profile/reputation than his actual run.
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 @Jono-wade: I think the score was because:
Perfect cork 7 on a step down on the first feature.
Twister, rare trick and performed high on the course.
Straight into a cash roll, back to back difficulty.
Front flip trail whip in the last, very difficult only person to land it in competition (2nd time ever).

Think we saw what would have been his first run had he not crashed. Here's got more in the tank, front flip no hander on the long and low in the 2nd run one year.
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 @catweasel: There were some big tricks in there for sure, but I just don't think it should have been scored so high with tucks and suicides.

Also, front flip tailwhip has been done in competition before (not cleanly):

It's also been done cleanly outside of comps by 2 riders, szymon godziek and benny phillips.
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 @Jono-wade: he didn't land that lol but judging is always contentious and I often don't agree with scores (keyboard warrior for life!).
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 Hey, show the runs. Why slowmo? It's so much more impressive if you see it at full speed. Every fonal trick in slowmo. Lay off the artistry and let the amazing runs speak for themselves.
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 Slow motion helps me believe my eyes.
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 gotta say, the slow mo really makes the champagne spraying at the end look a lot gayer
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 What -flip- the -spin- f*ck -bar- is -oppo- going -triple- on -whip- here! Hickup.
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 I´m so glad that Emil is there now to take over from Brendan and Brett and can win a competition with both technical tricks and style. If I would want to watch a competition where most rotations wins the day, I would choose gymnastics or some BMX stuff, for that matter. It´s called SlopeSTYLE for a reason ...
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 Emil is on lock and likely going to be top tier for a long time. Nice to Rogatkin "mature" a little more. His truns seem little more cleaner and dialed. Less hectic spinny spin. I like it.
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 Tailwhip-decade was unreal!!....didn’t Semenuk do it in one of those raw-whatever-number edits a while ago tho!?
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 He did it on lapse, but on "reverse". First the downside whip and then the tailwhip, but this was the first time it was landed in competition. What no one has ever landed is a regular windshield wiper, IMO for a good reason: it's a way harder trick.
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pilgrim did one a couple years back. probably one of few landed ever
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 @Enforc3r: yes, when I said no one landed one I was referring to competitions.
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 @mistyk: overread that. damn mondays
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 @mistyk: People have done the windshield wiper before, but not with a 360.
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 @mistyk: Rheeder did one in Joyride 2019 before the toilet bowl feature, slipped a pedal but still made it
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 If I remember correctly, a guy did it on the final jump of the freeride festival slopestyle in colorado 2 or 3 years ago.
I think it even was a backflip windshield whiper.
Not sure of the rider but it was shocking.
Edit : max mey cff 2016, regular windshield whiper on the final jump !
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 Emil... can you even jump straight with front wheel pointing forward anymore? What eff was going on there. I want to watch that run in slo-mo on LSD to see the most amazing tracers out there.
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 When I was judge in local competition, some one land backflip ...10point, then no hand 4 point. But if someone did 360 and 360bar it was much better. So I dont understand how can Nicoli win with twister and cashroll but with 2 no hand??
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 hey, he did a frontie tailwhip which he can only do. also you don't understand because your not a judge.
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 Who decided that was a windshield wiper if its new?
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 BMX decided a few years ago...
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 @jimherefordbmx: I did not know that. Fair play Smile
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 @therevfryslim: been around for years there.
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 I think Sam Pilgrim landed one years ago, without the 360, in a comp. (he first did it 8 years ago, it's on yt)
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 Brett rheeder attemped one and crashed at one of the stops last year also
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 I was calling it a tailwhip-rewind Razz
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 UN, fuggin, REAL! Emil, you dropped my jaw mate!
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 So can they make a new course for next I can’t be the only one that’s bored of seeing the same course over an over again
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