Video: The Top 3 Runs From Red Bull Rampage 2018

Oct 27, 2018
by Pinkbike Staff  
1. Brett Rheeder

2. Andreu Lacondeguy

3. Ethan Nell

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 Andreu got totally robbed.
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 agreed! dude was charging!
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 @Haja: Yep if it was about tricks, Andreu won, plus more speed and gnar.

If it wasnt about tricks then why did Brendan score so low.

Overall judging was better than the last few years, none of us would probably do a better job. Progressions crazy though, godzieks 3 would of won best trick last year surely.
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 Too bad he crashed on his second run. That one really was amazing. He had something similar last year, didn't he? Crashed near the end of his second and pretty amazing run (as did Zink).
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 love that look-back, totally in charge..
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 Yep! What an intense run with those trick combinations, speed and overall power!
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 I say had he crashed on 1st run and this one be the second, he would've had a higher score
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 This one is hard to judge. Brett had a perfect crankworks run, but this is Rampage not Crankworks. Andreu had more speed, more gnar and more style. It seems taking an easier line and stopping a perfect slopstyle run scores higher than a more gnarly big mountain line. So is it Rampage ot is it Crankworks in a unique location?
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 Absolutely H•E•C•T•I•C run. Whatelse?
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 His second run has been incredible, without the crash in the end, it would be first place for sure. He is a real fighter.
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 @sethius: bro The judges suck balls!
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 Yeah, I usually side with the judges and it's good to see Rheeder win his first, but Andreu laid down the best run of the day. I hope the judges will watch those two runs side by side again.
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 I think they got that right. Andreu's line was one of the simplest, he just added more flips to it. Rheeders line wasn't the biggest but it was bigger than Andreu's. Rheeder had similar variety with his line but more variety with tricks. When Andreu had the opportunity to add more trick variety he did an other flip and a an other flat 3. It is not slopestyle but variety is still very important.
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 Adolfs run was what rampage should be about, that dude was flying! I almost wish tricks had nothing to do with this competition. It should be won by who has the most bad ass, out of control, exciting high speed run, not the guy who has opposite tricks dialed down a manicured run. just my opinion
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flag mhoshal (Oct 27, 2018 at 10:21) (Below Threshold)
 I'm pretty sure Rheeder deserved that hands down.
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 @sinister-dna: 11th.......11TH!?!?!?!?!?
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 I think the Rampage organization is just as much trying to figure out what the event should be about as are we. Even the whole definition of big mountain freeride is evolving. The young guard is generally riding more manicured lines to throw more tricks. And probably it is the big tricks the large audience wants to see. It takes a real mountainbiker to appreciate the complexity of these really difficult lines, which is a smaller subset of their viewers. And at the end of the day, Red Bull probably doesn't live just off selling drinks. They need their app on your phone and they need viewers, browser data etc. So the bigger audience they can reach, the better. I'm not going to judge the judges. They are some true legends in their own right. Then again I'm not all that competitive either so I don't care much about whoever came out on top. Though of course I do love to see athletes receive proper respect for their achievements.
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 Seriously.. how the f#$k was that not the winning run.
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 Yep, his line was way more awesome and those tricks.
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 @Boardlife69: he had a perfect cranworx run down a cliff
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 If he would've pulled what I think was going to be a superman seat grab 360 on his 2nd run he would have definitely went into 1st. Great show!!
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 Andreu’s line felt more natural, creative, and true to the event. Rheeder’s run was amazing, and felt more intense-but for whatever reason his line felt like just any old set of drops. It could have been the drone footage / angles though...
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 As much as I love the trek riders it seems to me that the judges are very bias towards them. Andreu Absolutely got robbed!
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 Did anyone notice Andreu's crankflip at the top?
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 @half-baked-productions: as much as I dislike trek as a company I think Rheeder deserved that win hands down.
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flag mhoshal (Oct 28, 2018 at 9:48) (Below Threshold)
 @sethius: Andreu copied the same tricks, everything Rheeder did was a different trick maybe learn more about slopestyle and how doing the same tricks twice doesn't score high with judges.
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 If he hadn't have cased he would have won. The case on the 450 is what cost him
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 From those three runs, I think it should of been 1. Lacondeguy 2. Nell 3. Rheeder.
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 I respectfully disagree. He rode fast the first 40 seconds but didn't have any tricks. Rheeder's was packed top to bottom. They both killed it but that's what gave Rheeder the edge IMO.
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 @sevensixtwo: Rheeder and Semenuk need to massively modify the landscape in order for their runs to come together. Andrey on the other hand reflects the spirit of Rampage better, since he's throwing proper big mountain freeride moves into his runs, at least in my opinion.
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 Rheeder is so in control it looks easy. I dont know if that should be held against him vs andreu who looks on the edge. Honestly I don't really know. Maybe its worth giving points to someone who is riding wild and you enjoy for that, but maybe it's also worth awarding points to someone who looks so good that they hardly have to try to do the same crazy shit? I do know that I enjoyed watching Andreu's line more. but i think Rheeders was crazier.
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 IDK, while his 2nd run was my favorite for the day, I doubt he agrees that he got robbed though. All things considered I think he did pretty well.
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 This was the first time I've watched Rampage and I was a bit disappointed. The riding was incredible of course, but the format doesn't make sense to me. It's just a slopestyle event that happens to be held in a remote location instead of a ski resort. The terrain almost seemed irrelevant because it was carved into berms and landings. Why go to such a unique place just to groom it. Not to say that there wasn't any creativity in line choice or integration of natural features, but when there was, it felt like it was seen as a meaningless section that just sets up the next sculpted big hit.
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 Totally agree. Its just a big complicated slopestyle course.
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 I agree completely, I have been watching Rampage since it started and it seems to have lost the raw, wild side that it was known for. While the talent and diversity of the current riders is incredible and I'll never discount the difficulty of the terrain (last years cliffs were out there) the feeling is more slopestyle and less big mountain freeride. Of course I look forward to next year but I would love a bit of a throwback to the early days.
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 Not even close. Back flipping a 50 foot drop > rolling a steep tech section. You guys probably don't even ride bikes.
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 video doesn't do it much justice tbh. when you see close-ups of the actual lines its gnarly as all hell.
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 @Jokesterwild: its all good. I look forward to seeing these guys commenting putting up go pro footage of them hitting this groomed hill. Those steep sections... Omg.. The size of the drops... Omg... Insane
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 The problem with live coverage is this ANT-POV of the elicopter ... Where are all those magicicient Drone technologies RedBull? A close following of each rider from the air like many riders has shown us recently here on PB would completely change the scope and the viewers adrenaline of what this insane mental riders are risking for the show...
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flag ATXZJ (Oct 27, 2018 at 5:12) (Below Threshold)
 The event has definitely run its course.
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 I totally agree. Also, the earth is flat.
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 It looks a lot smoother on camera. Ya it's groomed But it's still rough as sh*t and those features are massive. Personally I don't judge unless I can do the riding myself. A 6 ft step down is massive for me.
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 You know its going to be a shitty and misinformed opinion when it starts out with... "This was the first time I've watched Rampage..."

Go visit the site or make the trip when they have it again and your mind will change completely. If it was just a slope course in the mountains, you wouldn't see the best riders in the world regularly dropping out or not taking a second run. The original Rampages were sick because they were so raw, these Rampages are sick because they're going bigger than what anyone previously thought possible.
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 It's hardly a slopestyle event, and you only have to look back a few years to see how much more raw it is now, but I'm gonna go ahead and ignore that because there is a more glaring issue here. Access to running water to help "carve berms and landings" has been one of the biggest benefits to rider safety at rampage. No one want to see another life changing injury like Paul Basagoitia's. So next time you want to criticize the venue for being too "tame", understand that its still very much not-tame, just a little better engineered to keep riders from ending their careers.
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 @PauRexs: I don't think they deem drones safe enough to follow riders.
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 @scott-townes: you sound like the kid asking everyone for their goggles. Grow the f*ck up. I'm giving my perspective as someone who has never watched the event. I'm not complaining about the level of riding, but my perception of Rampage was that it was about more raw big mountain freeriding and I was surprised to see how much grooming went on. Whether riders are going bigger on a groomed run or smaller on a more natural one, either way can be challenging but in different ways. Since we already have slopestyle events with perfectly shaped hits, it seems odd to carve a slopestyle course into the side of a mountain that could be ridden in a more natural state. Look at the scoring or the wide angle aerial shots that don't do any justice to the terrain other than showing that it's a big drop or jump and tell me it's not promoted as a slopestyle event where it's all about the tricks.
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 It's worth noting that the course design is the result of the massive amount of work by the riders themselves, with their dig crews. They collaborate and envision how to express themselves as riders and push the sport, which they somehow are able to do year after year.
The finished product blows me away considering how little time they have to finish the course for practice, competition.

Maybe the 'it's too much like a slopestyle event' criticism stems from finding 720s and dbl backflips over 80 foot gaps unrelatable, or that judging an event like this is near impossible without having some metric for comparing performances via trick difficulty/asthetics etc. But the riders literally build the event themselves! They are to blame for how rad it is!

Best bike event of the year. The pressure that must be on these athletes is insane.
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 @friendlyfoe: Somehow starting an interesting discussion on what we all think Rampage is, vs what it should be, vs what it was, has something to do with which of us ride or how well we ride. This event is literally the biggest, wildest event in the industry, only rivaled, maybe, by a few others. The riders are incredible, the venue is awesome, the terrain is beyond what most of us could ride at our best. Yet somehow when someone says "Rampage" I picture the days of Wade Simmons, Cedric Gracia, and heck, even Bender.

Maybe I'm older than most of you, or maybe I'm just curious about where Rampage goes next but I certainly don't criticize an opinion based on how good of a rider they are. None of us really know each other do we? Could you ride that terrain? Do you know that I can't?

I love watching slopestyle events. I love watching Rampage. I particularly like watching racing but just like the EWS changed how we react to DH, slopestyle has influenced Rampage. Is it for the better? Or just different? Either way I'm excited for next year.
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 Totally true! I was disappointed to...The last truly freeride rampage line was Darren Berrecloth's 2010 run!!!
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 @bluemonkeywrench: I think comparing rampage to slopestyle just because they're building landing pads is missing the point. The consequences of getting the run in wrong on a massive step down are in a completely different world. Being able to back flip it just takes it to the next level.
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 I understand missing the old days when people pretty much just rode down the ridges as utah provided. Having an event like that would be cool still. But this is not just another slope style event. walking around there is nuts. It's actual insanity that people ride this stuff. I think it is one of the craziest things people do on planet earth. I was not disappointed.
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 @JCruz: And that run Bercloth took in 2010 didnt have any 50 foot hits!! all you guys kill me. The dirt is so soft out there most people cant land a 10 foot drop never mind a 50 footer. landings have to be buffed out and packed to some degree or the hits these dudes are taking would be physically impossible to ride away from. Why do you think Bender got hurt and crashed so often!? Its because he had no landings!
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 Adolf Silva's first run was huge, too bad he crashed. The drops looked massive.
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 He did the best segment, no doubt. That rawness on fire, not slopestyler not DH racer... pure rampage spirit... and he not even top10... ough wait... rampage spirit too...
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 I want Brendog's POV video.
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 I bet you do.
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 What terrible video footage. The zoom on camera is that far away you can barely see what stunts the riders are doing.
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flag poozank (Oct 26, 2018 at 22:47) (Below Threshold)
 Any more bitching?
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 @poozank: FFS it's a valid point!!! I've watched Rampage since day 1 and this is the worst video footage I've seen. The whole point of this is to watch the most amazing riders in the world doing amazing things. Most of it you can't see!!!!! Is that ok with you to point that out?
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 Yeah they need to scrap those choppers and bring in drones
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 Yes, please complain some more about what Red Bull provides you with for the grand total of nothing.

It’s a new venue for everyone so cut them some slack!
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 @P3N54: With the amount of Jägerbombs we buy in the UK, I think he's got the right to complain.
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 I have to disagree. Long shots showing the entire mountain around looks amazing to me.
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 ANT-POV is enough... it totally dismisses what this guys are risking... Bring drones RB! and show the world what this real videogame is all about!
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 How about you try to film the entire event????
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 What else do you want for free?
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 @P3N54: Mate in this day an age FOC is no excuse for rubbish quality. Get with the times!!
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 @ryansimonovich: If was running it I probably would have done a better job to make sure they optimized the best filmed locations to get the best footage.
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 @P3N54 Sorry my comment was meant for @raddog not you.
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 @raddog: It's not for free we pay for it every time we drink redbull or watch ad advert on their channel.
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 @sclark1972: I can’t argue with you brits, your country and way of life is too different from ours.
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 @Matt76: I agree if they can have a computer model of where the runs are they should have cameras on course at all the airs and gnar. I wish they still filmed a DVD for more angles and slowmos. I would rather keep the wide angle than lose the rider but I would prefer a better filmed event. With many riders riding these same lines next year I hope it gets more organized coverage.
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 Close call, maybe would have gave the win to Lacondeguy but Congrats Rheeder, your run was so sick too !
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 Such sick runs but agree. 4tricks and less air beat 5 tricks and bigger air and features. Still incredible
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 @betsie: the tricks back to back, the speed...
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 That lookback flat 360 though...
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 @leviatanouroboro: That was pretty gangster.
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 Stoked e-boy got the podium Also one of the best venues for rampage ever Amazed at the progression and stoke overall at this event
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 Brett's ride was clean, but I'd rate Andreu's a notch higher. Several chained crazy moves, plus the speed.
Looking at Rampage got me all riled up, and I'll go nail that 1ft drop nearby my house Wink
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 Just glad nobody got hurt with some of those monster crashes
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 Where is Ben Cathro to discuss line choices?
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flag ryansimonovich (Oct 27, 2018 at 8:14) (Below Threshold)
 Eh. Cathro is more of a racer. This is not a racing event so not sure how much he would be able to add.
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 Andreu got my vote for the win. Linking massive features and stomping tricks on consecutive jumps was so sick.
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 Maybe this year everyone will just appreciate the awesome runs and event as a whole and not get their knickers in a twist about the judging and other minor issues! Big Grin But dope runs by all, hella stoked for Rheeder woo!
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 Watched this over and over. Andreu charged that run. amazing!
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 Andreu Lacondeguy got robbed.
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 Rheeder's run was cool but Lacondeguy's was soooo sick
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 Andreu should have won!!!
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 Andreu should've been podium 1 instead of Rheeder
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 I was there. Fun times. After I walked the bottom of the lower lines... the gaps are MASSIVE. Staff wouldn't let anyone go past a certain point, so boo to that. But I couldn't imagine what the speed would feel like barreling down into these hits. These guys have to be haulen in order to make those distances. On screen don't do it justice.
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 No way in hell that rheeder won this one. He did a very good job indeed, but Lacondeguy's lap was stronger. Dude, I love rampage, but the judges make a huge effort to destroy all the fun of it every single year. Brendog's score? Another joke. Someone please fire these guys.
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 Definitely should never put in wood ramps to the venue. This years venue was sick. Andreau earned the win on that first run for sure but it would’ve been close either way. Adolf Silva is the man of the day fo sho but all the riders crushed it.
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 How about that camera angel? The one from the helicopter or drone. What the hell? It was so far away. Every time someone nailed a trick you could barely tell what happened.
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 Brendog got robbed
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 Man after watching the first two runs again I really feel like Andreu had the better run.
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 Watched all three having not seen anything of the event itself given time zones and internet and all that. Two were spectacular and one was smooth. And the smooth one won...I was initially underwhelmed. But thinking about is smooth. Smooth is good. I'd like to be smooth.
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 Thanks Everyone, Well Done! Best Rampage in several years. Only complaint was Silva’s score, he was charging with such fluidity.
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 How about next year the camera gets some zoom so it doesn’t look like I’m watching these runs from orbit.
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 The quality is pretty damn awesome for being free.
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 I'm glad I could come here to see the top 3. I gutted out 2 hours but just couldn't bear any more.

The announcing for Rampage hamstrings the event-mediocre announcers failing to fill the dead time between runs. Some chemistry between the hosts (thinking something like Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen) would really, really help.

Riding was amazing though. The combination of built berms and hips on steep rock faces is super rad to watch.
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 How can you not get stoked seeing how stoked Ethan Nell is at the end of his run?
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 I think andreu’s line was the better. In my opinion
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 Just happy Andreu got to wear yellow ribbon, no political correctness out there
  • 1 0
 Why was he wearing a yellow ribbon? I am curious what it symbolizes.
  • 2 0
 @deanw: i think it’s in support of Catalan independence
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 If I ever want to get pissed off I watch these videos and compare who got first and who didn't. This top three is backwards to me.
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 The rampage was sooooo much gnarlier back in the day of its infancy when the guys had to make split decisions in milliseconds as they chose a line to take down the cliffs. Now, everything is groomed and manicured. IMO it is nothing more than an extreme bike park. Yes the drops are insane but if you watch the older videos compared to today's event, there is no comparison. Also, back in the day, anyone could just hike in and watch but now it is s full blown corporate event where tickets are sold to be able to watch live etc. Redbull making huge money and paying the athletes chump change for risking their lives. This event has become boring.
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 These drops seem way more massive than years past.
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 Props to all 3 riders!!! Not going to argue over judging.
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 Adolf Silva! not the biggest tricks but damn he was sending it!!!
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 Amazing runs from everyone, looks like it was a really good day for Fox.
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 What's a flatspin 450 ? That would be 1,25 turn ?
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 Yeah. 450 degrees of rotation. Spin 360 and then another 90 to land in the direction of the landing of the hip.
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 I'm like a flatspin 270 master....
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 someone knows if Lunn had tried that gap in trainings?
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 The judges should watch these clips and issue an apology. Lacondeguy got robbed!
  • 3 2
 Holy shit what an underwhelming first place run Frown
  • 3 1
 Ok, Nell got robbed.
  • 2 5
 Yes I know this is irrelevant, yes I know I've hijacked the thread but some of the most important trails in the UK need your help!

These trails are ridden and built by so so many people, including Steve Peat, Craig Evans, Josh Lewis and the 50to01 crew. If you've seen Wheel Love or Slice of British Pie you've seen these trails!

Please sign the petition to open a dialogue for the protection of this unique trail network.
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 Lacondegy hasbeen spleen!
  • 2 0
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 Ok we know the score.
Who won the Fantasy contest?
Who got the fork?
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 Brendawg got robbed!
  • 2 0
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 0:47 on Andreu's run, this is how I sound when I ejaculate
  • 1 2
 Slope Style intrusion into Freeride.
  • 3 4
 drops > rolls.
  • 3 5
 Where’s Randy?
  • 1 1
 Randy got robbed!
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