Video: The Weird & Wild Products from Eurobike 2019

Sep 9, 2019
by Pinkbike Originals  

On the final day of Eurobike 2019 our team roamed the halls finding the weird and wonderful products from the show.

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 Still cooler than an e-bike.
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 You meant electric moped
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 @camcoz69: Amazing!
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 I am still perplexed why the heavy push for mt bike ebikes? I can’t think of a single rider I know who has any desire to own one. I’ve only ever seen middle to older aged beginners ride them or kids with their parents??? A crew of older guys barely beat us to the top of a hill, and I’m out of shape... am I not seeing something? Is there really a demand for mt ebikes (city use I totally understand) to make so such a constant marketing push??? Or is this create a false need by a forced hand???
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 @diggerandrider: I have tested some and I see the appeal. In Switzerland in the middle of the Alps they are quite popular, including for some ex-world tour racers. They are great for afterwork ride. Around here the best trails and views are high up in altitude. Starting from the cities at the bottom of a valley you can do a 2H ride that includes some of those remote trails that you could only reach in a 4 or 5h ride on a regular bike.

Some people would take their car to drive closer to these trails. I don't think it is much better.
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 I got logged out of PB the other day and accidentally viewed the homepage without the E-filter running and OMG it's not for me.
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 @diggerandrider: you must not live near trails where they're useful, or your local "scene" just isn't "hip" to them yet. I just rode ebikes today on the stuff I ride my moto on in the mountains of idaho. It was fantastic. Climbed up loose, techy moto stuff that is literally impossible on an mtb (we used boost mode all the way up.) It's hard. If anyone doubts it, just go try it. It opens up more terrain to climb (much like a moto, but obviously still quite different) and the downhills are more like riding a bike (but it's not quite as poppy and has better traction.) We did like 3k in a couple hours. If I had the space and could afford it, I would have an ebike along with my moto and mtbs.

It's not a marketing push. It's rad for anyone who has the terrain on which they can be ridden. If all you have is state parks with mtb trails, no you don't need one. If you love to ride mtb and have good, gnarly moto singletrack near you, you should definitely give one a shot.
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 @diggerandrider: Probably a high profit margin. It's all about the money in the end.
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 @diggerandrider: Or you don't know enough MTBers with different opinions. Derp.
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 @diggerandrider: just because YOU do not see many eMTBs does not really mean they aren‘t ridden.
And no, it ain‘t just the old, incompetent and infirm riding them...
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 @diggerandrider: You do have a point- I've watched a couple ebike races at Sea Otter, and the entire "fan base" are either the riders' friends or industry people who have a vested interest in e-bikes. It's really just a big circle-jerk of industry insiders, some of whom don't know anything about bikes in any form, standing around watching their ebike riders race each other. In short, nobody wants to watch these races unless you are associated with the person or brand.
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 @trialsracer: if I have gnarly Moto track I will do it all out on an MX bike why be half-assed about it with a play School Fisher Price overpriced underperforming electric moped?
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 @camcoz69: cool stuff
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 That spider thing is something I expect to see when psychodelic trip goes wrong in the midst of it, for no reason at all. You stop a bicycle with 29" veersion of 26" wheels in the middle of a meadow and you speak to a cow about jellyfish flying above your heads, the cow, lets you to suck on her tits that look like breasts of the most beatiful girl in the world, they fill you with wonderful juice and then your mother hugs you, and your father tells you were a wonderful child, your friends bring you latest Fox 36 saying it is for you for being such a loving friend, but suddenly the cow tells you about you eating her calf, you realize you suck up burned soy beans, then portal from netherworld open and DanielSapp walks out of it on a German mechanic spider, rapes the cow, kills your friend and kidnaps you to live a life of agony in his Nether Fortress... shouting: it's for the Amazon! It's for the plastic patch in pacific, filled with your condoms and packaging from SRAM products - die mdr fkr die! Oh no you cannot die! You can only suffer! ahahahahahah! attack spider attack!
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 Did you ever consider longer forms, a novel perhaps?
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 I’m not sure anymore if I want to smoke what you’re smoking
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 @Konyp: not sure if I can keep it longer than the list of Standards introduced by Trek and Sram.
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 This is hilarious
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 @Konyp: All work and no play makes Waki a dull boy
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 Will Smith would ride that.
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 wrong website for you...
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 "the cow, lets you to suck on her tits that look like breasts of the most beatiful girl in the world, they fill you with wonderful juice"

Dude wtf, I will never get this out of my head Big Grin
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 I wish I had time to read whatever you said up there. I'm sure it was funny. On to the next!
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 @notenduro: erm... yeah,I have no problem with that per se... it will be on the exam by the end of the term though.
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 @chyu: top hat off for this one.
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 Add some sort of flamethrower and some Christmas lights and it looks like it belongs at Burning Man.
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 for gods sake somebody draw this!
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 Where you there with me the whole time?!?!
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 You have waaaaay too much time on your hands bud
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 the ride looks to be a bit bumpy.
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 I cannot fathom how that company isn't called Faux.
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 It has magnesium in it. Thanks for not using the baseball bat
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 Spider-bike! Climbs like spider, descends like...barrel.
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 Barrel or Barel? If it's the latter, that's pretty damn good for a spider.
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 Where can I buy this one?
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 @srjacobs: but would a human sized spider be faster than Barel? I’d say yes.

But forget that, imagine the frames it could spin from its silk!
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 @dubod22: Next big thing: Spider silk to replace carbon fibers in bike frames and parts.
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 WTF are those FOX copies that don`t tell their name??? And Eurobike let this happen??!!! And what about Fox`reaction? Do they know that?

It`s like if a fashion fair would let enter copiers of Louis Vuitton and such without saying anything!!!

What`s next? ShockRox forks from some other copiers?
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 All the brands know. There are companies copying SRAM, Specialized, etc. there’s a whole side to this not often seen. That’s only one example of many.
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 @danielsapp: wait, other compaines copy Specialized? I thought it was just them ripping off the entire industry and then sicking their lawyers on the original designer.
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 Ya, this goes back to time immemorial. Even in the early 90's you could find knock-offs. I doubt any of the big brands of thrilled with it, but usually the knock-offs are majorly cheap and arguably not costing the big brands much in actual sales. So it's probably not worth the cost of legal action, in most cases - and legal action might even have minimal success, since suing a Chinese company for IP infringement is

Now that Santa Na tandem in the background - clear rip off of Santa Cruz ;-) [I kid of course - Santana was making tandems before anyone at SC ever thought of welding up a single pivot bike]
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 There was a really big issue a couple years back (probably still ongoing, tbh) of cheap Walmart-type bikes and bikes sold in Asia coming with counterfeit shimano parts - font and styling would be the same, but the derailleurs would say "Shinano", "Shimona", etc. Pretty funny. Also there's the avalanche of recent SunRun and SunShine (Sunrace knockoffs) listings on ebay.

But I'm with you @Franzzz , it doesn't surprise me that these products exist but I am surprised they're allowed to blatantly set up shop at a major trade show like Eurobike without getting shut down. But idk, maybe if Fox doesn't press the issue with the trade show organizers nobody gives a shit.
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 @bkm303: they allow it in exchange for cheap labor force.
And then it's reported like they stole an IP that they were given.
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 @bkm303: I ride a Sunshine cassette, love it so far. I talked to the Sunrace guy at a trade fair, he was complaining about them being copyists.
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 @reverend27: "they allow it in exchange for cheap labor force."

I have no idea what that means.... DFS is building forks for Fox? What?

My industry builds loads of stuff in Asia. If an Asian supplier showed up to a trade show in the West with such obvious brand/trademark/IP infringement and pissed off an industry heavy hitter (like Fox), their booth would 100% get shut down. And we get hundreds of Asian suppliers at our US trade shows. Maybe Fox just doesn't care.

Selling on amazon/ebay is no surprise and there's really nothing you can do to stop it, but a major trade show is a different story.
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 @bkm303: while trademark infringement with a knockoff design is not fine, that's not the same story for patents. Most patents are crap and invalid, including the FOX ones, so if you want to respect patent law, you should not produce anything.
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 @zoobab2: as the author of several patents.... horseshit. Patents are a two-way agreement between inventors & society - show everyone how you solved a problem, and we'll give you the exclusive benefits of your invention for a period of time. Yes, patents can block you implementing an idea, but we also develop new ideas by seeing what everyone else is doing in their patent literature. It speeds overall progress and gives people incentive to invent without having to try to keep everything a trade secret. Instead of inventor A coming up with a solution, then inventors B, C, and D quickly ripping it off, we get 4 different solutions for the same problem. Or if A is simply the best solution, A gets filthy rich.

Yes it's abused, and you could certainly make an argument about shorter protection periods, or losing your protection if you have no intent to bring your idea to market. But a world without any protection for inventors would suck, and product development would be much more closed off.

"if you want to respect patent law, you should not produce anything."

Spoken like someone who's never invented anything....
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 @bkm303: "Cheap labor force" is a south park reference.
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 i went to a trade show recently (not bikes) and the Chinese knock of stand was right next to the western brand it was ripping off. There was a noticeable tension....
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 @ilovedust: No pics? That would have been epic
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 Franzzz, calm down.

★★No industry buyer or consumer who wants a Fox fork will end up with a DFS★★

First, an important point. Those DFS forks are in no way 'counterfeit goods'; ‘counterfeit’ products intend to deceive the consumer about the fact that they’re not the real brand item. No, it is a knock off. ‘Knock-offs’ make no attempt to hide the fact that they are imitation and so do not deceive the consumer nor the buyers at trade shows.

So, are companies like DFS and knock-offs generally a problem for the bike industry? For me ★★as a consumer★★, I say in practice, no.

Any buyer from a recognized brand with a reputation to uphold would not touch any of the imitation brands, so neither would any of their customers have to. There is very, very little chance you would find 99.9% of the PB crowd on a DFS imitation Fox fork. Do you have knock-offs on your bike that you thought were originals?

However that is not all buyers, nor all consumers, and there are a million and one very, very similar looking components to the established brands that will be put on bikes that never leave the asphalt or manicured lawns of the local park. Buyers targeting the bottom end of the market will kit out their products with knock-off components that cost pennies relatively and their customers will happily buy their much cheaper bike and ride it around town and the park.I have knock off cranks on my round town commuter bike from a company called Meijun. They makes cranks called XT cranks. I just wanted some cheap ano blue ones... and they work. ) Did Shimano lose any business? Did I think I was buying Shimano XT? No, and no.

So, I say to you, and this is your agree or disagree statement:

★★No industry buyer or consumer who wants a Fox fork will end up with a DFS★★

Do you agree or disagree? Upvote for agree, Downvote for disagree.
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 @orientdave: That's all fine and well until someone buys the DFS and a $20 Fox sticker kit and sells it on Buy and Sell turning the knock off into a counterfeit item.
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 US patents only good in the US. The individual or company that gets the patent, must apply for patents in the respective country they want protection in. That is why Trump is trying to protect US intellectual property with China. One of the unforeseen problems with outsourcing.
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 I agree, of course, that is possible, however, the potential for abuse is rarely the basis for litigation. Nor is it commonplace.

I haven't heard of re-badged goods as a problem in the bike industry on PB or anywhere else. Knocking off product has been going on for decades. Counterfeiting, that is a problem we hear about yes. Re-badging, no, hardly ever in my experience. Anyone?

Besides, you could put an M3 sticker on your stock 3 series BMW and stick it on a Craigslist account too, but that does not stop the sale of M3 stickers; should we ask BMW to stop making them? There is the potential for abuse there too, but.... anyways, yes, I take your point.
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 @zoobab2: OK, and did you compare the durability of your Sunshine Vs a Sunrace. I`m not sure it lasts the same. Also, a cassette is not a safety element such as a bar or a stem, so you don`t risk your life using that Wink
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 that spider is so cool, now do one with the biggest ebike motor and make it run 45mph -i would buy one, most badass vehicle to ever walk the earth
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 pinkbike should do a head to head comparison of all the knock off brands, just how bad are they??? How many plastic forks are in the damper? Fork oil or cooking oil?
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 Yes they should, but what do they do when the copies are as good or better than the original?
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 I can see some form of the airbag vest becoming popular in the future, however the triggering algorithms would need to be very refined for MTB use.
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 Downhill and ski cross skiers use them. Shouldn’t be too much different for mountain bike.
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 @Someoldfart: If you mean the avalanche airbags then they are set off manually by pulling a cord. The difficulty with this sort of thing in MTB is that it needs to activate automatically within milliseconds of every crash and never trigger in error as it would cause a crash.
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 widely available in the motorbike world so no different.
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 @ilovedust: examples?
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 @Konyp: No. these are intended for racing. I’m not entirely sure how they are set off but I think it is positional. If the skier is upside down for example, they auto inflate.
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 @ilovedust: The moto ones are also cord activated afaik, with the cord attached to the bike with a trigger of approx. 20kg pull force. I do not think they are suitable for MTB or even MX. If you found something different please post a link, the issue is interesting.
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 I'll buy an airbag vest.
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 But how do you manual spider bike?
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 you jump on the rear legs obviously
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 @4:20 The worst side of cycling industry...
Don't buy imitations, your teeth might regret.
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 I almost find it flattering, I mean it is so tempting to feel pride for not being a low life piece of crap who on one side claims he doesn’t want to overpay, who despises “dentists” on expensive bikes, yet he still buys something that will give him a chance to elevate his status by owning high status product. That kind if a dweeb can easily afford a Canyon or lower Trek but he will go out of his way and buy some shit replica of a Pinarello, then possibly sell it further without telling the buyer about it being a counterfeit. Oh is that Enve post? Yeah. No. I bought in Ali Express but it’s all made in China anyways ha ha. Those folks have fantastic explanations, rationalization why they bought such stuff. And they can get defensive, oh yes.
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 I can vouch for those air bag vests. I lost the front on a motorcycle into a corner (during a race) at like 90 mph, which sent me for a nice tumble into the grass and the sand trap. Got up without even feeling sore.
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 Imagine having to service all the bearings on that spider bike.
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 Y'all gotta come to Hamilton (Ontario) some time. Our bike share system uses shaft drives and 3 or 8 speed shimano internally geared hubs. The hubs are draggy and not up to the loading of standing up and stomping (I have a broken toe to prove it), but the shaft itself is smooth as silk.
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 #D.Y.E.S.B.B. Do You Even Spider Bike Bro?
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 Have seen that knock-off of Fox fork on before but never thought it can set up a booth at Eurobike. It is a shame to our bike industry manufacturing here in China while we have many other manufactures that produce great and creative products. Aren't they feel embarrased while putting those decals on their products? Sh*t!
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 Still waiting for an in-depth review to get answers to real questions:
- Does it climb like a goat ?
- Does it look like a Session ?
- Can you fit a bottle ?
- How do you go tubeless ?
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This is why people are afraid of the plastic soup.
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 what are the dots for?

is that thing for planting seeds?

more on that thing.
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 After watching this video, google and amazon confirmed there is a whole scary imitation suspension world out there:
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 Lmao the one selling for 395 CAD just has a single review - 1 star, "bad". That's it. Imagine paying that kind of money for an obvious fake.
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 DFS = dangerous f*cking shit?
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 Best part of Amazon ad for one of the DFS forks:

"Positive and negative chamber separate cheer up. Cheer up the pressure in accordance with personal weight. "
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 @area51: good stuff. But I prefer this quote from the same product: "When hitting a large hole, it takes 0.2 seconds to open the lock switch and protect personal saftety"
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 What's the canister flopping around on the back of the spider-tank thing all about? That thing looks like fun, but I can imagine, would get old after a while.
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 It’s some sort of something that puts a chalk stamp on the ground. Not sure why but, hey, why not?
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 @danielsapp: I've never thought of having something that puts a chalk stamp on the ground before, but now that I think of it, I'm not quite sure how I'm going to live without it.
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 @pinhead907: It's the future.
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 This Pinkbike staffer needs to be educated on his audience demographic. That 1 minute tubing explanation was painfully awkward to watch. Really, a person welds these together and it makes a bike? I would expect that sort of remedial description if it were Gayle King on CBS This Morning, but Pinkbike??
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 A lot of people who write aren't the best at the talking stuff
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 Sorry, bud. I’ll read up on that.
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 Give him a break; he’s standing in for Mike who’s sick.
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 What camera did this get filmed with, @danielsapp ? Get a newer Sony; their face tracking is on point and no more focus hunting.
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 do Rampage on the spider bike!
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 Pretty sure those forks are on sale at the moment, and with four years interest free credit you can buy now and pay later. Sale must end soon. #UKonlyJokes
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 Jeez, I wonder if my bicycle is legitimate parts.
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 How long will it be until riders will be using a parachute for Rampage & other XL jumps when things go wrong?
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 They don't need that shit. They just send it.
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 Cool Tube display totally tubular.
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 Cartridge based solution for the air-bag vest? Well there was some progress in avy bags market in years...
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 there's no point wasting 1 liter of space with a battery and an electric fan just to push about 1-2 liters of air into the vest. Avalanche airbags have a volume of 150-200 liters. Cartridges are just fine for these airbag vests.
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 @f00bar: following your math, do you realize the engine would be way smaller if only needs to push around 2 liters instead of 150? Also consider how many of your friends will kick you off your bike just to see you to blow out Big Grin And at the moment we don´t know what kind of gas is used, which could be also important. They are fine until you need to travel by plane
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 @bok-CZ: I would imagine you take the $4 CO2 cartridge out before you fly and pop in a fresh one at your destination.

I don't know much about Moto GP, but I think they are using something similar.
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 @bok-CZ: yes the entire thing would be smaller, but still needlessly complicated compared to a simple CO2 cartridge. The point of electric avalanche airbags is that they can be fired off multiple times during a trip, so at the smallest hint of an avalanche, you can fire it off without giving it a second thought.
Nobody carries spare CO2 cylinders, so a traditional avalanche bag only has a single use per trip - you have to think twice before firing it off.
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 @bok-CZ: a fan style system would be totally pointless in this use case. Jetforce airbags take a second or so to inflate - it doesn't matter because its purpose is to 'float' you over debris, not to prevent trauma in a crash. That style of bag would be still inflating by the time you hit the deck if you got hit by a car while bike commuting, for example.

Not to mention the issue of mutliple vs single deployment as @f00bar points out.
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 @f00bar: yeah I know the point, just didn't mean same system as what's now used in bags, only similar however I don't know how to reach the firing up to fully inflate that in a milliseconds. I agree this option is the cheapest one.

By the way is the same company like with those air bag helmets a year o two back?
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