Video: The Wildest Moments from the 2019 DH World Cup Season

May 18, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesRacing bikes on the absolute edge of usually includes wild crashes and even wilder saves. UCI World Mountain Biking World Cup season 2019 was no exception. We've dug into the archives and compiled the wildest, most breathtaking moments from the past racing season. Red Bull


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 If you slow the speed down by 70%and add all those sketchy saves and crashes together....that's a normal run down a trail for me!
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 I really am blown away by just another way that WC racers are so much better than all the rest of us. I would have crashed in every single one of those situations where the racers saved something insane. And Amaury's finish line endo is just insane every time I see it!
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flag TheSlayer99 (May 19, 2020 at 5:07) (Below Threshold)
 I really don't know what group of riders you’re looking at to make that statement. Maybe compared to some joeys getting sketchy, but to an average rider none of those saves are impressive. I know people who have saved themself from stuff that looks way worse than all of the minuscule number of saves in this video and I’ve seen way cooler/more impressive saves by non pros on Instagram. The only real impressive save I can think of from the whole season is Kade Edwards nearly crashing from roosting the shit out of a corner, and that’s over on vital in a practice day video.
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 So many of those crashes were averted because the rider was loose enough to chill and let the bike work itself out.
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 And they are all in shape and are strong enough to not loose the bars or crumple.
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 3:59 Kiss me - I'm gorgeous!!
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 What a year!!!! When you see how many geezers had massive crashes And escapes it just highlights how tight it was!
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 Dang I was hoping to see Brooks foot stomping save in his Maribor race run
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 This could be an Amaury Pierron highlight itself.
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 But amaury was only in 3 clips in the whole video...
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 The French have a word for it...
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 Putain !
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 Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! I'm so fkn PUMPED!!!!!
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 What's a downhill race?
I've spent 2 months pedalling past MAMILs on my permitted exercising close to home while wearing the shit out of new Minions on tarmac.
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 thanks for the stoke pump! a good way to start the day!
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