Video: The Winning Rampage Runs 2010-2018

Oct 13, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesRed Bull Rampage has seen its fair share of winners since it's origins back in 2001. Now in its 14th edition, we prepare for another ground-breaking week in freeride MTB history as the 2019 event approaches fast!

We dug into the archives to find the Red Bull Rampage Winning Runs from 2010 to 2018, including Cam Zink, Andreu Lacondeguy, Kyle Strait, Kurt Sorge, Brandon Semenuk and Brett Rheeder who have stamped their names in mountain biking history!
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 Must be a mistake.... can’t see Brendogs run from last year #brendogwasrobbed
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flag Matt115lamb (Oct 13, 2019 at 6:01) (Below Threshold)
 I said it 1st Smile
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 Looks like no one did anything cool in 2011 ?
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 @allbiker: There was no Rampage in 2011..... gapers gotta gape.
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 Arrrrrhhh ............. #brendogwillgetrobbedagain !
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 God that commentary is terrible right from the first sentence.
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 holy mother trucker
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 “there’s a big jump coming up”

rider hits huge jump, stomps it

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If you have a drink for every "so smooth" or "o-ho-hoooo" , you ll have a good time.
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 Painfully ironic that arguably Semenuk's safest run was his winning one, compared to some of the insanity he attempted in previous years... See
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 I actually enjoyed watching the older runs more, certainly the amplitude and the tricks have gotten better recently but I feel like its less mountain biking and more slope style (I know not an original comment) .

I also worry that with the increase in build time and the ability to send those huge features someone is going to get really hurt. The older rougher courses limited the amplitude somewhat because they didn't have massive buffed out landing zones.

I'd rather watch these guys navigate down some gnar, have a few modest (for them) sized features and really reward originality in line choice and technical skill (brendog last year).
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 People still got injured in the 2001-2004 years.... Who woulda thunk that competing at Rampage is inherently dangerous? Derp.
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 Best run 2014 Andreu Lacondeguy
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 His run from last year was so good as well, probably should have won......
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 Great run. But imho Semenuk´s run of 2016 was on another level. Technically the most complete run I have ever seen at Rampage
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 2001-2010 is where its at
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 Kyle Strait been in it since Rampage #1 ' 01 - Such a Beast!
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 norbs got robbed
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 Back in the day it was how smooth you rode down that course, now days its how many tricks you can cram into your run.
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 Remember when people were complaining about Antoine Bizet not doing well because he did a double backflip? I member.

Remember when Cam Zink won Rampage but only did 1 trick? I member.

Remember when Kyle Strait won in 2004 because of a trick he pulled on the Bender Sender? I member.

Remember all the other examples of people placing regardless of how many tricks they do because that's how the judging format has always been at Rampage? I member.
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 @scott-townes: remember when in 2018 brendog had the most technical line on the mountain and rode it completely clean and yet didnt even get top 5? I remember
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 @jakketayylor: Remember when Norbs did both way 3s and didn't podium and Kyle Strait won that year with a no-hander? Yeah, turns out the number of tricks in your run doesn't determine who wins. Shocking!
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 @scott-townes: he said back in the day idiot. everything you are saying is supporting his arguement because back 5 years ago it was all about amplitude and smoothness how big your line was. brett rheeders winning run last year was a slopestyle run, because now rampage is about the tricks.
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 @jakketayylor: The judging criteria never changed from then and now. But yes, keep spouting off childish insults because that like totally makes you more correct. Your opinion is trash buddy.
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 @scott-townes: yeah the judging criteria didnt change and yet last year the winner had a run that was the easiest way down the mountain with a deep trick bag, and you yet have guys like brendog who's lines are far more technical and yet they are in the mid pack as far as score. and yet "the judging criteria has not changed"
explain that
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 @jakketayylor: Yeah I'd definitely trust someone's opinion about the easiest line when he's never rode or explored the area. I'd definitely trust his opinion on the judging without him knowing the criteria.....
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 @scott-townes: i have been there and i’ve also watched it on the tv which if i’m correct is the same way the judges watch it. i’m not saying i know everything i’m just saying that the contest has drifted more from the biggest gnarliest line to the best tricks. like you said kyle strait won it with a no hander. that was years ago. these days it’s cork 7’s and jumps as opposed to the craziest way down
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 @scott-townes: lemme get this straight you guys are agreeing with me right?
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 Unpopular opinion: Tricks on the more groomed/tame/modest jumps (to them*) should count for far less than even a simple trick on the massive jumps/drops. For most of these guys a backflip on a 20 foot slopestyle-esque jump is a breeze. Feel free to downvote.
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 I Believe that is how they score. Runs with tricks on the big drops get much higher scores. Andreau's run was nuts with how many back to back tricks he had but Rheeder tricked bigger drops. I will always wonder What Adolf Silva would have scored had he landed his first run.
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 @DrM12: I mean I realize that they give more points for a trick on a bigger drop, but I think it should be emphasized more than it already is. Honestly I think even hitting the big stuff at all should count for way more than a (*insert trick here*) on a more medium sized jump. I like to score it based on how much you would have to pay me to attempt each stunt haha.
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 bananas. all of them. been riding my whole life and would crap my pants looking down from the top. and then they all rub it in with their own steeze. ridiculous.
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 Semenuk's run of 2015 with that beauty of a nose bonk is still my favourite
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 I'd hit those lines. Yeah.. I totally would.
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 thats actually on their T-Shirt
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 I'd definitely "hit" them
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 2017 Sorge run is off charts :O That big backflip drop is just insane
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 Rampage is a joke! go ahead children down vote. what's the pay out for rampage? red bull should be ashamed!
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 Not all of rampage is buff highway.
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 no one noticing that Sorge is one hell of a legacy?! good gawd
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