Video: Theo Erlangsen Shreds his eMTB in 'Addicted To E'

Mar 13, 2021
by COMMENCAL bicycles  

Hell of an addiction.

Isolation, alienation, disorientation. They’re all difficult things for those around you to understand. Théo Erlangsen is living through it. Help Theo… Or join in!

We’re warning you, the Meta Power TR is addictive from the very start!

Rider: Theo Erlangsen
Edit: Thomas Sandell


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 E-bikes are for old guys and people with back problems. They're no fun and ride like shit on the down. Didn't watch the vid but I'm sure it confirms my opinions because I'm always right.
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flag madmon (Mar 14, 2021 at 8:41) (Below Threshold)
 landing a drop with a 55 pound bike with the same hoops we use for lightweight riding is kind of funny and add the weight to stopping ratio... ya e-bikes are a joke. I am an old goat and will use one when I am interned
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 You don't want an ebike if you have back problems.
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 I lol'd.
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 Massively disappointed. I thought that nice air style in the picture was the result of the e-bike run uphill into the takeoff. Doesn't seem to be able to do anything a non e bike can't do.
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 You need to hop over to Vital MX for that kind of stuff...
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 People are now so "woke" that every single disadvantage is something that needs to find a group and be treated with some kind of special care. Take if for what it is. It's lighthearted, fun, and if you live in Cape Town CBD you will know that any bike ride is either steep up, or steep down. E-Bikes here make perfect sense to rally all the fun trails if you have limited time.
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 All you eHaters do realize that at those speeds the assist is OFF. He rode an ebike up the hill, so what. Most enduro races wouldn't even happen without an electric chairlift. I thought we were over the stupid ebike comments. sigh.
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 Haters don't understand, and will be haters until the accept that Ebikes aren't going away. 52 lb E-bikes, like this video show shred as hard as a DH bike. Past 32 km/h there is no e-assist anyways. Simply consider that you have a shuttle vehicle built into your bike.

4 downhills instead of 2
40km instead of 20km
5 hours instead of 2.5 hours
DH casing tires instead of EXO
Maxxgrip Supertacky instead of 3c Maxxterra
More fun instead of less!?

There is ZERO downside.
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 @cstishenko: everyone will come around in the next 5 years... Those who don't will go full xc or road.
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 @mark4444: That's what I've done. I have no interest in ebikes. Yes, I've ridden them, and they are powerful. Just not my genre. I race XC now, and ride gravel/road. To each his own.
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 that riding was E-tarded!
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 Thankfully ebikes have all these brave white nights to come to their rescue in the comments section. Ha ha the defenses read like someone justifying a drug habit. You don't know how good it is until you ride one! I just want to maximize my fun! They should legalize them everywhere! I don't have a problem it's all those health conscious elitists that can't accept my lifestyle that have the problem!
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 Such a sick edit!!, the best e-bike edit so far
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 Wow I made a comment how the start was not
In the best taste and my and all the responses after were deleted.

Solid move Pinkbike. /s
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 They deleted a comment of mine about the carbon specialized kids bike when they accidentally broke the embargo. They are starting to filter comments that don't fit their agenda
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 They are not deleting your comments, the comments are hidden at the bottom (because downvote). No one is 'filtering' your dumb opinions...
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 @Patrick584: can't speak for the other dude but I know how below threshold works... the comment I'm speaking of was straight deleted
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 @labrinsky: ya I see that now. My bad. Not a frequent commenter so don’t pay attention to the below threshold.

Still stand by my belief in a bit of bad taste but everybody is free to their opinion.
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 Nice edit !! Commencal bikes are looking Really Good and with reasonable price points...just maybe loose the side button thing Wink
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 That intro was extremely cringy.
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 E-bikes commercials...........mmmmm
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 song was trash
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 @ hibhfivewhiteguy E-haters can easily be accused of redundant arguments as well. It’s that whole throw stones glass house thing.
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 "We’re warning you, the Meta Power TR is addictive from the very start!"

That's not a Meta Power TR, it's a Meta Power 29.
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 If you’re not selling your Ebike at the end of every season you’re going to end up with a heavy paperweight. The batteries’ capacity decreases over time and cost thousands of dollars to replace. Next years model will be lighter, go further with better geometry and an upgraded motor. Good luck selling a bike with 60% battery capacity that weighs 55 pounds with outdated motor and geo.
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 Batteries get developed on a four to five year basis..... Of course battery life degrades as they get older but if you get a battery design when it first comes out there is a good few years before anything notably better comes about
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 i have a 2018 levo and I thought the same as you when i first got it, but it has been holding up amazingly well. sure i had to replace a couple cables but that's it. The battery has two red zones but it still fine. not that i use it all the time, but it has seen plenty of action with downhill parks and long adventure trips. i like the 2.8 plus tires too and see no need to upgrade for a while. oh, got to keep the battery inside the house at constant temp. Don't leave in garage.
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 What battery costs “thousands of dollars”??
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 @Chuckolicious: for most batteries it’s about 8 to 9 hundred bucks Canadian.
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 @Chuckolicious: A lot of them do, lithium batteries aren't cheap and tack on the costs associated with application specific sizes and proprietary designs and it only gets worse. Here's a link to the Specialized turbo batteries; all are over $1000.
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 @robw515: $1180 for a new Levo battery is kinda different from “thousands of dollars”, dontcha think?
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 @platnum: Yea, that’s about the norm. Vastly different from “thousands of dollars” for sure.
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flag robw515 (Mar 14, 2021 at 19:57) (Below Threshold)
 @Chuckolicious: No I don't think it is kinda different, both are clearly within the same order of magnitude, and if you want to get technical it costs 1.18 thousand dollars which means it costs "thousands of dollars". (If you don't believe that a quantity of 1.x is plural, try it with anything else. Would you say "I ate 1.5 cookie" or would you say "I ate 1.5 cookies") Additionally, the turbo SC battery is $1700 which will be nearly $2000 in most places with sales tax, which is certainly "thousands of dollars".
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 You guys do realize the only thing proprietary about the battery is the casing!? Just like your Chinese E-smoke, or Flashlight or Tesla car.... E-bike batteries are just a bank of standard issue Amazon special 18650's soldered together.

A battery may be around $1000 to replace in its entirety right now, but as they become more common - ebikes batteries will become cheaper. For a NorcoRange VLT is around $800 CAD right now. Plus, there are battery rebuilders who take your battery apart and replace the bad cells.
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 @Chuckolicious: Actually it's true the Shimano battery is a total rip off at more than double the market price for $$$/Wh. I don't know about other brands, but they should be better or at least offer quick charging.
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 @netracer-enduro: lithium barrels are good for 3-5000 charges without meaningful degradation. That’s a decade or more of daily discharges, like some of the wankers on here.????
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 @mark4444: Ha, sounds like Shimano! But quick charging is neigh impossible for batteries this small, at least without severely reducing life and the accompanying fire danger. Best bet for these batteries is keeping between 20-80%, charging as slowly as possible.
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 @Chuckolicious: I wouldn't say impossible, you could probably have a system that requires removing the battery, putting it on a physical charger with built-in cooling fans. I think they don't do it because it's a new sport and you can still get away with selling a second battery. I would bet in the future though, once there's more competition, there will be quick chargers.
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 @netracer you know from experience? I’ve got nearly 4000k on mine, the same range as day one. 2019 Meta.
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 My wife has the 2019, battery is at 70% already. Not down enough to be warrantied but low enough to drain very quickly on rides
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 That side button is such weird idea.. how could anyone approve this
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 LOL drug addiction! You guys are the best! Nice vid though
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 @ watchtower up yes down no.
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 Not sure he used the motor.
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 That tongue tho! This guys only mtb injury will be biting off his own tongue.
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 “E” must stand for the E in wieners.
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 It takes a second look to notice it's an E bike in the pics, on the trail would be easier as it whines by at speed.
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 ** whines by at speed
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 Best video in a long time! Theo is an extremely talented rider!!
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 Bet he shuttled
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 I think some dubstep would have been more fitting for the video. In the words of Rick, "Wabba Wabba Dub Dub".
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 Oh yeah, you gotta get schwifty in here.
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