Video: Thomas Genon's Red Bull Rampage POV

Oct 17, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesNo one spins like Tommy G! After a last-minute entry to Red Bull Rampage 2021, Thomas Genon puts down yet another steezy run on the hillsides of Utah. The Belgian powerhouse scored a 77, putting him in 7th place overall! Red Bull Bike


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 Wow. 360, oppo 3, suicide nohander, flatspin 1 footer(?) + backflip = 7th? Amazing to think that 6 riders ranked higher must have somehow topped that!
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 oppo flatspin one footer Smile

only run i actually think was not scored enough
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 The speed Tommy G was carrying at the top of the course was crazy fast too. His speed, oppo 360's, and buttery smooth riding should have put him on the podium. Maybe Tommy G made it look too easy?
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 The ghost bike shoulda been worth at least two points!
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 @radiusofone: He made it look so easy and I do think that hurt him, he goes deep on the last 3 drop and it's huge. His body language between drops/jumps is like people coasting from their cars to the trailhead.
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 He deserved a better score and should have placed above Sorge - who was scored WAY too high.
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 Nowhere near enough straight airs to take the win. Rampage is great to watch and everyone have their own favourites and the result seems pretty much predetermined regardless of the number of tricks amplitude, flow, style etc.
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 I think (nearly) everyone agrees this run deserved a top 3 place.
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 Rampage isn't a slope comp, we've already been through this soooo many times. Compare his run to those 6 riders who did better and the judging criteria and you'll know why he didn't place higher. Those riders had much more tech/exposed top sections and much larger drops and tech features they were tricking. With that written, I cannot believe he got that last backflip around and that first flat 270 was art. Such an awesome run.
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 Now that I've rewatched his run I've spotted the mistake: 6 years ago he failed to be a founder of the Fest series and therefore receives a 50% reduction in points.
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 @woodtigerfish: What, four of the same trick shouldn't be a top 3 score?

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 @nsteele: Fumbled at the 1 year through the end zone. Result touchback for team Sorge.
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 That was a top 3 run easily.
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 Rampage is a popularity contest with the judges. People had decided Semenuk was winning as soon as they saw a single crown. Kyle Strait did a totally standard run for 2009, but somehow placed higher than this.
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 @Greeta25: they would give strait a 75 just for riding straight down the course.
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 Strait down you could say.
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 @Greeta25: Strait is been doing the same line for the last 10 years, this is a joke
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 @Greeta25: We are all tired of seeing Semenuk win... but he did do something new... so I get it. It's the scores under Semenuk that are crazy. Sorge was scored way too high. The worst was Strait's score, the guy needs a new trick.
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 I am very impressed by Kyle Straight how dialed and smooth he rides his lines every single time. I honestly can't remember a time where he didn't complete both his runs top to bottom without any mistakes. That said, I agree trick wise he takes less risks and Tommy G should have scored higher than Straight. But that doesn't take anything away from Straight, he is a legendary rider and Rampage OG, whose dialedness and consistency thoughout 20 years can't be topped.

TLDR: I don't find Straight to be overrated, I just find Genon to be underrated.
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 @woodtigerfish: most if not all the riders there can do tailwhips, they are nothing new.
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 @joshtuzyk: Please show me one other rider who has done a tail whip off a 25ft cliff. Funny how people are only using only tricks to compare Rampage runs when that's only 25% of the score. Thank god these runs aren't judged by keyboard warrior public opinion.
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 @joshtuzyk: Totally... I got so bored watching riders at this years Rampage doing flat takeoff tailwhips off massive drops. Just so many of them. I was like- ugg- another massive tailwhip? Maybe try a backflip or something original you hack. (Sarcasm)
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 bro, go compare this to T-macs POV, genon's line is kinda slow and the drops are not as big, other peoples lines had out of control speed and sniper ridgelines and way bigger drops... this line seems weaker even with the better tricks
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 It’s a absolute joke he didn’t get on the podium! Judges made a total mess of it and rampage officials are going have to look at how they score the riders tricks a little better for next year!
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 Pathetic judging has become a tradition for Rampage. Don't see it changing anytime soon.
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 Keyboard warriors on PB not understanding Rampage judging or line difficulty is nothing new. Don't see it changing anytime soon. I thought Rampage wasn't supposed to be a slope comp.? LOL. Pinkbike comments are hilarious.
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 More like pathetic whining has become the tradition. Tricks fans complain every year that tricks are underscored. Gnarly lines fans complain every year that the event has turned slopestyle and that only big tricks are being rewarded. The judging criteria is clear to everyone, you have to mix gnar, air time and tricks, and flow. Results are consistent with that. Btw, judges are former competitors and are on site during the event. They just know better than any of us.
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 We've had gopros for more than a decade and people still cant aim them properly.
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 Probably a little tricky to judge the angle when you're either riding down a cliff face or are completely inverted...
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 so I'm not the only one.
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 Tommy G got robbed.
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 we all have friend who films the best line with his Gopro, just behind you, and then you realize he was filming his feet
This video made me think about this friend Smile
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 tilt up!
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 They should implement the scoring system of gymnastics. Every tric gets a certain score and if you make a mistake, you get a deduction. That would be a much more honest system instead of choosing your mate...
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 Would the judges then have to decipher decipher on how different each feature was said tricks done off of? As far as size, exposure, how manicured the lip and landing are? Where in the run it is? At the start when it’s more crucial?
It’s def not straight forward, and there is so much more to take into consideration
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 @trickland: It could be straight forward, if they wanted it to be. In many other judged sports you can have different judges judge the same performance independently and they will be close enough… at Rampage, I’m pretty sure that would end up somewhere between hilarious and embarrassing.

Since Redbull has an animated graphic, the lines stand already long before the finals. It would be possible to attach a ranking to each. They could even attach a multiplier to each feature on the mountain. Now, the points for the line, plus points for a certain trick, multiplied by the feature it was sent over… sure it would take some time, adjustments,… but it would be possible to make runs objectively comparable. If anybody wanted to.

To at least give som transparency, each judge could rate all criteria (tricks, line choice,…) individually and openly, best and worst score are scratched and the addition of the rest is the riders score.

The way it is, there is no objectivity at all, and no transparency at all.

Then just have it rider judged + a fan vote.
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 Was literally thinking the same thing this morning. They score so many other sports like this. Points for the run difficulty and then points for individual tricks.
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 Underscored!!! Amazing rider!
Honestly, general level of top-riders (and a standard skill level for "casual good rider") is evolving seriously.
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 I also have to say that I felt Tommy-G’s run was under scored, I don’t see what was lacking to be up there with 3rd place at least if not 2nd. It ticked all the boxes for a great rampage run! But hey it’s rampage right.
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 Tommy was definitely robbed....
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 so good! - shocking it only received a 7th place ???
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 Next year Tommy does his run wearing a cowboy hat playing the banjo...
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 The ghostie at the end was good as well.
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 that alone deserved an award for best Finnish box performance
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 If you can’t get your GoPro angles right you deserve low scores
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 Anyone else keep lifting they're chin like they weren't looking far enough ahead?
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 He has been robbed again I think it's cause he rides too smooth those 360's alone and the line deserved a higher placing.
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 The landing on the last 3 drop is almost silent, wow. That was insane, a podium run for me for sure, absolutely slayed it. Genon has had some incredible lines over the years, the run he had the year Paul Bas went down was absolutely massive.
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 Always harrowing to watch a robbery from the victims POV
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 CAN I HAVE YOUR GOGGLES!!! That kids always been there for the last 20 years
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 he sells goggles for a living
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 I'll agree its not an ideal camera angle, but it is interesting to watch what a pro rider's feet are doing on the pedals during the run. If you watch closely you can see him moving his heels towards and away from his cranks before certain features, not to mention having a good look at what they choose to pump vs pedal. Also, this run was every bit as good as some of the higher scoring runs. The oppo spins are incredibly impressive.
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 Amazing run
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 Awesome run. He’s got some of the best style out there. Oppo 3 one foot on the jump at the bottom is a thing of beauty
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 he was robbed of a higher finish placement!
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 This shit shoulda been on the podium.
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 Does anyone get a little bit of Shaun white vibe from semenuk. Surely he can't be the level of ass hat that Shaun is... but kinda catch a similar vibe.
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 Somehow this years format didn’t impress me. I was looking forward to to gnarly lines with a few tricks. Instead I saw buffed out smooth trails and a slope style event in the mountains. No wonder Brandon choose a single crown fork.
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 Amazing that even at an event like rampage the media guys can't get the go pro angle correct
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 Tell you crew to buy the chest cam harness best position, for us armchair critics
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 Sick run and sick ghostie.
How can the bike balance that well by itself?
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 This run reminds me of Johnny Mosely/Dinner Roll; Judges didn't yet know what they were looking at!
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 This guy deserved spirit of rampage award. What heart. What a great dude.
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 I hope he didn't scratch a stanchion on that rock in the coral
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 Watched 10sec. Camera angle sucks…
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 Yeah Tommy! Sick Run!
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 Tommy G got rob!!!!

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