Video: Thomas Lapeyrie Shows He's More Than Just a Racer in 'Portrait'

Sep 16, 2020
by Pango Visual  

You think I'm just that competitor and fighter you already know?

You think that I could also be this rider who loves his freedom so much, or this pilot who is just looking to have fun with his bike, or even this lover of nature and animals, or still this friend who loves to share times.

No I am not only one of them but each of them. I am the racer and the rider, the lion and the dog, the friend and the brother, the air and the water. I am each of them. And in each character I give myself, I lived, I share, I like at 404%

Despite the injuries, despite the trauma, despite the scars, despite the hard knocks, my true nature has always kept me smiling no matter what. You can try to kill me, you know what I will do : I will love you for your act. Because it was when I found myself at the bottom that I found the resources to discover myself a little more and go further.

So today, through this movie, I wanted to show you who I am and take the opportunity to tell you to live your life at 404% like I do because she’ s so worth it.


Vous pensez que je suis uniquement ce compétiteur et ce battant que vous connaissez déjà?

Vous pensez aussi que je pourrais être juste ce rider qui aime tant sa liberté, ou ce pilote qui cherche à juste s’amuser avec son vélo, ou encore cet amoureux de la nature et des animaux, ou ce copain qui aime tant partager..

Non je ne suis pas simplement l’un d’entre eux mais chacun d’entre eux. Je suis le racer et le rider, le lion et le chien, l’ami et le frère, l’air et l’eau. Je suis chacun d’entre eux. Et dans chaque personnage je me donne, je vis, je partage, j’Aime à 404%

Malgré les blessures, malgré les traumatismes, malgré les cicatrices, malgré les coups durs... ma vraie nature m’a toujours animé à garder le sourire quoi qu’il arrive. Vous pouvez essayer de me tuer, vous savez ce que je ferai : je vous aimerai encore plus. Car c’est lorsque je me suis retrouvé au plus bas que j’ai su trouver les ressources pour me découvrir un peu plus et aller encore plus loin.

Alors aujourd’hui, à travers ce film, j’aimerais simplement vous montrer qui je suis et en profiter pour vous dire de vivre votre vie à 404% comme je le fais car elle en vaut vraiment la peine Big Grin


- A short film produced by Pango Visual -


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 La Claque!! Magnifique...

Thomas is a really nice rider and ready to chat with you even 5min before his start on local enduro stage...
This video is one of the most beautiful I have seen this year.


Because I dont see too much commercial signature and it just represents what I like most when I take my bike for a ride!

Bravo T-Lap!
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 riding starts at 2:40. and this is some serious good riding.
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 Paint me like one of your French riders...
  • 2 0
 I love seeing videos of these people riding with their trail dogs and the dogs look and act like they are having just as much if not more fun than the rider
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 very nice video. Does anyone know the riding area or the trails? St. Dié? Raon l'etape?
  • 1 1
 the big, blocky rock garden looks like the mur païen (heathen's wall) on Mont Saint Odile, Alsace
  • 1 1
 Yep, around Mont Sainte Odile. You can park at "Holtzplatz" near of the city of Barr, and you'll find some of the trails in the video Wink
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 @Pitrouille: merci bien, happy trails!
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 Just look at how sexy that bike is.... enough said
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 He is also a racer in landscape.
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 beautif video, with beautiful trails, riding and more! Good job Thomas! Long life to rider.404!
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 Best chapter? IV: Doggy.
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 What’s the brand of the shirt Thomas is riding?
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 Rider 404, send him a DM if you are interested!
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 Great video with a comforting ambience to build the mood for riding. Nice video mate.
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 I will definitely allow you to be me.
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 Seems little a good guy. More of this please.
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 home trails
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 This video represents the epitome of Mountain Biking! RAD AF
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 print those jerseys and sell em!
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 964 sick
  • 1 0
 He's a painter too?
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 This isn’t Grim Donut...
  • 1 2
 was it Cody Kelly riding in this video? ahah

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