Video: Timo Pritzel Hits the Trails of Innsbruck on his eMTB

Nov 1, 2020
by Timo Pritzel  

We all know the feeling of being stuck in the hamster wheel and staring at the phone... we are not in balance and get triggert easily and think we dont have time to see the nature or do something good for ourself... instead we often stare at the phone even longer and waste our quality time... .
So do not use the excuse of the not having time... just cut something of the 2-3 hours "mostly waste" daily people have these days from their Phone & Screen !
Specially in these times we are living in where many people have stress and difficulties with new Situations in the world happening. ...
You dont need an E- Bike to do that but it sure helps when you dont have much time after a long day of working but would love to see the sunset on top of the mountain.

Good times filming around Innsbruck with long time BMX Buddy.
Video: / Hans Friedrich

Pic Hans Friedrich

Pic Hans Friedrich

Pic Hans Friedrich

Pic Hans Friedrich

Pic Hans Friedrich

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 Timo's backflips in NWD II ble my young mind back in the day. His segment with John Cowan in that is legendary! So cool to see him still shredding
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 First in Flight baby!!
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 Good to see this nice guy again! Riding with him was so impressive. I will never forget the shock, when he was in front of me, and in a blink of an eye, he was gone... just like a ghost!
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 Speedy Ghostales....i am out
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flag Chridel (Nov 1, 2020 at 10:13) (Below Threshold)
 But why seeing all this legends on kitchen machines with two wheels??? It hurts so much to See this E-prostitution in the MTB World...
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 @Chridel: Oooohhhh the upvote craving is strong with this one.
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 @Chridel: finally some e-bike hate. Took long enough.
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flag Chridel (Nov 1, 2020 at 12:23) (Below Threshold)
 @ssteve: had to swallow my hate the whole day on the Bike, now is the perfekt time ???? But it serousily hurts to see that a lot of freeride legends jump on the e train. Even if some of them truly like it, I feel sad for those who need the money, even if I can understand it economically...
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 @Chridel: You're really going to love the coming soon Heli-Bike hybrids
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 @Chridel: So how come it's ok to access these trails on a chairlift but not on a eMTB????
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 @notsofastoverfifty: LOL I actually never thought of it that way. Good point Salute
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 @Chridel: Have you ridden one before?
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flag Chridel (Nov 2, 2020 at 6:35) (Below Threshold)
 @Allen82: yes a lot of them, I work in the bike industry. I see no point for somebody who can pedal for himself.

@notsofastoverfifty: the trails you can access by lift over here are pure bikepark trails. E-MTBs are ridden most of the time on our hand build trails...that comparison makes no sense. But the impact of the sheer number of E-MTB riders and the reps they are doing when riding in our trailarea here in a pretty crowded part of Germany are obvious, even the guys who are not helping to build trails realize that the condition of the trails has degraded in the last years, and not because we spend less work into it.

So hate me for it, but its annoying to see so many people on this lame machines. If you wanna have fun, get a KTM Freeride E but not an E-Bike.
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 @Chridel: I disagree. I can pedal for myself quite happily for 30 miles.

But those 30 miles are far more enjoyable on my ebike.
I've found new trails and routes I never would of ventured down on my acustic bike.

It not about being lazy. If you out the effort in you can have a really good work out.
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 @Chridel: you work in the bike industry?
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 Timo is such a legend - great to see him riding in an edit again!
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 Such a humble and nice guy. Ran into him years ago at a comp with my nephew and he had no problem sitting there bsing with us instead of using up the practice time.
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 You still got it Timo, boosting huge air with style!
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 Eeezy does it Timo!... Yeah Noice!
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 Timo yours classic table top looks good also in Emtb
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 Haven't heard that name since the early 2000's BMX videos. Rad to see him still shredding bikes!
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 That flow jump section = Nordkette? Doesn't look like it
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 This is in Mutters
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 Haha great, E-bikes and promotion for riding in Austria where bike riding is forbidden almost everywhere - all the worst in one video Big Grin
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 always a fan and his riding and this zone is off the chart. I could have done with less heartbeats
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 Nice to see that both of them (Timo and Hans) are still alive and kicking!
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 classic bikepark innsbruck moment: cows on the trails..
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