Video: Tito Tomasi Dislocates His Shoulder in Technical, Steep Terrain

Oct 31, 2021
by Tito Tomasi  
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Again, I share an incredible ride in the Alps near Chamonix. One of my favourites, something I keep for special days.

Here is the video of a +2600 meter climbing ride I did last Saturday. The goal was to ride in the afternoon and get the last descents with the sunset light. It's a special ride, long and hard but it's also the most technical loop I know in the whole country. And High Savoy is the most technical, steep, gnarly terrain I know for biking in the world ... The Tour des Fiz stands for the rough trails, remote passes, the steepness abut also for the beauty of the place. It's wild and peaceful, the views on the Mont Blanc are stunning.

About that day, I was stoked to finally send it this year after a really busy period of time, even if I was still weak from a heavy flu. I was confident on the timing of the ride, loaded with food and ready. The mud has made some sections really challenging, where I've lost some time but finally made it to the last pass at 2400 meters for the long descent. The light was perfect, it was peaceful and tremendous.

I was riding well, but made a mistake in the most treacherous part of the ride!! It's a complicated place where the trails make dozens of switchbacks in the rocks and slabs into a massive crack off some big cliffs. Here I lost my front tire, crashed on a weak shoulder and it popped out! I felt the distinctive pain right away, but I was so stressed to be injured in such a complicated place. My breath was panicking. My left arm wouldn't move. I was bleeding from my hand and legs. My face was hurting.

I went to pick up my bike as it was ready to fall further down. In the meantime, my respiration calmed and I was making decisions for the rest of the day. And I used my bike to put the arm back into its normal position, making a small rotation. I felt relief instantly and decided to ride down the dozen tech turns and sections to find my car and not call the chopper!! It was painful and stressful, but I think I was prepared for it. All my biker's life I knew that this could happen and this day I knew my energy wasn't optimal, my shoulder was under tension already. But Fall is a favorite and it was tempting! Be safe out there!

I'm getting my shoulder surgery on November the 12 like it's been planned in September. I will have a couple of months to rest and draw, prepare a few painting exhibits and will be back for riding in spring.

Life is a chance.

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Mont Blanc in Fall is really beautiful, white and glorious.
Anterne's lake is a must see in the Mont Blanc country.

Alpine glory in fall. This is the end of the first climb, +1400 meters that ends up with a nice hike a bike. French style.

This view.

The famous waterfalls of Salles.
Some hidden little valleys suspended in the mountains.

My Rocky Mountain Altitude, full of cold mud. I even struggled to push it sometimes!
At 2400m in a beautiful pass surrounded by cliffs and mountain goats.

Right before "the Cheminee" this trail is one of my favorite, I'm gutted for the crash.

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 Ready for "Lethal Weapon 4", Mel Gibson is too old
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 Ahah I'm also too old
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 Hey Tito, shit happens... but it seems you were prepared!
Heal up soon, take a rest, draw, and stay calm a bit for once.
All the best camarade!!! Wink
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 Well the surgery was already planned for mid November! I thought I could enjoy a little more of the best season but went too far. I was really tired and my shoulder was already sore. I entered the section hot and wanted to smashed it ... after the 2600 meters of climbing on the long day I wasn't careful and lost my front wheel at the end of the corner looking at the big hole too much! stupid link of bad choices. but I guess that's the learning process we call life.
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 @TitoTomasi: " that's the learning process we call life"... well... "C'EST LA VIE"... in other words Wink
Anyways, keep on doing what you're doing 'cos it's kind of unique and this is YOUR way to show and share what mountain biking can be, always from a human and humble point of view, with a great grin on your face, and that's what I like.
Santé mon ami!!!
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 Front tire washout slam is not too bad considering that he could have fallen off a cliff on some of the trails shown in the POV.
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 What a beautiful place to dislocate a shoulder!
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 Well f*ck me if your glass isn't more then half full.
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 @Eatsdirt: >>> your comment literally made me laugh out loud : )
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 I knowwwww I was kinda flying entering the whole section, feeling good but worry about the switchbacks but underestimated that turn! crashing there I watched the bike falling down and was really afraid. saw that the bike wasn't going further. Relieved. felt the pain in my arm. shit! couldn't believe it happened. Was starting to think about the different solutions but decided to pull it back slowly using the weight of the bike .. worked. outch
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 @TitoTomasi: Kudos to you for doing it solo!
I did the same thing here a decade ago, managed to pull my shoulder back in place, POP!
Then I rode my single speed up out of the wooded canyon I was at the bottom of.
In hindsight, I think the single speed and my pulling on my bars for the climb back out actually helped keep the shoulder in place.
We MTBers are a crazy lot at times, but that's life.
Again...KUDOS to you, Tito!.
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 @TitoTomasi: You know you'll be ok if your first thought is 'where's my bike?'
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 @Eatsdirt: His glass is over flowing all over me and I like it
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 So much respect for Tito. The terrain is super gnarly. Videos never really show how hard it really is. Get well soon!!!
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 He never filmed how he popped it in using his bike!?!

That might have been a useful tutorial.
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 Couldn't agree more! I dislocated my shoulder a week and a half ago on a solo ride and wasn't able to figure out how to get it back in - would love to see how he did it.
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 Easiest method I have found is to hold the affected arm down to the side and bend the elbow about 90 degrees. Reach across with the good arm and push downward on the elbow of dislocated arm while trying to externally rotate the dislocated shoulder. You can facilitate the maneuver by putting the free hand of the dislocated arm against a tree or wall and then twisting your body to achieve the external rotation. Hardest part is just trying to relax enough to let the muscles loosen up a bit. It doesn’t always work, especially if there is an associated fracture, but not likely to make things worse. Always follow up with an orthopedic, especially for first timers, since recurrent dislocations are not uncommon and surgery can be helpful. I had a Laterjet procedure a few years ago that worked well for me.
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 @GERZ: Thanks! This was my first time so I wasn't sure how to go about it, I think if it happened again I would at least have a shot at getting it back in. This process is basically what my buddy did when he showed up to get me (sans the solo part haha)
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 I just had mine done Oct 7th,having lived with a glass shoulder since 2018. The worst. Waiting 11 months with Covid pushing things out. I wish you the best in your recovery. Mine comes out forward . Are they resurfacing and stabilizing ?
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 We pound the mountains and the mountains pound back. I’m glad you got off the mountain safely and that it wasn’t worse. I wish you a good, strong recovery. All the best! Beautiful photos and story. Until the crash part!
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 What did you learn, Tito? You essentially did a push up on your left arm, no shoulder contact with the ground. Do you think a better fitness regimen with better joint stability would have enabled you to avoid injury?
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 Thanks for these exceptional photos of a stunning area. I am missing these mountains. Maybe next year. Hope you have full recovery from your surgery.
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 I've had front tire washouts slams like that on the road as much as mountain biking and slams on the road were probably worse.
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 Get well soon, Tito! Thanks for sharing your experience and greetings from Arguis, near Aínsa, gnarly terrain too!
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 Can confirm: shoulder injuries REALLY suck; heal up quickly my friend!
PS: Terrific video! : )
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 Wow, that is a great story to tell your friends, "I popped my shoulder back in by myself using my bike".
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 I wont watch this video before going outside riding, gives me bad karma...
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 Hey Tito! What are the names of the 2 songs in the full video?
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 One of them is, A feeling by Peter Broggs
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 Wow Tito. That sucks. Glad you're taking it as well as you are
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 i blame the prototype GoPro SacMount
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