Video: Tito Tomasi Explores Ainsa

Oct 17, 2021
by Tito Tomasi  
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Welcome to the last episode of Tito En Vadrouille, this time it's happening in Spain around the town of Ainsa. The Spanish enduro capital!

Hello there, I'm happy to finally show you this episode and share the beautiful discoveries from Spain in May. I have to apologize because it took me many years to go and visit this place, but you know what we say! Always more attracted to see how's life on the other side of the world when you have beautiful things to discover on the other side of your playground.

But anyway, following the advice of my friend Fred from URGE bike I decided to plan a trip to Ainsa. I started by contacting the boss of the area, Angel! This man is the origin point of the development of this area and has been shaping trails around the town for decades now. Counting today more than 200 trails it's a rich playground for true mountain biking. But the scene is vibrant and guarantees some good time! The food, the culture, the atmosphere, the hand-workers, ... Everything is pushing and it's just so vibrant.

Embark with me, watch the video and smell the goods ...

Rider in the storm. Martin Campoy.

Martin going back up rapidly as the storm is coming.

Entering big mountain country.

Beautiful conditions in May with tons of snow, Martin Campoy knows his area very well and showed me beautiful things!

Crossing land is my favorite thing, with that project I wasn't disappointed.

Tunnel ride on that trail build alongside the canal.

Paradise trail? In that case, the more important question is where are the beers to enjoy the time in the natural pools?

Castel and lake make the perfect scenery, the trails and the community is the real deal.

Monte Perdido.

La Peña Montañesa, the most famous mountain in Ainsa backcountry.

This screen shows three types of maps from the same area but at three different times. This allowed Angel and his friend to find all the old trails hidden in the vegetation!

Local cheese at the market.

Typical ham from Spain and the hanger to slice it properly.

Angel and this crew maintaining this shared trail to the river (the dogs are shaping trails too).

Shape session in the grey dirt section.

Ready for a eRide?

Your typical travel in time trail destination. Ainsa.

This was probably the guard's trail a few hundred years ago! Now the locals ride it with knobs and batteries instead of a big sword.

Sunset on the Ainsa lake.

In Callizo food is art.

The chief on stage.

Because at dinner there is also a show.

Honey maker harvesting a few plates from the mountains. The crew told me some stories about the places where the bees are living, the techniques, the old hives around Ainsa and more. It was a great moment.


Honey maestro.

An incredible sunset to end this story.


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 Top place to ride and enjoy. I have been there a few times and it was amazing all of them. The ride from Peña Montañesa to Ainsa is mandatory if you visit the area,same thing for Coasta,Silves Medio and El Guaso trails.
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 Ainsa has already been in the wishlist. Dream place!
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 Looks epic!! Hope it’s not a pain in the ainsa to get out there.

I’ll grab my coat.
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 Martin is an awesome guide and the riding around Ainsa is top notch... just don't over cook it in July heat or some of the super steep techy exposed lines start coming way too fast.
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 Fantastic video and ride in Aínsa is indescriptible… Tito super cool men.
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 Thanks buddy!!
  • 2 0
 A few years ago I moved to Aínsa for that trails...
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 The title sounds like a sequel to Logjammin’.
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 looks like a top spot!!! maybe one day!
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 Beautiful photos and video. Thx for sharing.
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There i fixed it
I think?
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 So beautiful

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