Video: Tito Tomasi Rides up to 5000m in Mexico in Episode 3 of 'Las Americas'

Jun 12, 2019
by Tito Tomasi  
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Few trails near the end of the road. Perfect for camping a few days and enjoy the views!

The trip goes on! After leaving the coast of Michocan, we entered the land. Exploring the hills and the mountains to finally ride the first volcano in Toluca. The last episode finished with a trip to the ancient city of Teotihuacan.


In this episode, we take you for the final part of the trip in Mexico. We are going to ride a lot more and add some altitude! With the main goal of the trip in Mexico: Iztaccíhuatl. A beautiful volcano facing the impressive Popocatepetl, this perfect cone of black sand culminates at 5426 meters high. The place is just incredible and peaceful. An ancient legend tells that Iztaccíhuatl was a princess, she was in love of a brave warrior. The Popocatepetl is the warrior. But their love story turned into a drama and they changed into those giant mountains. Looking each other for centuries and guardians of the city of Mexico and Puebla. The story got a lot of legends and details, but you can picture it.

Going down Iztaccihuatl and the colourful trail!

The culture is vibrant and the stories are fascinating, but on another end the riding is EPIC! The trails are incredible, fast and fun under the 4700 meters line. But above that, it's another story! Charlotte and I had a few days up there waiting for the good weather, shooting and riding. But one day I climbed to the summit, a harsh task with some gnarly sections, detours, and cliffs... Arriving at 5030 meters under the last ridges and traverse I decided to stop and enjoy and reflecting on life, achievement, and risks.

At this point, it's easy to understand why people walk that summit with ropes and ice picks. Life is not always about the further you get but for me, it's the deepest, and with this journey we are deep into it. Deep in our concept of freedom, in the adventure, in our relationship. Living this life is a chance and I'm grateful. After spending a few on top of that ridge, I decided to start the downhill. This facing the Popocatepetl volcano which was erupting at the moment! It was incredible, dangerous, wild, slow, fast, sketchy, crazy... One of the strongest mountain bike moments in my life.

After the refugio of the Hundreds, the trail was more fun and rideable, I enjoyed the fast section a lot! Riding full gas surrounded by this beautiful landscape was feeling so good and reminded me a bit of the alpine riding I chase back home. After the last kilometer of sandy trail, I eventually reached the van, kissed my wife and we left for another destination.

Looking for more riding in Guanajuato with some local, we had a few cultural stops on the way.

Tourist shot with Popocatepetl erupting in the background.

From 4500 meter high ...


After a few stops, we entered this mountainous area. It was cooler than the Mexico City area and all the rest of the spots, and villages we've visited. Thanks to Jack, a local from the Mexican gulf but he lives now around Guanajuato with his family, we had a bit of knowledge of the place. Jack told us to go sleep by this nice lake in the mountain and the next day he came with his family for a ride. Good times on the hill with smiles and turns!

We stayed in the area for a few days and I had the chance to spend a Sunday with the boys, doing shuttles and riding local and secret trails around the beautiful city of Guanajuato.


The trip was going on and our journey was taking us to the north, hoping to be back in California sometime in May. So we drove to San Luis Potosi, for a stop. We had some oil on the rear right wheel, so we drove to a garage and finally found Alfredo. He was interested in our trip and wanted to help us quickly so we could hit the road. Appeared that the bearing was broken as well as another important part. So we stopped for a few days waiting for the van in a simple hotel.

Alfredo is a mechanic but he is also a biker, and has a biker's association. They help kids who have bad social conditions, so we gave them our last stock of colouring books. We are convinced that Alfredo will find a good use for them.

Back on the road, we visited a few lakes, holes and waterfall and slowly headed north. And on a quiet Sunday crossed the border and entered in the US in Texas! Really happy about the trip in Mexico, surprised by the friendly people and tremendous country. Reflecting about the trip, the beauty and happiness.

Now we were facing a long road full surprises and hopes. Driving toward the sun, to the west! Follow us on facebook and instagram @titotomasi and stay tuned for more episode as we drive to California, than north!

Thanks for supporting us and for your interest. Hope you like the show and adventure! Huge thanks to my wife Charlotte for her patience and growing talent behind the lens!

And of course, a big thank you to my sponsors: Rossignol and Rossignol Bikes, @urgebikeproducts, Julbo, @shimano, @hutchinsontires, @foxfactory, @raceface, @Royal-Racing, Fabric.


The storms were passing through on the first days.

Simply happy.

The Mexican alpine.

Popo is here, watching his love.

Summit happy selfie.

Classic bar vision.

Trusty Rossignol all track trail.

The van, our warm nest in the storm.

Mexican chapel Sixtine.

Fun trails in Guanajuato area.

Local scene in Guanajuato area, the local will know!


All smile in the downhill.

Charlotte tries to avoid to scratch the bike.


127 meter waterfall from the drone. Dry clean and impressive.


On the road again.

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 Hey Tito, you were very close to some other amazin trails in the Sierra Gorda in Queretaro. From pine tree forest to either desert on one side or jungle in the othern 20km dh trails. thank you for showing the nice places we have. saludos
  • + 1
 Great work as always! In case you are still about midway through this trip, you should totally check out Tucson on your way back to Cali. It's hot right now, but just ride early in the day. Tons of great singletrack. Mt. Lemmon is a great way to beat the heat too.
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 Way to go, Tito.
Looks like a hell of a trip.
Can you please post, in the next chapter, some insight of the van?
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 Sweet trip, Izta is awesome! Did you ride down to the pass, or all the way to the base of the mountain?
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 For what he showed he didnt ride all the way down to the mountain base because where he stopped in the film is where the fores starts and you still have 2000 meter level drop to the town below.
I used to do those same trails in my bmx bike 40 years ago, the small high mountain aluminum refuge shown for a moment was built bay my father and friends in the 1950s. Big effort going up as high as he did with a mtb in his back. that place is called "the knees"
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 @lalodh: yeah, stayed in the knees hut during a big snowstorm in 2006 (?). Thank you and your dad!
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 @lalodh: thanks for the comment! This refugio great and will last, thanks to your dad. Viva Mexico
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 always a pleasure to view the world & culture through your drawings, tito. (photos ain't too bad either!).
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 what an awesome looking trip!
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 This makes me want flowy trail, reggae, and sunshine. Thanks for the vibes...
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 Nice one Tito! Looks ace.
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 nice trip, nice vid
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 Ça fait réver- merci Tito!
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 Awesome video! Would have been an amazing trip!
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 Buena Tito!
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 yew that was tight!

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