Video: Tito Tomasi Shreds the Pyrenees

Oct 7, 2020
by Tito Tomasi  
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Covid-19 is invading our world, and the virus has been attacking our planet ferociously. France and the rest of the world are locked under quarantine but in a small village of the Pyrenees some like Titox the Gaulois are shredding the trails. The area is wild and green with tons of rain and beautiful peaks, it's home for loamy trails and fantastic escape in the heights. Despite being located close to Zona Zero in Spain, this area is almost the opposite! This video shows some of the trails around the village I could ride after the lockdown for a couple of weeks before heading back to the Alps.

I'm riding a masked frame from Vancouver, thanks to my very good friend Tomi. Than @shimano transmission and brakes, @raceface wheels, crankset, cockpit, @MarzocchiMTB suspension, @hutchinsontires wheels, @urgebikeproducts helmets, @CamelBak backpacks, Fabric saddle and Julbo glasses.

No worries the footage have been made after the quarantine. No disrespect for the victims of the virus and all the people fighting the pandemic around the globe.

Life is a chance. Stay safe. Make the most of it.



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 "ya du buis de partout et on s'y arrache les mains" --> Ya un truc tout nouveau qui vient de sortir, ça s'appelle le gant. En bonus, ça protège en cas de chute Wink
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 Great video and scenery Tito!

Riding this cliff requires huge skills and cojones, but an unexpected loose stone under your front wheel and a kid will miss her dad...

Does the challenge really worth it?
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 Trails are always unsecured, paved with loose rocks and surprises. And I’m used to it. In all the places I ride, and I ride alone 90% of the time. Also these have been scooted before shredding and filming so I can ride free
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 Yes, we're not here for a long time, we're here for a good time.
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 @konamat Underneath it all is the resentment because you wouldn't have the cojones for it.
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 @excavator666: probably and I totally admire all the uber skilled riders out there. But i've come to a point in life where I don't understand the fun if crash = death.

Call me adult if you wish, I'm OK with that.
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 Yeah, lets alle sit on our arses and say:
"That's dangarous, you should not do that!"
And lets all feel adults abouth that!

Please, just admire the level of skill needed for riding this and do not judge.........
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 @konamat: Totally agree.
We all know Tito is very good at mtbiking. I don't need this kind of proof.
I do prefer videos of a talented guy + good stories + beautiful sketches than a RIP article on pinkbike.
It reminds me a video of McAskill riding a bridge with a 100% chance of death if he crashed. Kids (and parents) love him, no need to face death.
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 @wittereus: it is not a judgment, it is a concern. But I'm not sorry if you got it wrong.
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 Géniale de diversité de terrains cette vidéo, ça c'est les Pyrénées! Sacré talent le Tito, pfiou! Loudenvielle je dirais que c'est tout le début de la vidéo jusqu'à 1'30'' non? Ou peut être un peu de Mourtis dans le lot peut être?
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 @tito, any hint about the name of said village? I'm in the area right now, in salas de pallars, looking for other places to ride
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 Go check the trails around Saint Lary, Ens has good ones (Trailforks), also Fabian and around Tramezaigues. Sick one in Ancizan and Loudenveille. cheers!!
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 @TitoTomasi: merci beaucoup! I will check your recommendations and see if I can include them in my roadtrip!
In exchange I can really recommend salas de pallars and tremp, there is some super nice slick rock riding there Wink
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 Lots of amazing trails around Vielha and Benasque.
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 Super location, but where was Obelix?
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 @TitoTomasi true that... next time invite me if you need Obelix on a bike!
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 Needs Gaulish music...Eluveitie?
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 haha c'est génial.
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 Jah Love guide the Way~
Great edit, True Mountain Biking.
¡Via Ferrata!
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 Magnifique et beau! Makes me very jealous!
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 Things I love: Biking, Asterix & Obelix
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 holy crap batman, the exposure at 1 minute 50
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 such a fun a refreshing post on pb. love it!
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