Video: Tomas Slavik's Winning POV from a Wild Nighttime Urban DH Race

Jul 9, 2022
by Tomas Slavik  

South America is just exploding with wild urban DH races, but did anybody ever try urban DH in the night before? We have an easy answer, because no one ever tried until last weekend when Red Bull Miraflores Cerro Abajo set up the benchmark...and it was a great success! Tomas Slavik was there, pushed it to the limit and took a big win!

"You know racing at night is just a complete game-changer. It is very difficult to ride in it and brings a next-level challenge for riders and at the same time it's super difficult for organizers to make it work. But once you do everything right then you create something special and that's what happened in Lima!


"Whenever you do a new event you never know how many people will come and how will they like it...and I can tell you guys, it was a sick experience. Streets were loaded with thousands and thousands of spectators cheering for all the guys smashing the track under floodlights. It was absolutely amazing experience and a really new thing for all riders which was a great success! "


"Track was super intense and really physical. In my final run just did one smaller mistake but other than that it was a perfect run setting up the fastest time of the day! Big thanks goes to all organizers for setting up a benchmark and to Red Bull for making anything happen and for giving wings to urban DH racing! Thank you and see you soon!"


Tomas is at this moment the only TRIPLE CROWN CERRO ABAJO owner as only rider to win Valparaiso, Monserrate and Miraflores! What a ride! Thank you all partners and sponsors helping Tomas on his way.


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  • 40 3
 Lame. These Red Bull made-for-instagram events are getting worse.
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 "I DID IT FOR THE INSTAS!" - Red Bull event manager
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 Hellava pedalling for an urban "DH" race
  • 21 1
 Concept looks great e.g. Urban night-time MTB race, but this ain't downhill.
  • 21 1
 "Can you sprint for a minute and a half? Then come to our urban DH"
  • 15 1
 Shit track!!
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 they managed to find the only few acres of flat land in peru
  • 8 0
 Tomas Slavik writes about Tomas Slavik
  • 4 0
 talking in the first and third person in the same article, pretty impressive.
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 At least use a pen name like Slomas Tavik.
  • 7 2
 Wow! Event looks mega! Just note Chris Roberts ran perhaps the first ever urban DH night race in Scarborough UK in 2008, sponsored by Fat Face.
  • 2 0
 Pretty sure the Lisbon urban DH was ongoing before 2008...
  • 2 0
 Error on my part, missed out the key word 'night'
  • 7 1
 Maybe Mark Cavendish should take a crack at this. He's got sprinter legs, bike handling skills and free time in July!
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 Oh snap
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 The drone noise is hella-annoying in the clips, it must really suck while you’re riding!
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 There was an Urban DH race in Edinburgh at night in 2007 if I can remember the year correctly.
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 I love it keep racing through every town.
Night or day on the moon don’t care.
Keep it up! Drone makes it that much better!
Well done.
I’d love to get an invite to this sort of fun!
How couldn’t you?
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 Pedal fest, good drone footage .
  • 3 1
 i did enjoy the sneaky gap over the ledge on the last stair set. high risk, high reward!
  • 4 1
 red bull creatives loosing their jobs in 3...2...1
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 I'm usually a big fan of the urban downhill racing but this was terrible!
  • 2 0
 After you cross the line they flash you with cameras and you go blind and crash into a lamp-post.
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 sooooo LAME... bring the event to Taxco in Mexico and then you will get a great race!
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 Seemed like an awful lot of pedaling for a DH race of any kind.
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 My #Ebike would love this...
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 Even your #Ebike would be bored with this shit lol
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 just wasted 1min of my life watching the pedal fest...booo

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