Video: Tomas Slavik's Winning Run from the 2020 Manizales Urban Downhill

Jan 13, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

Narrow Streets, big crowds and stair gaps, it can only be the return of the urban downhill season. Manizales was the first event of the year and you can check out Tomas Slavik's winning run in above. The course isn't one of the most technical or longest out there but high altitude will have played a factor in the 60-second sprint event.

Slavik once dominated urban events, however that has been challenged in recent years. He was clearly stoked to win this event and will now target the bigger ones such as Valparaiso and Taxco in the coming months. The event had been dominated by Marcelo Gutierrez for the past 9 years as it takes place in his hometown but after the Colombian announced his sabbatical from racing in 2020, it left the door open for someone else to step up and take victory.

Remy Metailler also posted footage of his race run, however he crashed on a stair set and was unable to challenge for the win:

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 I love these but sometimes I'm left scratching my head thinking 'how did they even know where the turns were?!' This was a short course but I've seen some where it would be too much for my small brain to memorize and the course is not always marked out that well... I have no doubt I'd end up taking a wrong turn anyway lol
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 I think it is more down to the fact that they have ridden the course a lot of times before the actual race. with it being short you would remember it well enough after a few runs, and have it locked after a day or so of runs.
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 Same goes to DH on which line should they take.
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 You'd think the big Redbull blow up by the turn would help Big Grin
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 @Radley-Shreddington: I'd wager most racers take less practice runs than people think. Being able to react at speed in addition to being able to memorize courses is what sets these guys apart from us mortals.
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 @millsr4: I saw a blog by Sam P and he had a whole day riding the course before race day, I naturally assume that to be the norm, I have also seen Blake doing a day of runs at the one he did last year.
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 Remy crashed because he removed the EDC tool, rendering the bike unstable. He should have stuck a burrito in it.
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 where are those doggos?!
  • 6 0
 donde esta perros!?
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 @scott-townes: ** donde estan los perros jajaja
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 @jptothetree: I'm still practicing! whoops, shoulda gone plural.
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 @scott-townes: LOL next time
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 These are my favourite mtb pov videos. There are constant points of reference for me to better understand how awesome these guys are at what they do.
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 Was this shot on a Gopro 8? The stabilization seems too smooth. You don't feel the impacts and G force as a viewer when the footage is too smooth.
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 Good that Remi is OK! Another Datel's amazing run!
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 Am I the only one that thinks urban DH is shit?
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 I'm on the fence about it.. I do like that it helps promote the sport in a different way, but it's still pretty weird to me.
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 @jptothetree: Just seems like red Bull cashing in as usual. I love watching DH but would never spend an afternoon watching and urban DH event live. (If they do that?).
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flag sumskillz (Jan 13, 2020 at 7:31) (Below Threshold)
 If they did away with the "builds" (ramps, etc.) it would be better. I like how the speeds can be bigger than mountain DH with all its slowing switchbacks and slow speeds through forest sections.

I wish downhill was more like ski racing...super high speeds, natural terrain, long jumping distances.
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 @Radley-Shreddington: RedBull cashing in? You mean paying money to event organizers? The organizers are the ones getting cash.

Urban DH is an awesome spectator sport! If you've never been to a race, its worth watching one if you have the opportunity.
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 Nope. Watching someone haul ass down some sketchy stairs with little kids inches away just seems dumb.
*This did look like one of the "safer" courses though.
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 The probability that you are alone is zero. Still doesn't mean anything.
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 It's like ufc, a shit, but there is some appeal to watch it. Concrete hurts too much.
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 I really enjoy it.
It's like e-bikes, not for everyone. Those who like it, love it and those who don't, are really vocal about it.

That being said: It can never replace proper DH.
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 Part of me thinks it's pretty cool but most of me thinks it's f*cking stupid and dangerous.
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 Must be so much harder than normal DH to actually see where the course is at that speed.

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