Video: Tomomi Nishikubo Versus Pure Trials Riders

Oct 19, 2021
by rasoulution  

Japanese street trials wizard and YouTube star Tomomi Nishikubo invited some of the best pure trials riders Japan has to offer to the Kugenuma skate park to battle it out with the best of the best on 20'', 24'' and 26''.

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 Proper wizards. Of all the disciplines, trials just seems the most out of reach. The things these guys do, holy crap.
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 Once you get the pedal kick on flat ground figured out, the rest of it starts to make more sense. Not like "gee, I could do that now" but more of a "I see how what I know could translate into that with lots of practice and understand what they're doing as it relates to my knowledge."
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 epically chill edit right there
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 As someone whose trials experience is limited to what I see Danny Macaskill/Duncan Shaw/Tomomi and others do on videos posted here...

Can someone explain the pure trials bikes to me a bit? They have stems that seem to be a mile long, and honestly they seem to be a bit big for the rider compared to a more "standard" fitting bike (like Tomomi is riding). Also, rim brakes? And some knobby tires?

I'm sure there are reasons for all of those things... just as someone who knows nothing about it, I must say they are not immediately obvious to me at least.

Anyone have any info?
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 Pretty crazy how the sport has evolved, I started when we all rode modified MTB's that were 2 sizes too small.

What they call "pure" are really competition trials bikes designed for competitive events with the super long stem / rolled forward bars. It's to put a lot more weight over the front since competitive trials riding has evolved to riders hopping on the rear wheel a lot in events, the bar position puts them in a much more natural / neutral stance. You see the street trials guys using traditional bunnyhops to get up stuff...while the comp trials guys do a lot of "pedal ups", effectively using their pedal stroke to get the front up and landing on front to leverage the forward weight bias. The competitive trials bikes are really hard to traditional bunnyhop, super hard to manual and handle like garbage on two wheels...but once on that back wheel, they feel great.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the "street" bikes would be worthless in a top level trials event where there are not run ups to obstacles and / or if you really need to get over that front end on an odd obstacle.

Rims brakes are generally a bit less prone to damage, have more lockup and are more direct feeling vs discs. You want that on/off feeling and hard lock-up, modulation is not a concern like street riders.

Knobby tires get great grip with the super soft knobs on a variety of terrain, concrete, metal, wood'll also find a lot of the trials events are held offroad, with logs, rocks, streams, etc. thrown in. You could probably make the case for using a soft slick if you were just riding trials on concrete, but these guys do it all.
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 you can probably tell from how awkward they look riding on two wheels (especially the mod bike, with the little 20" wheels) that they're designed to work best balancing on the back wheel. Most of the things you bring up are in service to that—the long stem, wider, grippier rear tire than front, etc.

I believe the main idea behind rim brakes is they can tuck in against the frame where they're much better protected than rotors. Of course you'll see street trials and 26" trials bikes with disc brakes too, so some of it may also just be tradition/if it ain't broke...
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 @RadBartTaylor: beat me to it (and more thorough to boot!)
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 I recall hearing once that a negative BB drop (i.e. BB shell higher than the axle plane) is also a trials-specific thing that makes those moves easier.
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 @horkhork: Yea, it's call BB rise. Hydraulic rim brakes have been around for over 20 years on trials bikes now also. When set up right (good pads, right rim grind, good brake booster) they cannot be beaten for all out lock. 26" comp bikes pretty much only run rim brakes. Mods run a combination. I've recently acquired an inspired fourplay, man street trials bike are so hard to ride the same lines as I do on my Mod.
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 @horkhork: Yup, puts the balance point more centered over rear wheel when hopping on back wheel....feels ridiculous when you are just riding around. Long and low front end helps too, get these bikes on the back wheel and you don't have to struggle to keep wheel up, they are very balanced....but they feel like horse&$*# otherwise though.
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 Not an expert, but longer the bike the more you can shift your body weight, but comp bikes is like learning to ride a bike again as feels unrideable when you get on one
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 They're all ninjas! I can't comprehend the tyre tap theory in order to 'bounce' upwards- I'd end up faceplanting the wall from going OTB If I tried that... Be cool if there was a game of BIKE versus the UK team- Danny Mac, Jack Carthy and Charlie Rolls!
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 I wasn't going to watch that, I'm glad I did, killers skills and some interesting cars in the back ground.
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 Mr Ninjakubo! His T-shirt shows the comradery between the riders of the whole world!
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 Those stems remind me of my MTB in the 90s
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 I live really close to that park on the Shonan coast of Japan! Pretty cool to see world-class talent from the Kanagawa area!
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 trials bikes are the silliest contraptions known to man, there was some sick riding in that video regardless.
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 If there’s a bike with no function, but built for fun only, it’s a trials bike, and that’s why I love them.
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 Wow, this is an unbelievable amount of talent and practice. Great chill video!
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 Holy vertical leap!
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 Looked like a really fun session. Refreshing!
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 7:35! Unreal
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 Super cool edit
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 Very cool!
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 Wow, impressive hops!
Very entertaining style~
Solid session, boys.
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 that was mint

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