Video: Tomomi Nishikubo Tackles a Pentathlon on his Trials Bike

Aug 2, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesJapanese trial bike Ninja rider, Tomomi Nishikubo takes up a challenge to compete for 110m hurdles, long jump, 3000m steeplechase, high jump and 100m sprint on two wheels! Red Bull Bike

bigquotesI have always been a huge fan of big international sports events and festivals. This video, my BIKE Pentathlon is my way of acknowledging this. It’s my tribute to the sport – with twinkle in the eye. Tomomi Nishikubo

Photography by: Satoshi Saijo / @satoshi.saijo


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 Kind of wish they wouldn't introduce him as "Japanese . . . ninja rider." It's pretty obvious that he's Japanese. "Happiest man on two wheels" seems a more fitting title.
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 Or "ninja rider from the land of the rising sun".
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 @Will-narayan: Exactly.

It's not like PB has tons of headlines about "Alpenhorn mouthing Austrian Trials Star Fabio Wibmer" or "Edam Guzzling, SPD-clog sporting rocketman Mathieu Van Der Poel."

Nishikubo's riding is more than enough to get attention, no need to spice it up with lazy national stereotypes.
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What if it’s because it’s what he calls himself?

Maybe your jump to conclusions mat is defective? Unfortunately it’s probably working as intended.
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 so we can mention the not recognisable origins but not the obvious..
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 Pole vault??
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flag Roodcrew (Aug 2, 2021 at 2:51) (Below Threshold)
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 It would break the bike.
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 I usually find trials boring(impressive, but boring) but this is the most entertaining one I've seen.
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 No way he would have won the 100m with trials gearing. Those guys were clearly slowing down for the camera!
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 No, really?
Do you think they would just mislead us like that?
If this is true, it's despicable on a whole new level, I can't imagine a worse crime.
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 Man he makes it look so easy
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 This is amazing and funny and creative! As a former track athlete and fan I loved it!
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 Sick bro, love it
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 I love the way he clips his helmet up in preparation with a little puff of his cheeks each time he's about to hit something big... But the helmet strap is so loose he might as well leave it undone lol
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 The most entertaining edits going these anyone having more fun on his bike than this guy??
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 I wonder what Tomomi's straight up vertical jump is.... Really enjoy watching him ride.
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 Tomomi is such a cool guy, always that huge smile on his face. Really enjoying his content so far, and I'm happy he gets the recognition he deserves.
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 Did he win?
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 No, he was disqualified for using a bike
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 I love the Japanese !!!
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 Excellent !
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 Danny MacAs(ian)kill ?
Ahem.. just saying
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