Video: Top 3 Runs from the Crankworx Rotorua Slopestyle 2021

Nov 8, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesIt all came down to this! Emil Johansson managed to pull off the impossible with now 6 consecutive wins at Crankworx. Johansson took the event win, the Crankworx FMBA Slopestyle World Championship and the coveted Triple Crown. Never in mountain bike history have they all been claimed by one rider in a season. With his win in the Maxxis Slopestyle in Memory of McGazza, Emil Johansson carves his mark even deeper into mountain bike history. Red Bull Bike

You can watch the full replay here.

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 Rogatkin seems like such a great character.
Am I the only one who preferred Emil's celebration run the most?
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 "3 up. Bar down. Twister. He is pumped". Much enthusiasm... hehe
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 Two thing:

a) I cant do these on my Xbox
b) I did a bunnyhop once (on my Xbox)
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 I usually practice hopping over curbs. Never tried hopping over my Xbox. I'll give it a try though...who knows, may actually help Smile
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 c) My Xbox is broken bc i bunny hopped on it
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 I know I am in the minority, but I find Rogatkin's need to be in the middle of every celebration to be cringe. I miss watching Brandon doing his robot impersonating a human schtick. I'm probably just getting old... All 3 had great runs but Emile is in another league
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 Nah, you're just caring about the wrong things.
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 @scott-townes: Wouldn't be the first time...
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 I agree. Emils Victory lap was the steeziest thing all day. I wonder if slopestyle courses were built with multiple line choices, and not just like joyride, im talking like turns to a rhythm sections and then some skatepark jazz type stuff, and say another line that has skinny drop (which would score more) and such, if that wouldn't push the riders to be more creative and consequentially make slopestyle more interesting? Just some thoughts. Im not saying that i don't appreciate the trick level or difficulty. I really like where slopestyle is. Just some ramblings for the ones interested in making the event more exciting.
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 Watch this space...
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 imma start a petition to rename “Indian Air” to “Wonder Woman”
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 TRIPLE OPPO WHIP???????????
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 Some of these comments, have me all, "Have you ever ridden a bike before? A skateboard? A surfboard? A scooter? Anything?" How is it not immediately obvious how much more difficult it is to do these kinds of tricks in both directions? I'm a little confused at the confusion.

You don't have to be at anywhere *near* the level of these riders to feel the difference.

I'm assuming most of us are here because we ride mountain bikes. You don't have to be a skilled trick rider to feel the difference.

If you're still confused, try the following: Assuming you're at least an intermediate level rider, and can balance on your bike for a bit while doing little "american style" bunnyhops (Like the little hops you see trials riders doing to reposition themselves.), then go out, get on your bike, and start doing little hops, just tiny ones while balancing on your bike. Now try to do it while rotating your bike a little bit in one direction on each hop until you either lose your balance and have to put a foot down, or you've done a full 360 rotation. Now try it in the opposite direction.

I can just about guarantee that for 99% of the riders who do this, one direction is going to feel more "natural" and be at least somewhat, if not a great deal, easier to do than the other. "Oppo" is the direction that feels more difficult. It's not the same direction for everyone (some of us are "goofy"), but pretty much everyone is more comfortable in one direction.

*That's* why oppo tricks are a big deal. I'm a little surprised that people are having to explain this to a group of supposed riders. Maybe we have some naturally ambidextrous riders out there who just think it's that way for everyone?
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 Yh most people whip/spin/tailwhip to the way which side its their forward foot because it's easier and more natural. since I ride right foot forward it would mean I spin anti clockwise and going in the opposite direction is much more difficult and part of the reason most people only whip to one side, right foot forward to the right and left foot forward to the left.
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 I dont know shit about slopestyle scoring. But looking at what Rogatkin and Bringer did....seemed more impressive and difficult? Maybe they just wanted a triple crown winner, who knows. Cheers to all of them, the camaraderie seems all time between everyone.
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flag dh-corn FL (Nov 8, 2021 at 8:56) (Below Threshold)
 Exactly...but they don´t have the helmet sponsor Emil have.
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 Emil’s opposite tricks are more difficult than a lot of the other guys tricks. Nobody is doing opposite triple tail whips or opposite 360 double whips. And nicholi’s back to back cashrolls hurt his score I would imagine. When you see his 2nd run attempt you can tell that his first run was definitely a “safe” run to get down the hill for fmb points. If Nicholi landed his second run, I’m sure Emil would have had to step it up for run 2.
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 There was an opposite triple whip, opposite truck and his last hit was an switch 3, opposite double whip....thats an insane level of difficulty.
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 Difficult for the sake of difficult is the new game, an opposite tailwhip and an a tailwhip look the same to the audience but because one is more difficult it becomes more valuable.. if Rogatkin was serious about winning this event he would have taken his shoes off and put on an eye-patch before doing his Twister.
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 Emil is so far ahead of the pack technically. Rogatkin absolutely rips but it is so fucking hard to even do an opposite 360 as a fly out trick let alone an oppo 3 double whip on that massive gap while having the cleanest style of the bunch.
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 Making big moves look effortless plays a role in the style.
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 Emils oppo 3 double oppo tailwhip looks better than 90% of the other riders' natural direction, also i've seen people who can do tailwhips very well try oppo tailwhips and it looks like they don't have a clue what they're doing, Emil easily took the win here no doubt
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 Has anyone else done an oppo 360 oppo double whip before? Or an oppo triple whip? Dude is next level and even Rogatkin admits its doubtful he can beat him. Maybe Bringer will next season. Unreal contest on top of an insane year.
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 If anything bringer’s score was a little high to push rogatkin. Not that rogatkin needs pushing from anyone to send it.
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 @bulletbassman: Yeah you may want to re-watch those runs.
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 Just because it looks more impressive doesn't mean it is - there's a whole level of complexity that Rogatkin doesn't capture without his oppo tricks.
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 Man, video games are looking sooo real these days!! Not even in my wildest dreams. Absolutely amazing!!
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 Vive la France !
F##cking best Run !!
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 Redbull made a global event in country which is closed (14 days quarantine)... LOL
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 The 360 at 3:50 is the steeziest thing I have ever laid my eyes upon.
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