Video: Top 5 Men's Pro Stage Runs - EWS Val di Fassa 2021 Race 2

Jun 25, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  

This is a different style of coverage than most of what we've seen from EWS races, and it's great to see something a bit more comprehensive and closer to what we're used to watching with downhill. Here are the top five pro men's runs from today's pro stage at EWS Val di Fassa 2021 Race 2.


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 That's pretty impressive that Moir did 2nd with a blown rear shock.
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 Or the next standard of how to get lower and slacker
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 Hill at 00:16 was the best part of this video
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 Jesus that was amazing
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 @bigwheels87: insane control
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 Absolutely, such incredible skill.
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 Niceee that´s the wayy to goo with the format. Simulate live as much as possible.Hope drones will help.
Now it would be nice to have split times and an arrow on the screen with 2 riders (gps).
The split time would be very interesting for stage 3 before the uphill and after the uphill so we can figure out how strong is each rider.
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 I love mountain biking. It's what I do with my free time and spending money. Introduced to it by my dad and his racing buddies in 1992. Rode as a kid, raced in college, tried most of the different disciplines, wrenched full-time for a couple years, and try not to miss a stream of pro racing. You there, reading this, love mountain biking. If you watch PB and you wonder about rider compensation and care about the athletes and their livelihoods, then this video should be on your radar, because it explains a lot if you're willing to look. These are a few of the best riders in their generation riding the best equipment that has ever existed. If you ride, you probably know it's fast and tech and impressive. If you don't ride, you probably don't know that. Until they show a split, you don't even know who is ahead. There's only one rider on the screen. It's hard to tell where a quarter second is made up or lost. After 6 minutes and change you get told that one rider was a few seconds faster. None of that is bad (callback: I love mountain biking). It just has F-all to do with selling energy drink or anything else to non-riders. It's 100% about selling new bikes and clothes to riders who already have bikes and clothes. That's fine, as far as it goes (I do love mountain biking, I do like clothes). But when you hear bike industry bros (the bike industry being, by definition, the people who make money out of bikes and bike stuff), that the bike industry shouldn't bear the costs of racing, that in effect, if racers want to get paid a living wage they should seek non-bike industry sponsorship, and then you see that this video represents some of the most refined finished media product that enduro mtb racing can produce -- you're seeing a scam, a rider-exploiting scam. There's no one else's money that is going to suddenly flood into mountain bike racing. There's your money, that you spend on a bike and bike shit. The different companies are going to divvy it up and reinvest it as they see fit, but until someone plunks down some compelling evidence to the contrary, there's no reason to believe that the racers you care about or are influenced by or take inspiration from are going to be funded by anyone but the bike industry. So maybe spend your bike money with your values (pro-reality, pro-riders) in mind.
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 This is awesome! Thanks gmbn and world enduro for always working on improving coverage!
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 Any EWS Racers in here? Yall have been around the world. Thoughts on the hardest EWS course you've ever done?
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 La Thuile 2018 was pretty sketch. They took the steepest stage out as it rained the night before, don't think anyone complained.
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 RR looked in control! Helluva run, Ritchie!
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 Nice, I like the change up in format.
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 am I the only one who finds that the video is accelerated?
It’s like a cartoon in the wide open grass turns…
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 Why does'nt Mr.Rude have straps on his helmet?
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 he does?
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 Nice format!
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 And why not Haelos-Full Circle (kexp )
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 Richie Rude came down some sections like a freight train.
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 Love this coverage, and hope to see more like it !! thanks
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 love the coverage!! THanks!
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 Why not use some tunes like the ones from haelos -Pray (the KEXP version ),or why not the Cure -A Forest (like so many years ago the WRC used in some colin and others rides )

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