Video: Top 5 Slopestyle Runs from Crankworx Innsbruck 2021

Jun 21, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesEmil Johansson is the man nobody in the slopestyle scene can match. The young Swede put in an incredible trick-heavy run, with both regular and oppo tricks, all linked with precision. Taking his fourth slopestyle win in a row, Johansson took home gold with a winning score of 97.5.

Second place was taken by Nicholai Rogatkin, who pulled an Opposite Cashroll on the final jump in his second run. "I feel amazing about the Opposite Cashroll,” said the American. “It’s a trick that I’ve worked really hard on. I worked on it for a couple of years and this is actually the first place I've ever done it on dirt, so it was a big relief that I could put a big, opposite manoeuvre in my run. That felt amazing."

Italian favorite Torquato Testa dropped into third after a strong first run that secured him 93.25. Torquato Testa had a super clean run with a double flip at the top of his line.

1st. Emil Johansson: 97.50
2nd. Nicholi Rogatkin: 95.50
3rd. Torquato Testa: 93.25
4th. Erik Fedko: 91.50
5th. Tim Bringer: 90.00
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 I realize Emil Johansson packs a lot of technical tricks in his run, but his runs just don't look that impressive to me. Nicholi Rogatkin goes so big and rides on the edge. It's a lot more exciting.
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 I somewhat agree. It would be nice to see him throw more backflip combos, and some new-age rotations like what Rogatkin does, but at the same time, his 360 combos are insane. The amount of downwhips in that run was nuts.
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 they said in the commentary that its down to doing opposite tricks.
Emil ad Rogatkin both do similar tricks down their run.
Imagine if you could 50/50 their runs. Their actual runs would only be an 80!
Maybe the scoring needs a heavier weight on variety over spinning the opposite way.

Rogatkin is my favourite rider to watch as his amplitude and risk seems higher, but i cant even do a wheelie so am not qualified like the judges!!!
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 FMB scoring not only includes difficulty of tricks and amplitude but also style and flow. Riding on the edge wont score as high under the categories of style and flow whereas Emil has some of the best style and flow in the game.
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 True, but then I also just watched Emil's last trick 7 times to get why it's so good. Rogatkin had style as well as batshit moves, but maybe not the right kind. Minds blown all over the place with the level of the top two, and definitely also the next few guys.
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 Announcers missed that the 3 whip and the double whip were both oppo. Nicholi may have gotten robbed.
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 Rogatkin is so dialed that he was the only rider who didn’t pedal once
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 Emil's bag of tricks is so much deeper than Rogatkin's. The opposite shit he's capable of is insane and his level of composure is unmatched. Nikolai rips, but he's generally sloppy, pedals in between sets, and a 1080 is a more conceivable and achievable trick than oppo truck to downwhip. Those two riders aren't on the same level. Emil is leaps ahead of the pack and it looks like the only way he loses a contest anytime soon is if he crashes.
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 @loamersimpson: Could be argued Emil's just doing flatland moves a lot of the time. Just way up in the air and at speed. Depends if you prefer your guy to be a ballistic missile or an aerial surgeon.
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 @chriskneeland: He kicks his whips dick footed, so it's his regular way.
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 @loamersimpson: so did Emil land his first trick smooth and clean?
Suprised he wasn't docked more points for a messy landing.
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 Am I the only one getting this prompt trying to watch the video: "Video unavailable. This video is private." ??
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 Ha, did Red Bull screw up the 3rd and 4th place results in the video? Me thinks they did.
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 Fedko got robbed, Red Bull is just correcting the judges.
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 It’s not a mistake if it was intentional Wink
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 Encouraging to see Fedko and Testa in the top 5 without doing copious amounts of bar spins and tail whips!
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 I kinda wish the judges wouldn't deduct so much for small mistakes like minor pedal slips. It could make it more exciting with some of the riders trying harder moves. And it would make it less common for riders to call off a run after a tiny mistake. But idk, being a judge would be difficult.
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 I'd like to agree, but that could possibly incentivize sending tricks that aren't as dialed and could result in a lot more injuries. If you need to land them really clean for the points, you're more likely to throw the tricks you've practiced to perfection.
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 Fedko was so sick, that indian air :0
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 I don't know how these announcers can spot these tricks without slow-mo. I would just be like, "Oh, he does another trick! And...another trick! That one was sick too."
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Maybe you have to watch it on Youtube now?
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 Anyone know why David Godziek wasn't competing?
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 Is he representing Poland for Olympic BMX? I'm not sure, but he could be focusing on that
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 Uh... can't watch the vid...
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 Bringer bringed it with his last trick. Not much love for it around.
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 yeah bringer got robbed to a certain extent here. his run was better than fedkos, and way more enjoyable to watch
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 i feel like these guys when i clear green 5 foot tables
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 yup, leaning my bike over at 45 degrees when I throw a "table" lol
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 Did anyone else see the guy that did a backflip right as Emil dropped in LOL
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 What video? It's showing as a private video.
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 We just need a slow-mo, so much to process in those tricks!
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 Some tricks have the coolest names
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 Tim Bringer brought it.

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