Video: The Top 5 Runs from Rampage 2018

Oct 16, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesLast year, we saw some incredible feats of man at Red Bull Rampage with familiar faces and some new. So, in case you missed the action, or you fancy reliving the action, here are the top five runs from last year's Rampage. Red Bull


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 My favorite rider got robbed
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 Amen to that
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 did rampage really happen if anyone didn't get robbed?
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 same here, he was robbed red handed.
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 Next Friday my boss gets robbed.
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 I hope they got cops on the spot this year to prevent robberies
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 Brendon only lost because his bag of tricks isn't as robust. His line was the epitome of what rampage is. Can't wait to see how he improves on his already killer line.
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 I think everyone feels like he should have scored higher. High enough to really shake the standings... hard to say. But definite higher. That line was so dope.
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 I don't care about the video, only came here to say Brendog was robbed.
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 @onemanarmy: it's a beautiful line. Big steep chutes, canyon gaps,, natural huge features. It is a free ride big mountain line. I mean Doerfling didnt do as good at Rampage for same reasons. His bag of tricks isnt as robust and like Rheeder or Lacondeguy.

Either way, it was a perfect line. I hope Brendon smashes the shit out of that line again!
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 @Biocoug1: Me too. I think with a couple small tweaks to add some flow and the addition of a couple tricks he could score pretty well.

Either way... as a fan... it's fun to watch him ride that line either way.
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 Someone posted the wrong video, this is what we wanted to see again:
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 Man Rheeder's run was so clean. I think people where hating on him last year saying it was too Slopestyle for Rampage mainly because it was so clean. He landed everything textbook clean. What I don't think people realize was how good the rest of it was. HIs line choice was sick. HIs connection speeds were killer except checking up for that one hard right but he had to in order to hit that section correctly. LIne was well thought out, built well and ridden perfect. Only thing you can really poke at is that he straight aired the same hit that Andreau supermaned. I actually thought the judging was pretty good last year. Not perfect but it never will be. I actually really like the judge selection they have right now. Good spread of experience from style, speed, gnar, etc.
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 Brett is the man that day..Brandog, just need to put some extra species on it. Redbull Rampage is moving forward on how tech and stylis the rider are and I think they need to step up.
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 Where is coverage PB? Haven’t seen shit but old crap. Where’s all the digging and practice vids?
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 Adolf Silva run was my favorite going sooo huge he deserved a higher ranking, classic rampage action
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 Perhaps Some info/ article into who are the judges and their riding background would help us to understand Their decisions??
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 Yeah, there's been plenty of articles about the judges and the criteria they use. You're just too lazy to look it up but I'll give you the short-hand... they're legit and so is the judging criteria.
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 Nico Vink
Kyle Jameson
KC Deane
Josh Bender
Gregg Watts
Don’t think they need info on them and there riding background, if you don’t know who they are your in the wrong place buddie. Reason why Brendan Fairclough finished in my opinion where he should of was probably mainly to do with his fluidity which is one of the main criteria; after his canyon gap he pretty much came to a stop due what I think was mainly laziness of building. Also fact the note the Rheeders run was more fluid and actually significantly steeper.
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flag Toofastnotsofurious (Oct 17, 2019 at 10:04) (Below Threshold)
 @scott-townes: excuseme mate you mean: too lazy to be laying on my sofa looking at my desktop after 16hours of work? "perhaps" you are "right" o perhaps like many people in the internet judge without knowlegde=ignorance
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 @Toofastnotsofurious: Or you're just a lazy POS that made your post without putting in the 5 minutes to look up something that's been covered to death already.....
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flag Toofastnotsofurious (Oct 17, 2019 at 11:12) (Below Threshold)
 @scott-townes: get a life m8
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 @Toofastnotsofurious: No mate you get a life, and don’t comment on shit you don’t know about. All your doing is parroting back the same old opinion.
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 @deco1: Don't let it to you... notsofurious tends to get pretty furious pretty fast.

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