Video: Top 3 Runs - Rampage 2019

Oct 26, 2019
by Ed Spratt  
1. Brandon Semenuk: 92.33
bigquotesRed Bull Rampage 2019 has come to a monumental end! After 8 days of digging, the world’s wildest freeriders put down the tools and got back on the saddle for a final that we will never forget. Taking his third Rampage crown, Brandon Semenuk stamps his name in MTB history with a seamless first run, scoring an unbeatable 92.33. Red Bull

2. Brett Rheeder: 91
bigquotesBig tricks paired with precision but we’d expect nothing less from this guy. Brett Rheeder launched down an aggressive line filled with big drops, flowy features, launching backflips, and sending massive drops with a whole lot of speed, earning himself the second place spot on the podium from Red Bull Rampage 2019. Red Bull

3. Tom Van Steenbergen: 89.66
bigquotesLocking in third place on his first run of the day, was Canadian MTB guru, Tom Van Steenbergen. With an incredible flat drop front spin to kick off his run, it was bound to be a wild line. Red Bull


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 Those weren’t the top 3 runs.
Your missing Brendog and Lacondeguy...
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 Top two runs !
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 Yeah I would even go so far as to say I can’t think about anything other than the spectacle of Andreau’s two runs. They were the highlight of rampage for me. What a warrior. Only he could possibly consider such a short distance, flat, flip having only been on the ground for like 1 second. Legend. Probably a gladiator in a past life..
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 Brendog is ROBBED! once again.
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Yea might start calling him Robbedog
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 Brendogs run was awesome but you can’t take it away from Semenuk... just amazing
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 Loved Lacon and FairClaw(!)’s runs.

One of the most awesome aspects of Rampage is the VARIETY of riding styles and approaches.

Semenuk is freeride as precision performance art

Andreu is so loose, so aggressive, it’s like watching a wild animal hunting

VanSteezeberg is doing the stuff all the original freeriders wanted to do. Everything massive.

Brendan makes freeride somehow still look like mountain biking, not a totally different sport!

I’d say we shouldn’t mind disagreeing with the absolute ranking too much, so long as the judges keep scoring well for all versions of rampage, including the ones we haven’t seen yet.
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 dude andreu's off-line antics were insane!!! an absolute beast. For a split second I thought we were about to watch a man die...
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 Rewatching these I can't believe TVS was on the podium over Brendog.
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 andreu crashed lololol. this is why "the people" can't be judges.
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 @SL13: i can. easy to see. TVS went huge thrice. First ever landed fronty drop flip at rampage, harder flip variation on comparable trick jumps, both had tech chutes, and a huge flat drop flip.

Brendogs run was amazing and exciting to watch but when you add up the 4 categories, the story is easy to read.
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 I thought that Rampage is a freeride contest not a slop style one.
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 It's a slopestyle contest that happens to take place on gnarly cliffs and terrain.
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 I was just thinking that haha cue all the butthurt slopestyle fans crying into the replies now lol
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 Obviously well beyond my abilities Not critical of any of the riders but I’d like it if the really good creative lines weren’t totally dismissed or overlooked for riders who are just shoehorning in backflips everywhere. The backflips been done to death I don’t think at this point it really adds anything. I can’t do it but everyone at rampage can so let’s stop penalising them for not flipping everything and see what they come up with instead.
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 @thenotoriousmic: can't give points for freeride. Anything with numbers attached to it isn't really free. So it's an event on two levels, one abstract and the other ticking boxes. Both are valid, but have to know how to appreciate each run for what it is. Forget about the judging. It's arbitrary and if it spoils anyone's enjoyment then I don't understand (I used to a bit, but life's too short). Watch the runs with the sound off, do something else with the 3 hours each score takes to come on screen and be happy.
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 Yeah, you can come to that conclusion when you only pay attention to the tricks and not their actual lines.... I think the fanboys are projecting their thoughts onto the judges and assume the judges think the same way.....
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 @thenotoriousmic: its like snowboarding in the late 90s early 2000s. Every kid could throw a rodeo flip but could not spin flat, style out a method or ride powder and steeps. Just more incentive to find our own fun in the woods. Not trying to denigrate the riders at rampage its insane and they are all amazing riders but more the focus of the event and yeah the flips are kinda boring.
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 Rampage should be judged like speed and style.
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 I think rampage should change the focus and change the rules. Why not do a rampage were tricks are not allowed? Were riders are judged by style, fluidity and amplitude? Were the whole contest is about line creativity, riding style and big jumps/drops?
We already have slopestyle for the insane tricks I think it should be a refreshing thing to see ????
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 @NordstomMax: i think the judges could fix and make equal all of this...slope riders who have oppo 360's on lock for example should be scored the same a free riders that do reg 360's and so on. Amplitude should be 90% of the score! This is RAMPAGE!!!!!
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 @rcrdrvr: You are next level idiotic.
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 @NordstomMax: I think hardline fills that void.
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 amen amen! a-fuckin-men!
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 Pretty obvious the organizers of Rampage don’t really care what PB commenters think. Dead Horse
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 It's right in the name buddy... RAMPage.
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 @SirWonky: with the knowledge of the horse one must be responsible with it use. tup
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 @Dropthedebt: lol -I know but where’s the vault of other cool emojis? I do think it is applicable for the “Rampage is too slopestyle” deadhorse tho. Thx bro.
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 @Dropthedebt: : fabuluth:
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 @Dropthedebt: that didn't go very well
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 @JockoJones: the best times of snowboarding. Could watch Jamie Lynn Just slay pow lines and do methods all day!
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 @chyu: andreu lacondeguy
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 Brendog got robbed!? His line was the most death-defying and gnarly!...although the tricks look good for the TV and show...
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 If you have listened to podcasts from Mccaul or Zink’s I’m not sure that’s totally true. It’s so hard to judge what the gnarliest lines are from home. Semenuk backflipping into the lily pad feature was insane as well.
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 Where's the video of Aggy's dancemoves?
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 That may well have been my highlight.
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 probably listening to rick james
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 Sorry but this year, you just have to show top 4th run as well. Hashtagbrendog.
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  Great show by all the boys. Shit may be more groomed these days, but it was one of the better Rampages as almost everyone made it down and allot of that has to do with the level of building these days at Rampage. I think they got it figured out now with the pre-pro...

Don't think enough credit was given to the actual lines by the judges. Almost feel that tricks now outweigh the diffulculty of the line.

Semenuk crushed it and deserved the win. His line had speed, tech, gnar, slope and tons of steez

Brendog's line and riding was insane, but he def got robbed.

Andreau charged harder than anyone, he was my favorite rider to watch, but since he did not finish a run we will never know his true score.

All and all it was a killer Rampage. Thanks to the riders and builders for the show...
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 nailed it
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 I'm curious, how would you have ranked/scored the runs?
I liked TVS better than most:
Rheeder 4th?

4th for anyone in this comp, including Brendog is super accomplished. We are lucky to see 10 clean runs in most any comp. In this one we had Mr. Smooth operator Emil land a run and take 12th!!
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 Semenuk is the absolute king of the ????. All hail the robotic freeride overlord.
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 Robot and Overlord.. literally the two words that came to mind last night! If it was 2058 he would be in a separate category competing against Boston Dynamics latest A.i. freebot!
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 Where was the free ride? Its not supposed to be a slopestyle competition using perfectly groomed jumps
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 What a great day! Almost everyone got two runs in. No wind. Ridiculous riding. Thank you athletes, thank you Red Bull!
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 All these people forget that this event is awesome. Sure it has evolved and is less DH and more groomed. But it’s still some of the best Mtbers literally risking their lives to entertain us and push the limits of the sport. Oh and it’s free to watch.
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 I know i shouldnt but i always find Rampage really boring to watch. Would far rather watch the World Cup downhill runs than this. Hardline is even better.
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 I’m almost right there with you.i wouldn’t say boring but definitely rather see World Cup now. Maybe Rampage needs another hiatus.
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 @RussellTinka: just needs to update it’s format. Less competitive and more of a jam format. Everyone’s got their favourite rider / run / trick / feature and nobody really pays much attention to the score anymore, it’s all about who gets the most views, comments, clicks. Leave it to the riders make it less structured and watch the fireworks go off.
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 I quite enjoy the spectacle of it but I have to be honest.. while I wait for the scores I always think ‘this is why people love DH, the stopwatch doesn’t have an opinion’. Judged stuff is always going to be flawed, doesn’t matter if it’s breakdancing or horse riding. I like the clock. Clock don’t lie!
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 @tobiusmaximum: Thats a very good point!
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 @tobiusmaximum: yup...politics suck...esp when judging an event. Surfing is pretty much the same.
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 See where you're coming from. But never the less. It airs the perfect time in the UK for having mates round for beers to watch it. I think I've had people round mine for the last 5-6 Rampages.
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 I feel like 90% of the people commenting on this don’t even ride their bikes.
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 If you talk to anyone that has actually been there they say it’s the craziest thing they have ever seen, but most of the keyboard cowboys think it’s just some groomed DH trail. Can win em all I guess.
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 Come on Pinkbike, top four, considering the Pinkbike pole from yesterday about our favourite run. Pull your socks up ????
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 Why are you mad at pinkbike? They're just sharing the videos that Red Bull posted
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 Got to spin it to win it. That is the big difference between top two and next 2.
Three athletes where I was holding my breath: Fairclough, McCaul and Godziek. That to me is why I watched. Happy to see they all made it down w/o crash.
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 free ride for the win
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 Brendog killed and I'd bet money if he'd done even minor tricks on the hips and drops, the judges would have given him the top spot. I think everyone was hurting to not see Andreu make it to the bottom. so BEAST.
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 Couldn’t agree more
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 Rampage should be judged like a game of H.O.R.S.E. Everyone has to at least ride the other guy’s line, no tricks required. This would prove that guys like Brendog have a bigger pair than Brandon. If you can’t at least ride off of Stait’s huge drop or Brendog’s rock, you prob should at least have an H instead of a W.
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 Where is the Brendog Run? and one of the most insane runs from Andreu?
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 They mistitled it - they meant "podium runs". . . . .. like you said - both Brendog and Lacondeguy runs are definitely my favourite ones, along with Nell's
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 The pajama suits have surely got to go away by now.
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 I am going "full pajamas" next season!
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 B dog killed it this year....!!
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 yes, and 4th place is the right place for him. the most versatile athlete in DH world
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 @bakunin: must’ve got down voted by a ‘Bren got robbed’ person. I know what you’re saying, lining up right behind three out and out freestyle riders is a MASSIVE achievement.
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 Every year I hope line choice and tech get scored what their worth and every year it's just tricks first line choice second..
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 They need to add some natural features requirement. I mean did any of the top 3 ride more than a few feet of something had not been manicured in some way? I wanted to see a bunch of flips and spins I would go watch Joyride.
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 Disgusting how they all want landings that will support them, rampage would be so much better everyone just grabbed a toboggan and slid down the whole mountain instead of building a rideable line
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flag rcrdrvr (Oct 26, 2019 at 9:47) (Below Threshold)
 @src248: hahahaha...semnuk fan boy here
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flag rcrdrvr (Oct 26, 2019 at 9:53) (Below Threshold)
 exactly much anticipation then this. I've posted exactly the same about 20 times and received soooooo many neg props. This is Rampage not Joyride. Riders will stop risking their lives when tricks get scored to high and Rampage will not be the one off event it once was. Amplitude should be 90% of the score then we'd be back on track. I can't trick shit, but when it comes to drops I'd like to think I'm like Jordie (RIP)...although I'm not even close, but yeah. I want my nerves to be fried after watching a dangerous run and then that person to win!
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 @src248: You can ride natural chutes but the judges made it clear they could care less about that. Didn't Zink and Straight have one last year that they ditched because they found out its not worth anything points wise? You dont need your entire run to be a weird downhill slopstyle course.
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 @mfoga: egg-f*cking-zactly
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 @mfoga: True, but Semenuk, Rheeder, and TVS did all have a steep natural section in their line. Semenuk even had an on-off boulder (but I do think Fairclough and Rheeder should switch positions)
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 @src248: They did? I they jumped over natural sections, I didnt see there wheels on these sections for more than a few feet at a time. Honestly the move on the rock was the only part that was cool about Semenuks run. I could watch runs like Brendogs and even Straights from last year all the time. Most everyone was doing the same sh*t.
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 That Semenuk run is insane!
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 Somebody downvoted you! I agree! That flip to the Lilly was crazy! I lost it when he did that! And manualing over the on off rock!
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 Fairclough’s run had everything you could asked for, Big mountain, Chunky DH, BF Canyon Gap, slopestlye - and he got an 87?????? Best Run 2019
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 Freakin precision riding BUT for sheer balls to the wall...ride or die..ANDREU's SECOND RUN WAS LEGEND!!!!
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 How many of the riders would backflip that canyon gap with more horizontal flight than vertical? And how many of the riders would flat drop backflip? That's what the judges missed with Brens run...

There were some ridiculous runs this year though, so fair play. That Semenuk lily pad back flip and the on off manual! So stylish!
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 I watched this really late and I don’t know if I was dreaming but I am pretty sure the new commentator this year said “Brendan Beereclough” when Fairclough was taking off for his first run. Oh and apparently Semenuk is from Squampton, BC, according to his notes....

And yeah Brendog, Lacondeguy and Godziek were the highlights for me
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 LOL! People from flatlander states talkin about how Rampage is a slopestyle! Crap yourselves just walking those ridges.
  • 3 0
 Rampage is what it is....its evolved...all you whiners go and backflip off one of those cliffs and tell me its a groomed Slopestyle event...C'MON MAN!
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 Those three runs deserve poduim. For all those who says its groomed... only jumps are, many of the top riders go steep as f*ck.

Semenuk run is perfection. A flip to double drop... not Freeride ? Come on poeple, WAKE UP !

Those guy’s take insane risks, dig for a week under blasting sun... then put their life on the line as tired as there are. Just get them the respect they deserve. If I was one of them and read all your non sense comment, i would be pissed as f***.
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 What, no Novice class? Lol.
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 Next year I'm stepping up to the Sport 35-44 class. Don't want to keep sandbagging in Novice!
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 to me this was disappointing, no one could compare to the top two except lacaneguy, whether it is skill or line choice it was so anti climatic. Kyle strait, cam zink, etc just can't get there anymore and the new guys have zero change since the whole mountain was already flattened out and there are no lines left.
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 The wizard has spoken. again.
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 Looks like Rampage is like early mountain bike video games, but you only get one life & game over - your dead?
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 Why is it the BMXer in me cringes everytime I hear the phrase "one footed can-can backflip "?
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 Step-thru, right?
  • 1 0
 @tobiusmaximum: a can-can is one footed unless you take the other foot off, then it becomes a no-footed can-can..
  • 1 0
 @lumpy873: ah right, okay. so is a step thru even a thing? heard it somewhere I'm sure.
  • 1 0
 @tobiusmaximum: technically, a can-can could be called a step through... I think I've heard that also..
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 talking about other stuff... Did Red Bull faked de sound effects or its just me?!
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 Thought the judging was pretty on point this year- I don't think anyone else could have ridden Semenuk's line like he did- so a fair and well earned win.
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 Forget all the death defying stuff we witnessed....Let's see Aggy's dance moves again.
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 most riders do big tricks Brendog did 2 back flips.not saying i could go out there and do that but there are better riders than him
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 I think deep down every rider there knows Lacondeguy won, surprised they didnt get together and just decide to give it to him inspite of the judging.
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 What happened to Brendog's blue Gambler bike? He didn't ride it in finals. Any ideas?
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 Snapped it in practice.
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 @BenPea: Don't know if he snapped it but he certainly came up short on the canyon jump in practice. There's a clip on YouTube of it, on Deaks' channel. Worth a watch just to see how big Brendog's balls must be.
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 @samfr1000: have you got a link to that video?
  • 1 0
 @samfr1000: He was swapping bikes all the way through that clip, pretty sure he hits the last jump on both bikes.
I dread to think what would've happened if he'd been a couple of feet shorter on that canyon gap
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 @metaam: I believe that may just be the way it is edited together but I couldn't say for sure. Those bikes take some serious abuse.
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 @samfr1000: Could well be, other articles have stated he definitely snapped the alu frame on the canyon gap, so I guess either he didn't realise straight away, or as you say, down to the editing.
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 Forgive me my ignorance, but how do 30 push ups refer to Jordie Lunn?
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 Jordie always did 30 push-ups, probably one arm push-ups.
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 Rampage is boring. Brendog was robbed.
  • 6 6
 I thought this was a freeride comp not a slope style comp? Tricks are cool, but the top three all looked like they were riding down manicured four lane highways.
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 free ride for the win...sad times
  • 2 4
 No, just no. That was boring. Not only the judgement, but anything else. This venue is no good, not too much variations, and I hate the rule that riders stick to only one line! Also I like slopestyle stuff, wooden features make sense, but hey, they're gone,check lines, not tricks...
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 I though rampage shoul win somebody who jump biggest drops, have a style and cool run to watch.....why is semenuk first? he was still breaking a then made few flips and thats all???
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 lol TVS did an incredible "flat drop front spin" according to the editor....
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 no head bob 9/10
  • 1 0
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 That crank flip by Semenuk in the end tho.
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