Video: Tour du Mont-Blanc with Tito Tomasi & Friends

Sep 11, 2022
by Tito Tomasi  
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Dudes Around the Mt Blanc
Embark with the Gadoobike around the Mt Blanc with Tito / the dudes are a random group of riders that decided two years ago to train and be ready for a true challenge. 5 days adventure on trails, hut to hut style. Their goal was simple, get everybody to the end with a smile ... What a success, what a time!

The Mud Riders / the GadooBike, aka the real dudes, passionated and sharing energy.

At the end of my season of guiding, around November, I remember receiving a pretty serious call. The guy, Jerome was speaking in the name of his group "GadooBike" literally Mud Bikers. They live in the flat lands of France but their passion is nothing like flat. Trying to achieve new goals every year, Jerome was calling me to take them around the Mont Blanc the next year.

We decided to do it in 4 days late June, with a test day in the central range of the country in may.

We had a fun ride in the central range of France in may, they seemed very cool and I instantly loved the atmosphere, the energy between them. Our ride was partly technical but definitely not long enough to be a real test compare to the gigantic effort that a TMB represents! Anyway I was pretty confident on them.

In the same time winter was staying forever in the Alps and I was getting concern about the snow patches and our project.

Finally a week before the adventure we decided to not do the tour but to do a training session in the Aravis range, my home spot. This place is hard enough to simulate a tour around the Mt Blanc without the stress of being in a bike packing mission. So on the the last weekend of June we rode four days in the mountains. I took them to harder and harder rides, to test them and confront the group to the reality. As predicted it's been a shocker! The descents, the hike a bike, the length of the climbs ...

Everything went very well and I had a great time. Despite the pressure of getting customers to guide, I preferred being honest and push them hard, risking to loose them than hiding the trust. As predicted we've lost some guys, those prematurely decided to leave the boat. Saying they were not meant for this new challenge.

But the rest of the group was fired up! Quickly after the training session in the Aravis, Jerome called me and confirmed that 8 of them have started to train especially for this Tour Around The Mt Blanc!

Preparation time in the Aravis, riding the Mole. Classic fun big mountain riding. A shocker for some. This session was very helpful on the way to success the TMB.

Preparing the TMB with a Chamonix ride. Classic.

Preparation session, ride in Chamonix for the first time.

This is also something that needs to be prepared on the TMB.

Tough time during the training days.

JP with a smile on the face and a bike on the back.

Technical trails, exposure and more for training. Aravis are gnarly.

The full group at home for the preparation session.

TMB. Day one. We are in the right place. 2500 meters high and a upcoming storm! Love my job.

We are in September and it's now time to start the trip, the final chapter of something special, long and eye opening.
During the last year I received many news of the group from Jerome, who actually became their coach! Jerome took his role as a true mission, making long term training programs, designing the sessions, the goals and a lot more. I was more and more impressed by their determination along the year. Most of them lost weight, improved their skills and got more ready than ever before.

We had a great great great time! Starting directly with a big day in the mountains, I was also back in the mix with them. Their energy, their good mood and awesome vision of the sport.
Day one was tough and long but as the weather was threatening we made it early to the lodge. Early enough to see the storm coming! Deep in the mountains, in the storms, with dozens of hikers, we were actually in the TMB!

Day two, we entered Italy for this solid day, with a big pass and endless trails. Perfect weather, gelatos and smiles all the way! What a time. I felt grateful and lucky very often to share this moment with them. Like a family time.

On day two we crossed another border, made more passes and finally made it to Switzerland for the night. What a place! My group was always pumped and stoked. As experienced men and mountain bikers they tried to take the exact measure of the moment all the time. Knowing that time flys and life is precious. There was no waste.

The fourth day we stayed in Switzerland and had a amazing day in the mountains, from flow trails to massive hike a bike! Even the rain was a happy event! And we enjoyed the storm from the hut at night.

Fifth and last day, back to France trough some nice trails. A easier day, with almost no hike a bike today. But some rain, some switchback parties and more surprised! The day was flying when we finally reached the car.

And just like that, in the blink of an eye the project was ended, the challenge was accomplished, the tour was done!We celebrated and reflected on it, but it was over. After two years of preparation, all the steps, the anticipation. The TMB was done, looped, behind.

I was so happy for them, I witnessed something cool and special. Felt grateful to inspire and guide random people in extraordinary rides. Witch Brough me back to my personal goals and challenges ... I stayed a little more with the group and left them to their party and energy. Feeling stoked for them, remembering all the time I've heard people saying, this is too hard, not for me... And now I saw the determination, the decision to make it. with strength, friendship and courage.

Ready for the next. Looking at the coming corner!


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Day one, first group photo. The smiles are mixed with a bit of stress, but the perfect energy is there and I could feel it.

Day two, on the way to Italy after a stormy night.

Italian border.

Third day in the magic balcony, diving into the forest.

Day 4. Switzerland.

Final picture on the trail, all smiles and complete. Love it! Thanks

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 Hey @TitoTomasi ! Great video and article! Is there any chance you could upload a gpx of the route you guys did? I've been looking to do this with a few mates, but there's a couple of sections of the TMB that are walker-only sections right? How did you deviate and rejoin the route when you had to do this? Thanks!
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 wont happen, this was marketing for his business.
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 I did the Tour de Montblanc in 2016, was a blast. Was probably a different route than Tito's, but I planned this myself with a couple of friends. Was amazing! I'm happy to share the gpx and planning data if you like.
  • 1 0
 Thanks @loamylaps , someone else has kindly done the same thing and dm'd some GPX's to me. But I'll take some more for comparison if you're offering? It seems there's a few options right, so I'd be interested to compare. :-)
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 @iridewhatever: Sent you a dm Smile
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 Really cool video! If you like hiking with your bike on your back 2-3,000 meters per day this ride is for you. The downhills are fun-ish but littered with hikers. The food and scenery are amazing, but I'd never do it again.
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 Very technical trails, one may also push bikes downhill. All hikers in the chamonix area also reminds you when passing that the trails are only for hikers. Not going to ride in Chamonix anymore.
  • 2 0
 @HenkkaK: Is it really that bad, even outside of the bike ban period?
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 Lack of dedicated bike trails make biking here tricky, especially during peak season. Awesome scenery though. Insane amounts of vertical.
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 I lived in Chamonix for 12 years. Superb article and something that everyone should try and do once in their lives. Miss my old hood.
  • 1 0
 So cool! Have good memories hiking the beautiful TMB. It sounds even better on a bike.
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 great vibes video! bien fait, Tito et les mecs Smile
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  • 1 0
 Beautiful! Nicely done!
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 Very nicely done Tito

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