Video: 50to01 Tours the East Coast in 'East Coast Waves'

Oct 19, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesSam Hockenhull, Josh Bryceland, Sam Cofano and Max Neurkar travelling round the east coast of America for 5 weeks in an RV. Lots of biking and lots of fun!


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 Was cool untill the part with no helmets! Head injuries are no joke especially with the recent passing of Jordie.
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 Their videos aren't on point anymore.
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 It's entertaining, the looseriders honestly would put down more gnat vs party vibes. Still great flic. They missed absolute DJ ground zero by 2 hours when they were at NJ. I mean mega sized good luck on a 26" pro status jumps 2 hours in every direction.
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 Shot on the exclusive iPhone7. Jordie had a helmet on. So did Stevie.
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 I believe that sponsored riders have certain areas where they should lead by example, wearing a helmet being possibly easiest and at the same time most important thing to do. I also believe that we are all free people and if someone wants to hurt themselves by moralizing on Pinkbike, they should be allowed to do it.
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 Also... how do you guys think... how many folks ride these trails in full body armor, including ankle guards, and they go: gosh I feel so scared riding down that thing, or jump it, panic press the front brake while landing it, washing out the front wheel... and a bunch of nut heads send these like it’s nothing, land on manual. How many of these “safety first” or rather “scared ass fuk” folks get bitter over others not being scared and appear careless? What are the chances that moralizing father figures are just jelaous?

*disclaimer: by no means I am saying riding without a helmet is ok.
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 @WAKIdesigns: you make a valid point. Jason McCroy used to race DH in Lycra shorts and top. Open face lid. In an era where others were armouring up. He once stated that body armour made him think about crashing. Which brings me to the section ‘without helmets’. Clearly these lads are used to going hyperspeed on either wheel, back end slapping, flying huge jumps... so when they’re just mucking about on a little jump in the street, they can be trusted to make the judgement call to ride ‘naked’. In my opinion.
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 for anyone who also thought the music selection was banging'.. here it is.

1) 2 Wheel Nation - Acid King.
2) Rocky Mountain High - Dead Meadow.
3) Controller - Channel Tres.
4) Everybody wants to be famous - Superorganism.
5) Wit' Da Team - Genesis Owusu.
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 Acid King f*cks \m/
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 Thinking about moving to carbon 29 160 oh my reach is too short need more mid stroke support this dropper post is shi....shut the fuck up and ride more is what I need!!!
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 Style overload.
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 cum overload
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 Cool to see the 50:1 crew ripping up some of our spots in the north east. Sick!
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 Anyone else see that inflatable tire insert thingy that Josh was installing at 2:40? Looks familiar but I can’t quite place it. Prototype?
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 That was fucking awesome!
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 epic. great riding, good vibes, great music... enjoyed it so much i watched it twice.
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 A friend ran into them at Thunder Mountain, and rode with 'em for a bit. (He did not know who they are until weeks later.) :-) He has a clip of them hitting the Fort Hill jump line, and unfortunately missed the first few seconds where a black bear crossed the trail just before they drop in.
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 That Jester segment¡!
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 so, cannondale are making a little jump bike hardtail thing again?
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 I recognized Mountain Creek, Thunder, East Burke. What were the other places?
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 Killington, windham, highland
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 Disservice to the rising zones to not tag them in their segments at least as a courtesy. The public ones anyway
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 Posh Woods at the beginning?
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 So they had eight bikes stashed somewhere in that RV and room to sleep all four of them? Crazy. It doesn’t look big enough.
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 Would have been sick if i ran into this crew during my east coast trip! Hot sun bike park laps, find the swimming hole, and kick it!
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 Yeah, but did you guys have any fun?!!
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 Where did they keep the bikes? I'm planning on renting a similar RV for British Columbia next year but always wondering where to put the bikes
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 Lewis Mills is the real controller
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 You’ll be at work Monday morning and he’ll be out riding his bike!
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 Meant that to be a reply to @blue76
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 What's the bike park they go to after that first segment of dirt jumps?
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 That would be Mountain Creek in Vernon, New Jersey.
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 @geronimok: Cheers! I never made the trip up there while living out East, kind of regret it now. It looks awesome. Big Grin
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 Now I know why that RV I rented smelled like weed, puke and B O.
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 Lol'd at the one shovelful back on the pile! That'll do'r Big Grin
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 Can anyone name the places they rode at? Just moved to New England and want to get some riding done. Cheers!
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 Can anyone give us a list of the places in the video in chronological order? I only recognized Burke at the end.
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 Some style and skill there.
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 Those trails around 14:10 look super fun. Sick edit boys!
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 Best part was riding in the pink and blue Rapaha Education EF team shirt. Classic.
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 Jester's a sick trail. Ride the wave.
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 Thanks for visiting boys. Come back soon!
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 Where was that spot NC or Sc? Would love to check it. They didn't recognized alot of spots, all in the NE I knew.
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 @jorgeposada: thought that was still in NE. But I was just in awe of that whip!
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 Decent fuzz like
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 Hah 23:09))))
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 Nothing but fun
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 good times!
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 His shin at 11:20, gosh, I hope it didn't get infected, I've heard cell service is spotty in the certain areas of the east coast.
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 Beautiful cycling!
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 Truly epic soundtrack.
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 The skill on display here is mad! So envious! - Great vid
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 No S.I.N.E.?Guess some places can be kept a secret.
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 They only hit the parks no secret spots.
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