Video: Tracey Hannah Sends the Cairns DH World Cup Track On Her Enduro Bike

Mar 26, 2021
by UR Team  

For Tracey Hannah, stepping back from World Cup racing doesn’t mean stepping back from sending it! For 2021 Tracey is preparing a new racing program where she will ride her enduro bike more. Tracey didn’t lose any time and took her new NS Bikes Define straight into the Cairns world cup track, riding smooth and fast!

bigquotesHaving a little bit of pressure taken off means I can spend more time on my new enduro bike. I’m loving it so much and I can't wait to take it on trips and events in the coming months!Tracey Hannah


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 Would love to see her race some EWS races.
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 Sounds like you will see her race one or two, since she’s “preparing a new racing program where she will ride her enduro bike more”
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 @Mntneer: I just looked on the EWS site. And it looks like she's on the list of participating rides for:
EWS Val di Fassa (Double)
EWS-E Valberg
EWS-E Crans-Montana

So looks like she will be at a few races.
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 @yellowtree: will be cool to see how she performs.
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 @Mntneer: She's a DH legend and a weapon on a bike. She's gonna kick ass.
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 I never get tired of these videos with natural sounds, You go girl!!
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 I can't get tyred of the sound of wheels on the ground either... I'll show myself the door.
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 Shouldn't Downhill be called Uphill in Australia?
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 Dont tell that to the flat earthers
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 Life goal is to get within 5secs of Tracey on the Worlds Track.
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 Its such a good goal to have and shows how incredibly fast the top women are.
I was the same with Fort William.
Top 5 women on nearly the same track (ish for the majority)
Manon 5.07(2017)
Rachel 5.08 (2016)
Tahnée 5.10 (201Cool
Sabrina 5.11 (2010 - older track layout)
Emmeline 5.12 (2014 - older track layout)

Close times over the years and they are really quick times!
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 I thought I had done quite well when I got down the Fort William track in just less than twice the time it took Rachel to do it :-)
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 @CM999: I last 10 minutes before I have to stop cause my hands hurt, they only last 5, therefore I'm better than them all. Don't think it matters im at the deer gate and theyre at the bottom though
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 So good I watched it twice - body position so solid on the bike.
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 Totally. It must take a lot of strength to keep the bike planted and pumping on a track like that.
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 Aunty Tracy still rides faster then you.
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 Flying over this dh track with an enduro bike makes me wonder why it is called "stepping back from worldcup racing"... That was smooth and fast!
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 She is such a true racer, the way she maintains complete composure is crazy !!
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 god trace is so f*cking rad
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 She didn't get slower...
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 She's such a legend. Go Tracey!
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 Hey!!! It's an eye candy to see you back on the saddle. Watch the clip several times to learn proven techniques from my idol. Thank you!!
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 She really rips!
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 Haaa... retirement... this cool and calm period of life...
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 She is such a great rider
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 This is music to my ears.
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 Great rider, so much confidence on the jumps. And now she has a bike that looks good too.
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 Nice! Hoping to see more straight up ripping vids from Tracy now she isn't full time racing. Wee legend.
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 Love to see her on the ews but “without “any pressure for results ,and also is brother
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 Still pinning it....cornering like she’s on rails and clearly having a blast.
Gotta love Tracey
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 Every jump and berm she hit, I was thinking braaahp, braaaap, braaaap! In my head
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 Total class.
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 Absolute mad woman! In a good way!
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 A full face is not needed in this instance because if your on an enduro bike then its enduro.
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 Same track she got knocked out at, but she was on her DH bike so it was DH
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 @Rhymer: yup sums it up you got to stick to bike specific safety wear else you get caught out
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 Love watching Tracey ride, she's such a pinner and has a rad style, go Girl!
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 i prefer videos with tire sounds over music.
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 are downhill bikes becoming obsolete
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 still can't beat a doublecrown
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 @baca262: yep
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 That section @ 0:32 looks SO FUN. Such a cool rhythm.
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 Fucking rad. Fast as hell.
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 Warm and dry dusty trails....sighs......
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 I eff'ing love her
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 Ok that was f-ing rad.
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