Video: Tracey Hannah Shreds Hard on Her Local Downhill Trails

Sep 3, 2020
by UR Team  

It's time for Tracey Hannah to hit the road again! As we write she is on her way over to Europe for World Champs.

Life of a downhill rider is not always glamorous and it doesn’t always come with a fancy bike park. For Tracey it’s just really her local track, riding it over and over again. A shuttle driver is also a key part of someone’s success and for Tracey, that’s her dad. This combo is crucial to her training and behind her greatest achievements! Follow Tracey down Kuranda, her local training track!


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 Some bike rack company is clearly missing out on a sponsorship opportunity with the Hannah family. Poor lass is using a bungee cord.
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 So good to see a shuttle ride video where the shuttle doesn't drive itself to the bottom!
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 So good to see local trails on PinkBike and even better when they're being riden by the local World Champ.
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 The fisheye with cables is... twisting my brain or something.
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 Putting on a clinic. Mind blowing watching pro's hit every turn with absolutely perfect form. I still remember that one time back in '16 I believe it was when I hit one turn with proper form...
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 1.55.... what are you doing, stay on the side, don't go onto the road, that can get you killed!!!
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 We're all over protective of our favorite athletes welfare, but it looks like she's angled off onto the shoulder and running safely parallel to traffic
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 Yep, the track pops you out parallel to the traffic. You run down along the shoulder Smile
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 I know another trail that used to do that too!
Trails should not exit onto roads without serious slowdown measures if they have to.
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 @50percentsure: she went onto the road.
There should be a barrier up between the trail and the road on the exit of the trail, especially if its popular.
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 I don't think she was in danger of getting hit in this particular scene, though it certainly would have given the driver who came up behind her a bit of a scare. You're right though, who knows what the heck is going on on the road, could be some lunatic running wide or a truck.
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 Love Tracey Hannah! We've shared some laughs over the years where I couldn't even breathe! Good luck this fall bud!!
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 No fancy bike park for us in Brisbane Australia, With the best local DH trails been illegal local trails and Ma and Pa shuttles
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 Makes me remember Stevie Smith Chainsaw's mom shuttle #longlivechainsaw
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 Hi World Champ!!!! It's always an eye candy to see you shred. Thank you for the precious moment.
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 Hi from Cairns! It's an amazing place to be, unless it's summer and 35-40 degrees C outside. Lots of good trails for all skill levels
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 if I lived in OZ I dont think id be riding bikes. I mean weather is Prime indeed but in most videoes Ive seen its hard pack dusty and then some weird shaped rocks......For sure an amaizing country but riding bikes there ? I dont wet my pants when I see the vids from that part of the world.
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 What do you want, mud? Splendidly shaped rocks? Not sure what your point is?
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 Kuranda is an awesome track to have as your local! Looking forward to the first WC
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 There's plenty of room on the side of the road and you can see the traffic easily when exiting the track onto the roadside. The crazies are the Roadies who ride the road....
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 She is amazing
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 I miss Cairns, time to move back!
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 Tracey Hannah Rulz OK!
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 She is a beast

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