Video: Tracey Hannah Turns Goals Into Reality in Leogang

Jun 10, 2019
by UR Team  

We started our week in Leogang with the concept of making a video talking about the goals vs reality of each rider, asking them the same questions every morning: What is your goal for the day. At night we did let them evaluate if their goals were reached and what happened.

We wanted to show something a bit more real and an insight into the ups and downs of racing. We did not get disappointed!

On one side Alex and Simon didn't qualify and were far from their goals.

Mick had mixed feelings, while he progressed he wasn’t quite where he wanted to be.

Then Tracey had one of the best race of her career but you’ll see it wasn’t an easy win and it came with some struggles.

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 Always had a lot of respect for Tracey, clearly very talented, committed and also comes across very well in interviews. I managed to grab a quick chat with her outside the team pits, shortly after her race run at Fort Bill. She was obviously stoked with her finish there, but was happy to chat for a few minutes. Glad to say that she’s every bit as cool as she seems in interviews, so really pleased to see her take the win in Leogang.
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 Damn made me cry.'ve earned it
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 Tracey was clearly very emotional when she crossed the finish line. There's 'happy', 'super happy' and 'I couldn't stop the tears if I wanted to'; this looked like the latter. What a beautiful place to be.
Hats off to Rachel who was genuinely stoked for Rachel, and for being such a fantastic competitor.
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 @jdsy2154: not ashamed to say that seeing the tears in her eyes at the finish, made me tear up too
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 I heard Tracy mention in a post-race interview ‘talking about never having won a race against Rachael’ but to actually set it as a goal must have added a lot of stress. I couldn’t be more proud. Well done.
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 YEAH TRACY!!!! So stoked for her.
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 Seeing Tracy win after being fastest qualifier all season was awesome. Getting that monkey of beating Rachel off her back has to feel great. Hopefully by the end of the season Pom Pom and Tahnee will be back on form and we can see some great racing.
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 Not to be a pessimist but having gone through what Pom Pom is going through as well as rehabilitation of an AC separation that should have been fixed via surgery we probably won’t see either till next season. I wish them speedy recoveries but if either get back it would probably be Pom Pom.
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 So stoked for Tracy!! Been putting in so much work over the years. Shessss on fire this year and heres to hoping for more wins and a chase at the overall. Keep it up Tracy!!!
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 Tracey! You need to just believe you are as amazing as you actually are! You’ve got what it takes! I hope this wins gives her more confidence- she’s absolutely got the skill.
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 She's killing it. Congrats @LittleTrace13
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 Tracy is awesome. I’m so happy for her. I met her after her win at crankworkx in Whistler. She posed for a photo then asked how my day in the park riding was. She’s the coolest!
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 Tracey and tahnee had set the same goals... to beat Rachel.. all the girls have stepped it up, I love watching traceys aggressive style.
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 Awesome Tracey, ...she has been very consistent on every season. Enjoy the victory.
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 I love a Queensland accent!
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 So stoked to see her beat Rachel fairly in a major race. You go girl. Mad Respect.
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 Congratulations ,job well done
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 What a great video
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 Congrats Tracey!
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 Damnit Tracey, I'm not crying, you're crying!
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 Congratulations to Tracey and the entire Polygon UR team!
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