Video: Tracy Moseley & Manon Carpenter Explore Scottish Highland Trails in 'Back to Why'

Mar 7, 2021
by H+I Adventures  

It’s been a strange year so far, to put it mildly. Routines have been disrupted, travel plans blown apart and families forced to communicate digitally. At the same time, there’s been a sense of urgency in plans, a now-or-never approach towards making and acting upon plans.

As Autumn was approaching two former world champions were hatching their own plan to get back to basics, out into the mountains, and away from a world thrown upside down. A chance phone conversation led Tracy and Manon to reflect on the paths their careers took.

The conversations wandered off on various tangents and in different directions, as they invariably do, but it always came back to the same topic: ‘Why?’. Why did we all start mountain biking in the first place? Particularly Tracy and Manon, who have been on the race circuit for so many years. With racing put on hold this year, it gave these two World Champions the chance to re-visit why they started riding and fueled a desire to get back to the roots of their riding careers.

Back to Why...

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 I know work is work, but out of curiousity , how do people feel when you see pros/influencer's (ex pros;-)) in lockdown , driving round country to make content??
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 Pretty Bummed. Since all we can do is ride local
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 @Beesley: glad it's not just me.. the Jordi thing, talking from garden, zoom style was great.. but the travelling stuff, I don't know , feels wrong
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 Life's too short to be jealous of those who have a professional career in a sport that I have an interest in. Making do with muddy bridleways and becoming a zwanker.
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 It does say Autumn, so may well have been when things weren't locked down last year
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 It wasn't filmed during lockdown.
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 seems this was filmed in the autumn so not sure wether actually needed to stay at home or local at that point , I know were all fed up of this lockdown but give the girls a break , great filming I thought
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 @scblurlt: not ragging them, just curious how people felt. But, as I've now read above, it was out of lockdown, so it's all academic now.
Would help though, to maybe point this out, with a little note
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 @jjhobbs: I think it was out of lockdown, but I don't think the restrictions were lifted.
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flag hamncheez (Mar 7, 2021 at 10:12) (Below Threshold)
 The cost of lockdowns are higher than the benefit. I applaud those who disobey, but it seems this was filmed before.
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 Yeah watching YT the past year or so it was interesting to see all the youtubers traveling around pretty much unphased by the pandemic...
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 @hamncheez: Depends how much value you put on a person's life
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 @richard01: They were. A mate and I had a trip booked to the Tweed Valley with some other friends around the middle of September, then restrictions were brought in that not more than 6 people from 2 households could mix.
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 @commental: it wasn’t enforced. There were 9 of us booked in torridon end of sept and the hotel said still come, even put us on a table for 9.
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 I travel all over to ride, the pandemic has just made camping and eating take out the norm.

What other people do with their lives concerns me not, I like seeing what other folks are doing, but how or why they’re doing it is not my business.

Boundary up people!

Folks need to learn boundaries, too many people are minding the business of others.

What others do has nothing to do with you, it doesn’t matter whether they are public or private persons, family, friends, or loved ones.

Social media has led to blurred boundaries, but that doesn’t change the facts: people need to mind their “own” business.

When practiced it become easy, and your quality of life will improve as the stress over worrying about other people dissolves.
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 @nurseben: you are not an island
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 By some estimates, nearly 200,000 small businesses in the USA alone have gone under in the last year, while large tech companies and banks are posting record profits. Kids and teens have essentially missed an entire year of school. Poor and other disadvantaged kids were hit the worst. Well off families hired private tutors or sent their kids to private schools that never shut down (like what the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, did). For the age cohort of these riders (I assume), 18-35, the increase in suicide rate is more than the mortality rate of COVID. Drug and alcohol abuse is skyrocketing.

To judge these women, who were recreating outside in some of the most remote parts of the UK simply is not fair.

I repeat, its pretty clear that the cost of the lockdowns is higher than the benefit.
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 Heya, this wasn't in lockdown. This was last summer after lockdown 1, when everyone was allowed to move around Smile
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 @richard01: restrictions were lifted when this was filmed.
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 @danp63: really? Surely you don't think that the only deaths will be related directly to Covid? In my country last year, there were 400,000 missed cancer screenings. If even 1% of those are positive then that means 4000 people from cancer alone are not being treated and will likely die prematurely. And they are much much younger than the average corona victim.

That's just 1 illness. No to mention the total withdrawal of mental health services, an apparent suicide epidemic according to one of the doctors dealing with young adult suicide, impaired childhood development of social skills, people not being able to see loved ones for months and them those loved ones dying. My own grandmother spent 2 months in hospital with no visitors before she died. My mother hasn't coped well at all since and it's definitely largely because she knows her mother died alone and confused in a hospital. These lockdowns are devastating and the evidence that they work is pretty poor.

That's before we even get into the effects of the cost of having half the country unemployed for months. How is all this welfare going to be paid for?

Sweden has had no lockdown and a similar death rate to Ireland which has been locked down for 180 days. The longest in Europe. Germany has had minimal lock downs and again, it has a much lower death rate.
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flag jjhobbs (Mar 8, 2021 at 2:39) (Below Threshold)
 @humoroususername: sorry for your loss, but your facts are all wrong. Is this because you are angry? Or do you put yourself in the anti-vaxer group??
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 One of the things you have to remember as well though is the government has not said they are not to work and actually says you can travel for work reasons. If your income is from making videos and mountain biking and you've worked your whole life towards it, it's not like it would be easy to just 'get a job' and more to the point would you be willing to give it all up? So really the government puts you in the position where you have to work, just your work is what most people's 'fun' is and some people get jealous of it and jealousy is at best, ugly.

Everyone has exhausted 'at home content' in the first lockdown and people don't want to keep watching that, so pros/influencers have to travel to create interesting content and sustain their income.

I appreciate it's a tricky conundrum and some of the pro's feel a bit uneasy about it themselves. The reality is they are the people working that you notice travelling about and doing loads of stuff, but there is loads of other jobs where people are cutting about all over the country, you just don't see it nor do you get jealous of it because it isn't considered 'fun'.
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 @whitetux: hit the nail square on there mate.
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 @jjhobbs: please enlighten me as to how I am all wrong. I'm wrong that 400,000 cancer screenings didn't take place last year? Better take that up with the national broadcaster who reported it so. I'm wrong about the suicide rates? Better take that up with Nature journal

I'm wrong about the length of lockdowns and death rates in Ireland, Sweden and Germany am I? Well you better contact those that collate the data for Worldometer and the Who then as that's where I got it.

Oh wait, none of my facts are wrong. People like you need to wind your necks in a bit. Clearly trying to jump on the holier than thou "you don't understand the science" bandwagon while simultaneously not understanding any of the science or the facts themselves.

You are allowed take the opinion that lockdowns are a good idea but trying to dismiss those who don't as "anti vaxxers" is incredibly ignorant. I bet you accuse other people of causing polarisation too. Oh, the irony....
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 @humoroususername: it's breathtaking, isn't it? There is virtually no evidence that lockdowns work, but we have to take it on faith, even though the politicians who impose the lockdowns ignore them. While any skeptical thoughts to the contrary demands rigorous, duplicated evidence
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 Im surprised that saying anything other than the current narrative on COVID doesnt get you perma banned on PB.
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 @hamncheez: it's maddening. And these people think anyone who disagrees is down some sort of "rabbit hole". They all seem to believe that there is "the" science, as if there is 1 consensus on everything and we must all agree with that or else we are stupid. I have one friend who is typical of that attitude, he basically calls everything that isn't in a journal nonsense (or most likely not in a journal that has been widely reported) and conjecture. It's like he has absolutely zero ability to form his own opinions. If it's in a journal he will believe it no matter how nonsensical it appears on the face of it. The vast majority of scientific research is useless on its own and consensus is extremely rare on most topics. And some of it is just totally flawed ideologically driven nonsense. And peer review does not mean it is credible. It's hilarious how often all of his supposedly science backed predictions go so wrong yet he is always convinced it's the rest of us, who are not so dismissive of open discussion, that are the idiots.
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 @humoroususername: California: You can go to the beach, but you can't run on on the sidewalk; you have to sit 10 feet apart on a beach towel. You can't be in the water. Its science! Stay safe!

New York: You can go to the beach, but you have to be in the water (or actively preparing to go into the water) swimming. You can be on the sidewalk, but you have to be moving/jogging/biking. You can't be stationary, sitting on a bench or beach towel. its science! Stay safe!

(Also ignore all the politicians ignoring their own edicts)
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 @danp63: Most likely, in the long run, more people will die from heart disease (most forms of exercise are banned), missed cancer screenings, increase in drug abuse and suicide, etc than from COVID.

This is already true for all groups under age 65.
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 TBH you can never know when it was filmed, that looks mostly pretty autumnal?
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 Dear brand marketing types. This is a much better film and way to sell your product that some shouty 200mph line that no one else is capable of unless they are a pro. Much more down to earth and relatable about what riding is about
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 Watched it thinking it was an ad/ trailer for a programme or film.
Massively disappointed when I realised 4 minutes was my lot.

T-Mo, Manon, how’s about making a documentary series, travelling round Scotland, could call it ‘The Trip 2’ - you’d be way more entertaining than Steve Coogan (Although I do love Rob Brydon)
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 Big scenery with trails that I just want to go and ride now Hike-a-bike to get to the top. Big packs full of kit including full waterproofs and lights to finish the ride. Checks every box for me. Proper UK riding.
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 The highlands have a few good gems for riding for sure.
They put lights on, on the Torridon descent next to the bottom slabs though, should have just held.her chappin for the couple of minutes to the bottom. Smile
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 Beautiful landscapes and really nice trails. Great video.Thanks for this.
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flag sanchofula (Mar 7, 2021 at 12:06) (Below Threshold)
 exactly, get what you came for and ignore the snowflakes
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 @nurseben tells everyone not to judge and then calls people sir are a contradiction.
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 @bombdabass: We all are, in real life. Ben, is still young, hasn't lived long enough yet to get all the ad hominems out of his system yet.
Fuggetabout it....
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 That's the reason that I started riding too, and sometimes I forget about it.
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 Lovely vid, reminded me of the old mtb film VAST a bit. T-Mo's such a legend, miss seeing her basically being mother hen to all the enduro chicks at every race.
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 Lovely film. They got unlucky with the weather
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 Awesome film guys Smile
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 Likely my monitor, but did this keep going light and dark in contrast between cuts in the edit for anyone else?
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