Video: Trail Riding and Dirt Jumping in Park City with Mitch Ropelato & Neko Mulally

Jul 22, 2020
by Daniel Sapp  

bigquotesWe headed out to Park City for a couple of days to check out all the hype and their extensive trail network. We rode everything from the Wasatch Crest to the backcountry to Deer Valley to Woodward Park City. Packing everything into 2 days was a challenge, but we had the best crew to do it with.Neko Mulally


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 I'm sorry but I'm not ok with this witchcraft at 2:46.....
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 and all the scrubs shortly after jeeeeeeeezus so sick
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 @ 0:46
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 I'm not ok with the bluetooth speaker strapped to the bike.
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 jammin' some Len, i think!
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 Man I forgot how much of a beast Mitch is. Solid stuff here.
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 sixk little edit
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 Covid capital of Utah.
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 I miss Davanza's Frown
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 @scott-townes: Oh she's still open!
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 @scott-townes: is canyons open?
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 @enduro29erHack: Those trails haven't been open for a few years. This is a complete guess but I'm assuming they took Crest, dropped into Canyons side, took Mid Mtn. over, went down Dropkick, looped back on Mid Mountain and took Holly's to the base.

To clarify, Mid Mtn. Red Coat, Insurgent, Holly's haven't closed, just some of the trails that were built specifically for the bike park like Ricochet closed down last time I checked.
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 @scott-townes: thanks for the tips. Gonna try that next time in PC. I miss that park. Not a lot of trails but they were good quality.
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 @enduro29erHack: For sure. Just be sure to avoid getting caught ducking ropes!
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 Damn that boy good
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 Utah only has powder and dust. Nothing in-between.
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 Not true. You must not ride here everyday like me, for 22 years Smile Although it is dry here, we do get hero quite often. Don't forget rock.
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 @Monsterman156: I usually ride every day, but this summer I had surgery.

Last summer was pretty epic- as wet as it gets in Utah. But go ride the resorts or other high traffic trails. Dust. Even after yesterdays storm the trails will be dry by this weekend.
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 Did a late night lap down Pinecone And Armstrong yesterday. The dust on Armstrong was like an extra inch of suspension. It was a whiteout in the lights trying to follow anyone. Worst I’ve ever seen it in recent memory. It was like Northstar moon dust
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 @drlancefreeride: even after those two storms this week?

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