Video: Travis Pastrana Takeover - Ultimate Hometown Shred in an 862hp Subaru STI

Dec 8, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

We know there aren't any bikes, but this is some next-level driving.

bigquotesMore than a decade-long rivalry between friends and rally drivers Travis Pastrana and Ken Block has culminated in a passing of the torch. Travis Pastrana is trying his hand at his own Gymkhana film, shot and edited by the same crew that makes all the Gymkhana films: Hoonigan Media Machine. Who’s the real winner here? You!

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 You think that's fast? You should see how I drive to work when I need to poop...
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 A shi**y excuse to drive fast
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 Sing it with me now....'The boss makes a dollar and I make a dime.......thats why I shit on company time!''
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 @thedirtyburritto: to tired to work, to broke to quit, I sit here now faking a $h*t. - anonymous
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 Travis's face throughout shows just how on the edge he is!
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 For real. When Pastrana looks genuinely scared it’s scary.
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 @dirtnapped @Mattysville - That was the first thing I thought. You could see the "oh sh!t" moment on his face jumping over the water. Holy crap, and that jump on the 2-lane at 150mph made me pucker.
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 @n7slc: that road jump...damn
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 @n7slc: the hard left on the landing of the water jump was ridiculous. and the high speed jump was crazy, i think i saw he posted that it was over 300 ft of air time!!!!
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 @Mattysville: And it looked like he may have landed a bit short as well!
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flag Mojo348 (Dec 9, 2020 at 0:53) (Below Threshold)
 Tho there is a lot of planning and choreography. Cars setup to drift real easy. Pastrama and Block would not see which way a WRC went. I know they don’t claim to tho, and they’re great videos.

Also that BRZ. Mmmm.
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 His face must have been incredibly sore after that day of driving.
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 @n7slc: YES! Cant help but think he could have backsided the downhill on the landing if he'd have gone maybeeeee 155 instead of 151 lol. Too rad.
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 @Mojo348: given that Pastrana beat both of your countrymen Armin Schwarz and Bernd Schneider as well as Scotland’s David Coulthard and Colin McRae in the 2006 race of champions nations cup not to mention the multiple rally titles in the USA, he can hold his own Wink
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 @Mojo348: With my limited knowledge about motor(assisted) sports, I'd say it is a comparison between making a (scripted and practiced) freeride video and racing. Both can be impressive in their own right. Yet we've seen more than a few racers in freeride videos and some athletes known as freeriders have still done well at races.

I honestly wasn't aware Pastrana rode with this many wheels. I'd say he's doing well.
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 More donuts than Mike Levy can handle.
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 this one slipped through the ebike filter!
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 These ebikes keep getting more and more capable
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 LMAO, If that doesn’t win comment gold, then life is unfair! @iantmcg:
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 Maybe on car stunt forums the Red Bull MTB videos sometimes slip through their MTB filter too?
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 And Brandon Semenuk is his new teammate in ARA which is huuge for Canadian to be driving factory Subaru after 10 time champion Higgins. So it is somehow bike related isn’t it? We may even see Semenuk driving this thing.
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 Rallys are just like enduros...but with cars. Smile
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 Not bike related, don’t care. That was awesome
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 I find bike guys and car guys often overlap. I think we all just like going fast.
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 there are bikes at the end when his freakin' 9 year old does a double back flip on his BMX.
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 @4thflowkage: for me is about playing in the dirt, all of my fun cats have been off road capable, but yes overlap.
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 @DeepInTheForest: To be honest the BMX bit was what I enjoyed most. Also simply because I know what it takes to land a jump and can't even do rotations (let alone a double backflip). But I don't know about everyone else but I've never jumped with a car. I understand you can adjust pitch with throttle and brake when in the air but that's it. To me these big jumps on cars are like they do the math of what speed they should be going at run in and then just go for it. I just don't have the faintest idea of what skill it takes to pull it off. Of course I get that the cornering etc does take some precision so I can kinda relate to how difficult that must have been. But these jumps are like watching a powerboat race. Yes it looks quick but I don't have the faintest idea of what it takes and what's involved.

So as for the car bit, for me it is merely "yes, looks quick". Doesn't even remotely get me excited to go out and drive my own car (three cylinder 0.9l Renault Clio Estate, even has a turbo which does sound fancy by default). Bike videos do get me excited to ride my bike even though mine doesn't have rear suspension.
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 @vinay: I've jumped cars a fair bit, but never that big. Mine were always go fast and hope for the best.
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 In my wife's mind this is how I drive all of the time. I'll have to show her this next time she thinks "I'm" driving crazy.
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 TRUTH. My wife used to complain about my driving until we were coming back from a 5 hour trip in separate vehicles. She had our kids, who promptly afterward told me how SHE drove. lol
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 It IS bike related, 9 year old stomping the youngest BMX double back at the end ties it all together!!!
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 cool, but only into an airbag
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 "We know there aren't any bikes, but this is some next-level driving."
BMX double backflip at 8:43. Was it the last podcast where @sarahmoore admits she doesn't watch videos all the way through?
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 I am hyped that pink bike post's stuff like this. Bikes AND Cars are my literal Religion! So, its fun to see stuff like this aswell. I think we should start a section thats specific to custom van builds and vehicles that were made with mountain bikes in mind.
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 Am I the only one who laughed when he hit the brakes at 6:29?

I uh, think it’s too late for that, Travis.
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 Rotation of the tires, he hit the brakes to stop the front end from dipping.
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 @KonaTrevor: yeah, I know that’s what they do in the moto world (not sure about rally), but it still struck me as funny. Looked like the car was nosing down before then, regardless.
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 @KonaTrevor: opposite. You hit the gas to go nose up ("panic rev"), tap the brake to nose down. Conservation of angular momentum - the wheels were spinning forward, if they stop, the whole car spins forward to compensate.

However, that car also has a maaaaaassive movable wing and way less of its mass/inertia is in the wheels than it is on a MX bike. I'm curious if the brake/throttle is even a consideration...
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 @ryetoast: he doesn’t even need to do all that. He’s got active aero. If the nose dips then he holds a button and the wing on the back flaps up to bring it back. You can see them use it somewhere in the video for a split second.
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 @KonaTrevor: Doesn't the front dip when you do hit the brakes? If you don't want that, instead you spin up the wheel (so spin up the engine, then suddenly release the clutch). That said, I admit I know little about motorsports. Not even motor assisted sports.
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 @ninjatarian: i think he may have just been hovering the brake pedal prepping for the landing. you don't see any of the wheels actually stop so i don't think he was doing it to pitch the nose down. and like you said, he was already nosing down. i think he was just getting ready to slam on them after the landing.
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 Yeah my buddy back home has a WRX just like that one
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 pretty sure they're all like that
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 I call bs...
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 That car is easily a quarter million dollars.
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 My 16 Mo old daughter just signed "more, please, thank you" as the credits rolled.....
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 Subaru had an amazing rally team of action sport heroes for 2020 with Travis and Brandon Semanuk competing in the ARA. Check out season 8 of Launch Control :
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 having been to Annapolis a bunch, I can say that first jump (over the canal) is absurdly far
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 That body of water is called "ego alley." Annapolis does a boat parade every Christmas, so big enough for a couple of yachts side by side.
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 Because 863 horsepower would just simply be too much. Just goes to show that TP is good at anything he decides to do. Massive props.
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 Have always liked Ken Block's superb driving skills in his videos, but who better to past the torch to than Pastrana. Travis has always been fearless and a future legend. Looks like Pastrana is more about speed and big air than Block was. Man, both of those huge jumps were unreal (the Subie is so well balanced). The rear tire hanging off the dock was also cool during that big power slide. Even the jump in the stretched out convertible they call the "Pit Viper" looked great, never mind 6 year old Conor Stitt's double back flip at the end. What a great video...Gymkhana still lives!
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 Pit Viper is a brand of eyewear. If you don't know, you don't know.
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 Irony on:

People from all over the world: "Hell he drives 150Mph"

People from germany: "Why does this car doesn´t get faster than a a C200?"

Irony off.

Nice video and some crazy stunts, i like it! Needs a lot of balls (and trust in god) for these stunts.
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 I’m a bit of a motorsport dork. I loved listening to the turbo whistle, and seeing some of the turbo blow off in a few shots. The extremely short exhaust tubes come straight out of the turbo up through the hood and at the end doing donuts in the dirt you can see them glowing red in broad daylight . Vroom Vroom
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 Here's a more detailed look at the active-aero setup and cockpit controls and exactly why and how that car is so balanced in the air,
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 "We know there aren't any bikes, but this is some next-level driving."

Seek to 8:33, there is a 9y old kid on a bike!
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 But there are bikes!
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 Subaru: *makes the most ridiculous "rally car" ever with active aero*
Hoonigan: "lets put a GoPro on the airbrake"
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 This isn't really a rally car. Looks to me like recycling of their ARX rallycross cars. It probably started like this...So now that ARX is defunct, what shoudl we do of these 650BHP cars lying around. Just crank the boost outside of the FIA limit, add active aero and do a video. The irony is that single video will have been more popular than the races these cars were initially build for which is a bit of a shame.
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 @opignonlibre: that's why i said rally car in quotations
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 We get it, y'all vape.
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 That jump at 150 mph is the WORST idea I've ever seen. Holy crap that could easily have been death,
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 His facial expression was appropriate. lol Excellent driving and video work ... that jump at the end. O.O Seems like that was ripe to go wrong if not perfectly executed.
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 That was truly insane. My little cuz did an MX backflip in to a pit out at TP's place. Seemed like a big deal at the time but sounds pretty tame now.
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 Thats INSANE! We need more!!
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 No egos were hurt during the making of this video.. but Ken Block seems more in control..
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 Impressive! I went to Annapolis, couldn’t even get parked.
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 You should've watched the whole video as there is a little boy double flipping his bmx
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 Pastrana is such a dangerous car driver! He should get a motorbike instead...
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 FOR SALE: Adult Owned subaru. A few tasteful mods. Low Miles, may not pass emissions inspection
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 Travis living his best life.
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 Pinkhana 2020
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 Reason number 100,000,000 that I’ll never be a Tesla fanboy. Sickest Impreza on earth!
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 Greta Thunberg is gonna love it!
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 Didn't know they had round abouts in America........
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 Was that real or did Gary Fischer put something in my coffee?
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 carzzzzzzzzzzzzzz brum brum brumzzzz
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 Never seen a car grind before (dock scene) crazy!
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 Pretty sure my '02 Imprezza could do all that just fine.
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 Video of the year! That was SO AWESOME!
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 The pit viper car jump is the most pit viper thing imaginable
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 That dog at 2:63 just got vaporized!!!!
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 Wouldn't that timestamp be 3:03?
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 On the country road speed scene, I know they closed the road down... but I kept thinking "what if a dog or deer wanders onto the road?"
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 Holy cocknballs!!!!
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 why this guy got two sticks??
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 Left: Sequential gear lever, Right: Hydraulic handbrake
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 Two is better then one
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 Looking forward to the extended cut.
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 Needs a hitch mounted bike rack...
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 Yea, but pretty sure no matter how good the bike rack, he would have lost the bike(s) on one of the jumps...
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 Where my USNA bros at? Ego alley represented.
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 Got nothin on Santa
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 I am always a bit deceived when these very good drivers and mighty machines are used to showcase quite an inefficient way of driving. I guess that's 'MURICA for you.
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 Street Bike Tommy!!!!!
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 Hell yes
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