Video: Triple Podium for Team KHS & a New US DH Champion

Sep 23, 2020
by The Flick  
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Words by KHS pro MTB team

The KHS pro MTB team does excellent work at the final Downhill national this year coming out on top with triple podiums - the overall Pro men’s Downhill winner, Nik Nestoroff, Kailey Skelton taking 2nd place in the Pro Female Downhill, and the headline news of the season with Steven Walton taking the overall 2020 Downhill U.S. National title to make for his first major title in his career.

KHS Pro MTB team Men s podium at the Snowshoe DH National finals with Nik Nestoroff in first place and Steven Walton in forth place.

It was a grueling season. A season that will never be forgotten with overcoming and adapting with all the current global crisis. This series went all across the United States from east to west and the final race with all the points on the line ended up in Snowshoe West Virginia known to be very slippery wet grueling track.

KHS Pro MTB team rider Kailey Skelton riding around a big rock at the DH finals in Snowshoe W.V.

Friday started off with pro training followed by Saturday’s qualification with the team having a top five qualification spots. They were exactly 6.5 seconds down on the 2019 U.S. National Champion, Neko Mullally, so they definitely have their work cut out for them.

KHS Pro MTB team rider Nik Nestoroff about to head off a jump at Snowshoe for DH national finals.

Sunday ended up to be a beautiful morning with no rain and track conditions were turning out to be perfect. It was roughly 4 PM when finals went off and Nik Nestoroff was able to lay down the fastest pro male time of the day beating out all the top competition!

KHS Pro MTB team rider Steven Walton set in the starting gate for his final run at the DH national finals at Snowshoe W.V.

Steven Walton had tremendous pressure on his shoulders and was running a fine line of keeping the rubber side down, he executed his race run coming 4th on the day and taking the overall U.S. National Downhill Championship title.

KHS Pro MTB team rider Steven Walton with his puppy.

The team wants to thank all our great sponsors for continuously supporting us throughout these tough times and we are very excited to have a great fall season of training and riding in preparation for 2021.

KHS Pro MTB team rider Kailey Skelton riding around having fun and popping a Wheelie in the parking lot at the DH finals in Snowshoe W.V.

Stay tuned for our Snowshoe West Virginia final Downhill video coming out soon!

KHS Pro MTB team rider Nik Nestoroff cleaning his race bike after a day of practice.


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 As if I wasnt disappointed enough by my fellow countrymen as of late....then I came here and read the first few comments... I feel like neither gwin nor ropelato would be bagging on any of these racers. Sure they may be letting someone else have the limelight. Or maybe they just have other important things to be doing with their lives. Either way, they didnt race, and that shouldn't take anything away from the people who did. I hope that's not what hamncheez was implying - I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. I was suprised not to see their names in there also. Conoat, I dont even have the time to begin...grow up.
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 I wasn't implying anything- with world's coming up, I was just curious as to why Gwin wouldn't want to get some racing in.
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 Great job to the KHS team for showing up and taking these events seriously and kicking some ass as well. I would love for these National level events to mean something again and teams like KHS treating them the way they do is a step in the right direction. Props to KHS and the team for a job well done! Fun video too!
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 Great video ...what a awesome group of people class act for sure. Great showing this weekend.
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 Great Weekend Team! Cheers you earned it!
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 I wonder why Gwin and Ropelato didn't show up.
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flag conoat (Sep 23, 2020 at 17:06) (Below Threshold)
 I was at a race a couple years ago at Bootleg in Vegas. both Nesteroff and Gwin were there. Nesteroff pushed at what looked like 100% and Gwin looked like he was on some parade laps with his boys. In fact, I watched him do a bar hump on his race run to cheering fans. he won by 2 sec on a 3:30 run.

he wasn't there because these kids aren't up to par to be competition.
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 @conoat: at least they show up . . . . . DH, Enduro’s etc. And remember these boys are young!
Good job Nick & Steve!
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 @conoat: I saw same 2 runs. Kid who got 2nd had to have his gf console him.. really thought he was gonna cry in front of everybody. Gf took him back to his safe space, quintons bus

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