Video: Troy Brosnan Shreds His Home Trails

Feb 26, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesWe head down under to Adelaide, Australia to check in with one of the most successful and consistent DH racers out there, Troy Brosnan. Seemingly in contention for the win at every race is an enviable position that most riders dream of and after 4 seasons of constant podiums, the formula of speed and skill combine to always make Brosnan the man to beat. He’s hungry for more in 2020 and we got the inside scoop into what keeps the danger man at the top of his game and pushing to be faster than ever.

Episode 5 will feature the smooth operator, Luca Shaw
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 I really really want to see this guy take a win this year!
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 He's been just too many time at the very top of the rankings. The time will arrive for Mr. Consistent.
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 So deserving. Such a humble and skilled rider.
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 Mr consistent....hope 2020 will be your year...Goodluck
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flag jcaraiza (Feb 27, 2020 at 10:57) (Below Threshold)
 I guess what separates him from the frenchies is that he doesn't seem to have fun, while the baguettes are having so much fun like little kids laughing and loving each other
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 All the best for the upcoming season Troy! You have amazing, amazing style! Always a joy to watch you ride.
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 and the dude is humble
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 @vhdh666: as you may have guessed, modesty is not on top of my priorities, he launch and airborne capacity is rather frivolous. He can send over stuff that most of his competitors roll over. For good and bad off course. If I was to guess how big gaps he did by launching off rocks and roots in VDS when I saw him in person, he took a few 4-6m leaps on left side of a section Gwinny rode around and minnaar plowed through. It was... humbling.
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 “I don’t think we did anything wrong this season” ... “just put all the work in and see what happens” ... “I know i’ve got everything to win any race, just waiting for it to happen” ... Man this guy’s honest with himself and soooo Chris Sharma (cf rock climbing) about racing results (compare to us, french).

Hope it all come together for ya man, you deserve it !
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 Then the frenchies come in with rotors full of grease.
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 "just a little bit of..." that´s kind of the story of his racing life, isn´t it?
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 @chyu: those frickin' baguettes!!
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 Awesome rider, a few milliseconds away from total domination with that consistency. Maybe 2020 could be the year?
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 You make us locals proud, TB. Plus a sweet showcasing of @trailscapes work on the Ohally's trails... ADL FTW!
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 Trails look sweet, and brosnan hauling as usual. Go for the win in 2020!
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 His day will come. Now, hear me out, this may come off as bizarre sounding but Loic and Amaury ride like kids and Troy rides like an adult. The Frenchies flirt with season ending disaster seemingly every finals run. They know where their ceiling is and they bust through it and ride at 10.5 or 11 10ths every Sunday. Troy keeps it between 9.5 and 9.9 and is always right there. After his runs I never sigh and mutter "thank God he's still alive..." Remember Amaury nose manualing over the finish line at 9000mph last year? Troy doesn't do that maniac sh!t. He's fast, smooth and always in control. Anyway, as a 40+ guy that can't afford a big injury I try to ride like Troy (way slower and clunkier obviously), near, but always below my ceiling.
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 I lived in Adelaide for 4 years and I'm going back next week for a mate's wedding. Easy town to live in and get around. Ran into Troy in a café when I had some old friends visiting from the US. He was a champ and took our jokes and photos in stride while grabbing a coffee for another shuttle run with his mum.
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 how does it compare to GA?
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 @SvenNorske: Atlanta is very different than Adelaide in many ways. Atlanta is booming - construction everywhere, jobs galore and traffic is nuts. Adelaide is the opposite - minimal growth, not a ton of opportunity relatively and easy to get around. Adelaide is a city of 1.3 m people and sparse outside of an hours drive in any direction. While greater Atlanta is 6 m people and growing quickly. Plenty of other differences too - Atlanta is very diverse, Adelaide not diverse at all. Location and geography differences are obvious. But, you it's hard to beat Adelaide's riding and culture, especially for a city.
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 Great promotion for TB and Adelaide. As he says it’s a great place to live. Top riding all year round and great beaches too.
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 As a viewer I always think Troy contributes massively to the excitement of watching the race. Amazing to watch, always takes different lines and always has the chance of taking a win. His runs are always a highlight of any WC.
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 One of my fav riders for sure
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 Yes soooo smmmoooth.
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flag Boosting (Feb 26, 2020 at 10:05) (Below Threshold)
 @Dangerhill: not smooth at all. Rather flying and boosting everything.

Nice try tho, chap.
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 @Boosting: You're both right!
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 @Boosting: watched it again and couldn't see one boosted jump...
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 I’ve got my fingers crossed for you this season, always smiling and good sportsmanship. A joy to watch
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 One of the best riders out there, always up there and always seems chilled out. Fingers crossed that TB gets a win in 2020.
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 Nice to see our local O'halloran hill trails - pretty sweet. Adelaide is well worth a visit. See Troy reasonably often when I am out riding, and he's a great bloke. Super chilled out and always up for a chat, not mention that style for miles!!! Fingers crossed for 2020 and bring on the Frenchies :-)
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 Met a lot of rider's at Snowshoe this past season and Troy was someone who stood out. I was on crutches (ACL/Meniscus tears) and Troy asked ME what happened as I was crutching by the pits. All the best luck to you this year and hopefully Mr. Consistent can be atop the podium consistently this season.
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 To me he is the perfect mountain biker in terms of attitude, style, speed and humility.
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 2020 Is Troys year for sure. Mr Consistency For The Win !
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 i think, one of these years, his consistency will sneak the title.
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 One of the greatest and such a nice and down to earth guy. All the best for 2020!
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 All these videos get me so excited about the upcomming season that my nipples hurt. Would be awesome to see a full race season without bad injuries to spoil it. Best luck to Troy and everyone else !
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 Adelaide seems pretty chill. Always liked 2/3rd cities that have their own character and are not overrun by tourists.
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 eBikes: great for walking dogs
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 Really hope he wins this year such a nice guy and real rad skills
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 Don't forget to shake your hands before you ride!
Alltime classic by @camerondodd98!
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 Sir, that made my day...
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 Would love to know Brosnan's sport psychology routine. The man is 100% in the game, everytime. Astounding
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 Many times I`ve seen mtbikers on road bikes, mainly for training, but I`ve never seen a roadie on a mtb so far. Guess why Wink
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 safe to say everyone wants troy to win.come on troy
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 lived in Adelaide for the a few years. wicked city. good luck Troy!
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 Absolute legend! Hope he wins the thing this season!!
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 get em troy!!!
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 I'm about to buy the Maxxis Dissector to try out. It's Troy's tire. I can't wait to start riding like him!! LOL. Wink
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 Radelaide... definitely a shithole, but worth a visit if you like meth
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 Don't know why this has been downvoted?

It's the truth.

It's a sick place for riding also!
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 It's all perspective, but after living there for 4 years, I saw very few shithole areas. Even Elizabeth, probably the toughest of suburbs is nothing compared to most cities. Adelaide is safe with low crime overall. Economic opportunity is another story, but that's what you get with a sleepy beach town surrounded by wineries.

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