Video: Twin Brothers Push Each Other On Dirt Jumpers in Germany

Sep 30, 2021
by bignuggetjumps  
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TIME is one of the most valuable things you have. When you get older you have more obligations like having a intense job or continue education. Both of us started studying mechanical engineering three years ago which eats a lot of freetime. But we always had and have our main focus on riding bikes. It is a good balance to all the stress that everyday life brings with it and we feel free again. Riding bikes put always a big smile on our faces and we try to ride as much as possible.

"As soon as we free ourselves from the mirage of hurrying time, we are alive again, as in childhood, to the ecstasies of ordinary life" ~ Alan Watts

In spring 2021, we finished the build of our new trick jump and started filming this video project with our favorite videographer and good friend Lukas Klein. He is always super pumped on filming and editing. Lukas also rides dirt jump which helps a lot finding the right angles and getting sick shots. He is an absolut wizard!

As twin brothers with the same passion we always have someone to ride with and push our limits on the same riding level.

Special thanks to CPGANG @cpgang and our local bike-shop Zweirad Joos @zweiradjoos for supporting us.

Also thanks to the local mountain bike club HMC for giving us the opportunities to ride such a sick place in Rielasingen, Germany and MTB Spaichingen.

Riders: Vinzent Raimann and Valentin Raimann
Filming and editing: Lukas Klein

Song: Alone - Night Lovell
Video with original soundtrack on YouTube.


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 Perfect, I love the editing work, it emphasizes what's dope about riding. Breath of fresh air compared to all that US / Canadian dry and boring shooting and editing. Thumbs up
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 Thanks a lot!
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 Don't think I've ever seen anyone but Brett Rheeder do a cork 7 bar before... Crazy
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 How long ya been brothers?
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 Damnn this was inspiring, good stuff
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 Twice gnarly
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 Obviously super-talented, but the editing does them a great disservice as I can't concentrate on their riding.
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 Truth! Editors putting themselves before their subjects... in a good edit you don't notice the editing at all... just the subject...
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 Yo, maybe you should watch the video on YouTube with lyrics. But thanks for the feedback!

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