Video: Two More Views of Oscar Harnstrom's Huge Rock Face Ride

Aug 29, 2019
by Oscar Härnström  

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Riding down the massive rock face in one go and having two-wheel drifts almost the whole way down. One of the craziest run I have done, and keep your eyes if you can spot the rolling rock!

These two clips are from the same run and just to give you a glimpse of how steep it is in real life, here is a clip where I push a rock down from a third way down of my riding line.

Please enjoy and if you haven't seen the full edit and article you can found it here:

Drone filmed by: Pete Brockman/ Kollektive Productions


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 Ok GoPro footage doesn’t usually show steepness but tossing that rock did the trick.
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 That was probably really exciting/scary to do, but the video is dull. Sos
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 Dull if you don't know what you're looking at. That last drop was gnar and the view before dropping in... incredible. If you were a GoPro sponsored rider, you might actually have a chance at winning Line of the World contest!
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 That drone footage was absolute garbage. It gave zero perspective.
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 Excellent escape from the swarm of killer bees. You really kept it together!
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 IMO all of the camera angles are horrible and don't do justice to how steep/big the rock face is!
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 That is insane. Im glad you traversed it instead of went straight down. I was prepared for you to die if you went straight down. Mad respect.
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 Imagine your carbon bike rolling down the hill like that rock.
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 God those bugs are the worst part I'd be pedaling down the rock to get away from them
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 Back in the 80s and 90s there was a Yosemite climber (whose name I can't remember) who used to ride some of the descent lines on the Tuolomne Domes on a unicycle. No helmet!
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 PS That slab is not really very steep. Looks like a few short steepish drops on it, and I'm sure it was fun to ride, but hardly scary looking. Check this video for comparison
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 Sick spot! I was in Sweden with Oscar but I did not get to see that big rock!
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 10/10 would do on my XC hardtail. Seat up.
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 Sorry, my comment was for @anyexcusetoride, not Oscar.
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 Governator... mic drop.
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  • 1 0
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 ... Cool.
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 That was fucking wild. Its like the people commenting have no idea what their watching or something
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 that's not a rockslab! THIS is a rockslab!
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 Except the dog wouldn’t be able to run down Oscars rock face. It would be tumbling.
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 @masacrejoe: dude you haven't seen how good my dog is at parkour ????
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 Dude thats not even a comparison to what oscar did. One slip and you are falling to the very bottom. The youtube guys was probably something he found on trailforks haha his dog was walking it the whole way down
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 That looked like a super tacky, easy cruise down. No comparison.

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