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Video: Unreal Flow Trails in Wyoming's Wild Frontier in 'Grindstone'

Mar 16, 2022
by Norco Bicycles  

For centuries, Wyoming’s Teton mountains have tested the grit of anyone wandering the wild frontier.

Photo by Stephen Shelesky
Photo by Stephen Shelesky

Demanding everything of the native peoples who first inhabited them, these peaks have brought even the toughest cowboys to their knees and tested the resolve of anyone who’s dared to indulge.

Photo by Stephen Shelesky

And, while the pioneer spirit is what attracts so many, it’s the wide-ranging community of like-minded folks blocking the biting North Wind for each other that gives anyone a fighting chance.

Photo by Stephen Shelesky
Photo by Stephen Shelesky

Norco Freeride Ambassador Nick Clark succumbed to the mountains’ pull all the way from Georgia, and spends his days grinding stone into the grit it takes to live the mountain life and take his riding to new levels.

Photo by Stephen Shelesky


Directed by: Aharon Bram
Cinematography: Aharon Bram
Edit: Aharon Bram
Photography: Stephen Shelesky
Colorist: Dan Olsen
Sound Design: Jacob Callaghan
PA: Sasha Motivala and Brandon Haltom
Rancher: Chase Lockhart

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 If you have had the opportunity to enjoy these trails and want to see them continually growing and maintained, or would just like to come visit and check them out. Please consider donating to tetonfreeriders.org
Most the trails in this video are on public lands with no corporate oversight or input. TFR is a small group that works extremely hard to build and maintain these trails which rival most bike parks in the country.
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 100% agreed to this comment. We hit these trails last Fall and they are world class. TFR deserves so much credit and donations to keep this amazing area open and accessible.
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 ^^^ This.
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 Wild frontier? you mean billionaire oligarch's playground??
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 Totally. Think Aspen or St Moritz, not some wilderness bullshit
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flag Frontrange (Mar 16, 2022 at 15:02) (Below Threshold)
 oligarch.... ooooooooowwww someone has been watching mainstream media too much. Way to use a buzz word. 2 points.
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 @Frontrange: Look at the real estate prices up there, then jobs up there. Would you prefer "Modern Robber Barons"? White Collar Criminals?
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flag danielfloyd FL (Mar 16, 2022 at 15:25) (Below Threshold)
 @wyorider: chill dude.. just because someone has money doesn't mean they got it by being evil.
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 Nick Clark throwing an eBike around like it's a toy is how I imagine myself looking when I ride one.
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flag SATN-XC (Mar 16, 2022 at 14:32) (Below Threshold)
 100% certain that is not an e-bike...the picture of him pushing the bike up the hill is a dead giveaway....that and simply pausing the video for a better look Smile
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 @SATN-XC: he switched to an ebike towards the end of the video.
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flag stalkinghorse (Mar 16, 2022 at 14:43) (Below Threshold)
 That's not an ebike.It's a Norco shore. www.norco.com/bikes/mountain/freeride
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 @wsor1337: ugh, you're right
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 @SATN-XC: Classic bait and switch, it's an e-bike. Check it out at 2:56 and 3:30
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 @SATN-XC: 100% certain I've pushed an eBike up a hill before, tbh. lol
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 nice... but I'm mystified about why this is the only edit i can remember seeing on PB from trails in wyoming...gotta admit tho, i dont check out PB as often since the Outside purchase
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 Because Wyoming isn’t a real place, and no one lives there. It’s just a population of cows. This was actually filmed in the secret mountains of Kansas.
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 There are bigger name places around there with more trail networks and more visibility. i.e Colorado, Utah, Montana. While the trails in WY are incredible, there arent as many as in the surrounding states.
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 @mountainyj: and pronghorn. Cows and pronghorn, nothing else.
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 @wilsonians: Yep. No trails here……just keep on rolling in your Sprinter van.
  • 4 1
 @shedsidechuck because this is the first time in history that the wind speed was in the single digits allowing someone to jump stuff, let alone ride.
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 @mobil1syn: Jackson isn’t Wyoming. One of the chief indicators of that is the lack of wind. There are entire……calm…..days in Jackson.

Rest of the state-you fart they taste it in Nebraska.
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 @mountainyj: Wyoming may not be real, but same for Kansas mountains.

The only imaginary thing that’s big in Kansas is Jeezus.
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 @Lukasrandall: While their range extends (at least) from Montana to New Mexico, the largest populations of Jackalope are found on the high plains of Wyoming as well.
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 The headline does say the trails are unreal. Maybe they mean it literally.

See @mountainyj comment for details.
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 Needs more fire-road climbs.
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 All the riding shown here is accessible via shuttle. But you can ride up the old road if you want to peddle.
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 @PhilGyr: I was joking.
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 Shout out to TED iykyk
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 highly underrated comment
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 queda poco tiempo para pedir mis discos en publico
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 ILLuvia as in Ludvig Cimbrelius??

@st1991: @leviatanouroboro: ok i had to goggle translate that out of curiosity and was even more puzzled by the answer and upon looking at you profile it seems there is a missing Illuvia record?! I have to admit i was shocked that someone on this hell site even knows who Illuvia is let alone has vinyl by the man. i have a few of his records too and i would also be relentless in my attempts to get them back.
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 The Kansas mountain bike scene has really taken off lately. Kudos to all of the Kansas trail crew putting in the work.
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 All the dirt in Kansas could be piled into a hill.....and it'd still just be a hill in Kansas.
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 @wyorider: Kansas is really underrated but I think it has potential to be a big mtb destination.
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 @senditbilly: New Mexico is underrated. Oregon is underrated. Nevada is underrated. Kansas is one of those places where people don't know why anyone needs a dropper, tire inserts, a seat angle steeper than 73 degrees and a head angle slacker than 71 degrees.

Oh, and Colorado, Utah and B.C. get a lot of hype, but they have the trails to support that hype. Mountain biking doesn't require mountains, but the best mountain biking does.
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 Sick video. One of the best posted here in a long time.
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 Stopped on a road trip few years back and had the wife shuttle me a few laps, What an epic trail! Still trying to figure out how anyone affords to live up there though haha. Place was amazing!
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 Damn... Rope mill has some breathtaking trails. So sick!
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 holy cow I didn't know Wyoming had such cool trails!! Immediately going into the to-do list!!
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 This is just beautiful. Awesome scenery, riding and well selected music, despite the ebike! ;-)
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 I want to be there!
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 Such an awesome video.
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 Wow what was that wizardry @3:18
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 An incredible part of the country that is
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 I am such a hack rider compared to guys like these
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 Hee Haw. Nice riding pardner.
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 Where is ebike tag so this is flitered off my dashboard?
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 Its up in the top right. Recently re-labeled 'Log Out'

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