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Dec 8, 2018
by Urge Bike Products  
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PRESS RELEASE: Urge Bike Products

In 2018, Urge BP is already 10 years old! A decade spent at the very heart of mountain biking between races, exploring journeys and daily lunch rides. Since the early days, Urge’s guideline was to make MTB helmets and off-road helmets ONLY. Today, it seems like we’re the only MTB brand that kept this philosophy alive.

We’ve also had in mind since the beginning to add some serious eco-responsible and sustainable ideas to the manufacturing of our products, such as using recycled components and removing plastic whenever it’s possible. We just can’t stop doing what we do and have fun on our bikes but we MUST do it responsibly.

To celebrate this unique anniversary, we would like to reveal you our main source of inspiration: our ‘Gringos’ ambassadors who make our favourite sport more and more beautiful every day.

Among these passionate riders coming from everywhere, we’re sure to be in good company. In this Urge crew, gathering diverse talented personalities, from Zoobab and Fred Glo, Father and Godfather of the brand, passing through legendary Fabien Barel, Camille Servant, Baptiste Gaillot, Youn Deniaud, Sabrina Jonnier to the master of free diving Arnaud Jerald, the hippie monk Ima Su, the cartographer Cedric Tassan, the guardian of History Julien Rebuffet, the journalist Amael Donnet and the really young gun Paolo, we are all gringos. Strangers to each other or to a place, at this precise moment or in our entire life.

We’re all different, unique, but united by some common values. Champions, past champions, future champions or simply passionate riders, super fit or so so, young or not that young any longer, famous or discreet, it’s just about Human diversity riding off-road bikes wandering in the middle of nature with pleasure, love, and respect. Every one of them is looking forward to a better future, when, we hope, Man will find a way to stop being too often a toxic element for the planet and biodiversity.

World's second best Apnea diver at last W.C, Arnaud Jerald is a young, passionate and fully committed person to the protection of the environment and the underwater world. Follow him in the deep blue of the ocean and on his mountain bike playground above the hills of Marseille.

Some of you will say... Jesus! Some of you... John Lenon. Or maybe thanks to Jean Marc a.k.a IMA SU, you'll have a look at yourself and realize how much connections with nature were lost? From a river stream to the beach of La Londe IMA SU will show you some great spots to chill!

You know Camille from French Enduro Series and Enduro World Series where he started to shine this year. A super fast and sympathetic guy with no fear on trails and farm where he helps his GrandPa all year long to build a strong and organic agricultural exploitation. You can't have everything under your rooftop, in order to get the best dinner in whole south of France, Camille needs to head to the mountains and find some thyme and rosemary...

If you think you've seen everything in the cycling universe, you could still be surprised by Amael's passion for Bike Polo. Horses traded for fixies, 3 VS 3 on a playground sponsored by Kim Jong... Weird, isn't it? And fun for sure! Swiss Alps still have secrets for you...

Looking for some positive vibes and good company? Knock at Baptiste's doors. Always with a smile and some funny jokes, Baptiste will give you some ski lessons that you'll never forget. Ski instructor above 1000m of altitude, he draws some pure mountain bike lines in the steeps of the Chamrousse mountains below 1000m, just take a look.

Several times mountain bike World Champion, mountain bike trainer, mountain bike guide, yoga teacher, gardener but now, first of all Mother, Sabrina Jonnier shows you her little piece of paradise where she can teach her daughter respect and love for nature. A ride with friends on the burning rocks of Roquebrune Sur Argens in South of France to end this beautiful day, what else?

If you plan to discover France on your mountain bike, there's only one solution. Grab a VTOPO MTB guidebook to find the best riding trails and nature spots in our beautiful country. Discovered, ridden and drawn by Cedric Tassan and all his VTOPO crew, let a pure mountain bike spirit guide your handlebar on this journey.

The creator of Urge BP, artist and huge nature lover. Inspired by the waves of the ocean, the dust of the desert and the wind of the mountains. That's the secret of Urge BP helmet's recipe. Follow JP on his surfboard in the sapphire clear waters of South of France and on his gravel bike just above the sea!

What's the best way to remember good old times? Make the memories live through the present in a stylish way. That's how Julien from Generation Mountain Bike spreads his positive vibes around him. An excellent technician, mechanic and storyteller, that will lead you through History with his MTB museum, unveiling the most precious bikes he was able to restore.

What else do you need to know about Fabien? The living legend is still shredding hard!

Fred Glo is the creator and associated manager of Tribe Sport Group since 1996. Creator un associated manager of Urge Bike Products and Brake Authority since 2008. Founder of the Tribe 10000 in 2003 and the French Enduro Series in 2005. Founder and associated manager of the Enduro World Series since 2013. Initial creator and active member of Mountain Bikers Foundation BF since 2008. Mountain biker (since 1987), Graveler, SUPer Skieur, Trailer, traveler and Trail builder.

Youn Deniaud is the rising star of the Enduro World Series. Best privateer rider of the 2018 season with a Top 10 position, he was rewarded with the breakthrough trophy of the year. A very talented and fast young gun that you will, for sure, see in the Top 3 in the upcoming years!

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 Must resist the Urge to post a stupid pun!
  • 7 1
 Das Urgestein des Kommentarhumors.
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 Please do, I don't think I can Endur-o-matic another pun thread
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 Many years ago I managed to visit Urge and their sister company Tribe Sport Group when we were in their neigborhood. Sabrina was kind enough to guide us for a morning. Wonderful, committed and passionate people making very good products.

Moreover, in working on a new bike, the Tribe crew seemed super happy to give me input, even putting me into contact with one of their sponsored athletes - and they're not even my local distributor (who doesn't bother to answer e-mail).
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 I have an Urge Down-O-Matic and I like it.
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 My Endur-O-Matic is all I could ask for.
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 Beautiful video! Not only incredible that they are sticking to sustainable and eco-friendly practices, but also the fact that they decided not to use this milestone as a time to brag about athlete accomplishments, how many helmets they sold, or a bunch of nonsense about pointless tech that makes their helmets “The best on the market”.

Instead they chose to showcase individuals.❤️ Real people who have a real part in keeping the brand alive. Makes me want to rock an Urge helmet!
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 I didnt realise they were still making helmets, It seems years since they launched anything
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 Did they ever release that helmet where the goggles were hooked onto pins so you could put them on and off with one hand?
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 Nicely shaped helmets that don't make your head looks like an Alien's.
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 Love my Urge helmet! Keep on the good work guys!!!
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 Zoobab, the master! Happy Paddle!
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 I'm trying not to urge you on.....
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