Video: Vali Höll Explores the Incredible Trails of Madeira on her New Trek

Feb 25, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesFinally made to Madeira. I've seen so many videos about that place, I just had to ride there by myself. Luckily Kathi Kuypers joined me and we had a sick week of riding. Vali Höll


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 somebody needs a refresher on how to wear a mask properly, especially when being abroad
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 covid is an intelligence test
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 yeah it seams they don't get that you need to cover your nose too!!!! and wearing under your chin doesn't do shit!!!
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 That there is a chin diaper.
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 Vali has incorrigible nostrils.
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 @suspended-flesh: sounds like an allegation
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 A very popular look before the FFP2 mask was required, as I termed it was the "nose exposed" look (the germans value "luft" more than anything). Should the "nose exposed" term catch on, all rights are hereby reserved.
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 @clalonde: just stop. no one cares
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 My friends call it flying at half mast. Love to Vali. Protect your friends.
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 serious question: what is correct? 'a sick week of riding' or
'a week of sick riding'?
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 From my very distant journalism days, I'd say the former over the latter. My editorial nose makes me think that "a week of sick riding" comes across as riding for a week with an ailment.
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 My time as an average high school English student would suggest the latter. You have “a week (noun) of sick (adverb) riding (verb). Usually adverbs come after verbs like “she rides sick” but in this case of a terribly worded phrase the adverb should come before. Again I got a C in English.
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 for a swiss, sick should actually be sigg
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 As a quintessential englishman it should read "I say Tarquin, that was a spiffing week riding my off road capable bicyclette, what what, tally ho".
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 What is it with native English speakers that so many can't explain a basic grammar question?

@vhdh666: Both are correct.

In the first option, the entire week, which happened to consist of riding, was awesome.

In the second option, the riding, which happened to last a week, was awesome.
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 @mi-bike: we were taught the Pythagorean theorem, much more useful than basic grammar.
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 I’m going to agree with @mi-bike and say that both are correct. In the first one it simply places emphasis that the entire week was sick, and that it included riding, whereas in the second it places emphasis on the riding itself, which took place over the last week.
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 @BikesBoatsNJeeps: Have to agree, the term 'sick week' sounds similar to 'sick day' , which one takes when they are ill. What a slow winter when we resort to debating this.
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 To my mind 'a sick week of riding' suggests a really fun week in general including some amazing riding, whereas 'a week of sick riding' focusses on the actual riding being the highlight.
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 @skidmarkbro: "riding" is not a verb here but a noun, which makes sick an adjective in this case. "Riding sickly" would be verb and adverb, if sickly was a word.
@sledshed is correct, which is why he was downvoted.
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 @mi-bike: They both present grammar that is essentially correct, I wasn't using grammar as my justification, since writing rules for journalism are somewhat different (or at least used to be 23 years ago when I left university) and you tend to write for, as my "Writing for Mass Media" professor used to say, "the dumbest person in the crowd."
Since "Sick" in modern parlance has become a homonym and slang, the definition may be unclear to a novice, or the uninformed. Therefore, if I was editing copy that used "sick" as an adverb, I'd try to place it so that is clear to the reader that it doesn't indicate that the rider had an ailment.

I'd rather pick a wheel size and be a dick about it though.
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 @Korbi777: mate, I am Dutch
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 For we American speakers, both formats are perfectly valid. As long as she had an ill time, the time was ill.
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 A week of sick riding


a week of riding sick?
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 @suspended-flesh: you must mean English speaker, American is a dialect ????
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 @Bollox64: there are at least 2 definitions:

1) The only thing that can save an attempt to impose a formal definition on the terms “language” and “dialect” now is perhaps to be found in popular usage, which suggests that languages are written and standardized and have a literature, while dialects are oral, without codified rules, and have no literature.

2) language, then, is indeed a dialect with an army and a navy; or, more to the point, a language is a dialect that got put up in the shop window.

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 If you're in Madiera and you don't ride with Joe Sanchez as your guide, you're missing out. He's got the full package for a super fair price, plus he doesn loads of work on the trails and is a mega pro mechanic. Joe or NO! We saw all those trails seen on this video plus many more. Bring extra tires... drink Poncha.
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 Madeira was amazing when I went, nicest people and place ever, go check out freeride Madeira. we got lucky during the dip of a pandemic so we managed to get a 4-star hotel for practically nothing through freeride Madeira
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 Cool secret entrance to the trail through that long tunnel! Reminds me of a secret trail entrance in Telluride where you ride a dozen yards down a flowing stream before popping off onto a trailhead.
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 Keep seeing Madeira in YT vids, but I'm never sure if it's sponsored content. Who's been to Madeira, how's the riding? Would it be a good destination for me and the missus considering she rides blues, I ride reds/blacks?
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 Dude madeira is like paradise. I‘m in love with this place. The riding is unreal.
I think it’s great for S3-S4 difficulty.
Gnarly for sure

You certainly won’t regret going there.

Check out freeride Madeira
These guys are awesome
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flag Molesdigmyjumps (Feb 25, 2021 at 4:58) (Below Threshold)
 How on Earth do you describe your riding when you do proper mountain biking and not trail centres?
Or is it always trail centres?
I'd give it a pass Madeira looks crap to ride really doesn't it.
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 @Molesdigmyjumps: LOL, take a breath dude Smile It was just a lazy shorthand to give the idea that she's a beginner and I have more experience, but I'm no racer. How would you prefer I express that? To be fair, I suppose like I just have there probably Big Grin
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 @Flunt: thanks for the info, that's great. Is there anything easier that's worth riding?
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 @Woody25: good question. I have been once and then focussed on the “good” stuff from my perspective.

If I were you I’d give the freeride guys a ring and check out if they have anything less demanding ready Smile
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 I haven't ridden there yet. Last time i was there i checked in with Freeride Madeira but they were fully booked. That said, my ability level is blues/reds (Afan is my usual haunt - Blue Scar, Y Wal, Penhydd, Whites Level - for reference) and they seemed to be happy i'd be fine from my recollection.

If your missus is inclined to 'give it a go' (in terms of attutude) if it is a little more challenging than she's used to, i think she should be fine. Drop Freeride an email; despite not being able to fit me in, they were very helpful nonetheless.

If your concern is that it's not challenging enough for you, i wouldn't worry about it. Madeira is a stunning island and a day (or a few) riding trails there would be an amazing experience, even if it's not as challenging as you're usually accustomed to. That said, i'm pretty sure they've got some gnar if you want it.

I definitely would have been back in 2020 to try and ride. If, you know...

Great weather, great food and lush tropical surroundings. You couldn't ask for more.

Oh, what's that? You are asking for more? You want the most obscure object you can think of with Christiano Ronaldo's name and/or face arbitrarily put on it? Done. Tick. Next. Suck it. We win.
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 @DidNotSendIt: I was pretty much convinced, but the last paragraph sold it Big Grin .
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 Woody, the trails are awesome mate, and so varied. I have been on guided walks in the area Vali was riding but we rode over the other side and thats very dusty nice and flowing berms then dropping into wood area. Can't recommend it enough
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 Madeira is so-so. There are many short fun trails built by locals, but you will need a shuttle. The roads up are horrendeusly steep, 25% on average. The hiking paths go stairways up and down for hours, and through pitch black milelong tunnels.
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 All depends on her confidence, the guides there are really good. We used BikeBus as our guiding company and they were super rad. Told my gf which trails to do and not do and gave her alt options etc. Speaking of bike bus is a great alternative to freeride. We talked to some people who used freeride and they got a lot less laps in per day than us. You'll love the riding as long as you love raw gnar trails and not pedaling lol. The island is small but so varied. Dusty flow trails, wet stuff in the forest, it has everything.
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 I second that. Best riding of my life. Liguria trails might be more technical, Austrian parks might be bigger, Alpine trails might be faster ... But the atmosphere and the people and the environment make riding in Madeira more than just riding. Hard to describe, definitely go there, you won't regret.
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 There are also many very rideable trails for moderately advanced riders. But you definitely need a guide and a shuttle. And seeing everyone is recommending agencies, our experience with Bikulture was perfect. Not just the riding but the accommodation and social stuff as well. When going there again, I'm texting these guys first.
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 Timeless Madeira video Ratboy in a 124 Sport Spider:
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 @phazedplasma: Vitor unfortunately has gone out of business, we used to go there every 6 months with him. Now we are using MTB (Madeira trails & bikes) For me its one of the best places to ride in Europe
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 @Binni: damn that's such a bummer. Great memories with those guys
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 @cxfahrer: Madiera is awesome... but leave the crabs snakes and cactus you normally carry around in your pockets at home. let me guess- you were too cheap to hire a shuttle and a guide? selber schuld
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 Article says"on her new TREK". Why can´t we see it in the video or a photo??
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 You can see the chain stay! Was Sick or is Sick or maybe Sick?
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 Brings back good memories!
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 EasyJet have just cancelled my flights for Madeira. That’s 2 Easter trips on the trot. I don’t need to see this.
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